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Hallow’een in France

Hallow’een is bigger in Paris than London. To prove the point, I’m off to Paris for this year’s event. To save money on a hotel and because of my extra late booking, I’m taking the overnight coach.

Whilst buying my make-up, (yes I do need some make-up to look like Uncle Fester) I realised why the party is more popular in Frace than the Uk and it illustrates perfectly the law of unintended consequences.

France is notionally a Catholic country, so All Saints’ Day (All Hallows) is a public holiday. The night before is Hallow’een, a celebration of the night when all the fiends of hell rise up.

The UK is not a Catholic country, so All Saints’ Day is not a day off work, so partying late on Hallow’een doesn’t work as well. So if the Christian supremacists hadn’t got the day off and forced it on everyone else, hedonistic party-goers wouldn’t have the opportunity to dance naked around sacrificial chickens.

Oh dear! How tragic.

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