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More on synthetic phonics

I’m getting good feedback about Brian’s Education Blog, which is encouraging considering that it doesn’t yet exist. (I’m waiting to see which software to use.) Patrick Crozier gave it an anticipatory mention last Tuesday, in his non-transport blog, which I missed at the time.

And Kevin Marks (no relation of Paul) emailed in response to my piece about synthetic phonics:

Good to see you picking up on this. Some more links:

Read America are a leading synthetic phonics organisation, whose Phono-graphix programme is excellent – they did the research to optimise it for speed of teaching, and it avoids learning complex and fragile rules by rote, which are the downfall of most phonics schemes.

The textbook for parents is great.

Sign me up for an education blog, BTW. I’ll try and persuade Dad to join in too.

Dad would be John Marks, who is an education expert and not anything to do with the John Marks who is a drugs treatment expert. I expect to be supplying lots of links to John (education) Marks’ various campaignings and muck-rakings, about such things as phoney exam results.

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