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Don’t fry your food, don’t butter your bread
Don’t drink at work, don’t smoke in bed

Don’t try too hard, don’t fool around
Don’t hunt with guns, don’t hunt with hounds

Don’t be too fat, don’t be too lean
Don’t eat red meat, don’t eat fresh cream

Don’t drink and drive
Don’t smoke and drive
Don’t eat and drive
Don’t talk and drive
Don’t sneeze and drive
Don’t drive

Don’t mobile phone, don’t stare at screens
Don’t buy hot drinks, don’t wear tight jeans

Don’t play with knives, don’t make a fist
Don’t play with fire, don’t take a risk

Don’t have sex, don’t procreate
Don’t fantasise, don’t masturbate

Don’t stay up late, don’t exercise
Don’t innovate, don’t theorise

Don’t dare to dream, don’t raise your voice
Don’t make a fuss, don’t make a noise

Don’t climb mountains, don’t sail oceans
Don’t make sudden, jerking motions

Don’t play sports, don’t break sweat
Don’t play roulette, don’t make a bet

Don’t brave the storm, don’t ride the waves
Don’t get too cold and don’t sunbathe

Don’t ride a horse, don’t fly a plane
Don’t strain your heart, don’t use your brain

Don’t read a book, don’t get too tense
Don’t say a word, don’t cause offence

Don’t run, don’t jump, don’t stretch, don�t fly
And above all don’t do DIY

Don’t lust for life, don’t dance till dawn
Best of all, just don’t be born

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