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Always rebuild

Jeff Jarvis is quite right, it makes no sense to turn the whole of the site of the WTC into a memorial. Croatia has not turned all of Vukovar into a memorial to what was done to the people there. Rebuild and move on. It is a sign of strength not heartlessness.

3 comments to Always rebuild

  • I have to agree.

    Don’t get me wrong, a nice, appropriate memorial is needed, but quality over quantity.

    On the other hand, if the bulk of the memorial costs comes from donations, they can build a walk way to the moon and I wouldn’t bat an eye.

  • Lime

    I guess the bulk of the memorial costs can hardly come from donations alone since the main cost lies on the use of that expensive piece of Manhattan land. A small memorial, allright. Apart from that, rebuild, rebuild, rebuild. Life should not be kept waiting. That is a positive way to honor the victims.

  • Natalija! You’re back! Great!