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Mouse threatens Cat

People across Europe are digging bomb shelters in their back gardens and staring skyward fearfully for the first signs of the mighty Namibian airforce.

No, not really… Afro-socialist bigot President Sam Nujoma of Namibia has added all the nations imposing the flimsy and ineffective sanctions against his good buddy Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to the list of his usual targets for incoherent invective (i.e. homosexuals, capitalists, white people).

“I just want to make it categorically clear that if the EU does not lift the sanctions against Zimbabwe, the whole African Union will also impose economic sanctions against Europe. Either there is peace or war and we don’t want a war. Change your attitudes. If you don’t change, we are going to get you.”

I am quaking in my boots.

3 comments to Mouse threatens Cat

  • Okay…come get me. BOO!

  • nadine donaldson

    i don’t know why anyone takes those bastards seriously. evil pieces of crap like mugabe starve people who do not support them into submisson and yet still worthless shits like mbeki are happy to stand next to him smiling for photographs.

  • David Gillies

    GDP of European Union: ~$8.7 trillion
    GDP of Africa: ~$300 billion
    GDP of Namibia: ~7.6 billion
    GDP of Poland: ~$327 billion

    (most data from CIA World Factbook)

    So the GDP of the EU is roughly thirty times that of the whole of Africa, and over 1,100 times that of Namibia. Poland has a bigger economy than Africa. Topic for discussion: if Poland tomorrow ceased all trade with the EU, would this bring the economy of the EU to a shuddering halt?

    If we had any balls we’d just tell this buffoon to get back in his box and be thankful we don’t give him a good clip round the ear for being rude to his elders and betters.