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The most nauseating article I have ever read in the Guardian

‘I don’t regret outing Anderson Cooper’ by Brian Moylan

21 comments to The most nauseating article I have ever read in the Guardian

  • Jim

    Who are these people?

    (my application to be a High Court Judge is in the post)

  • I too had never heard of either of them before today. It was the persecutor congratulating his victim on his good fortune in having been improved that got to me, along with his assumption that it was compulsory for any gay person to forego a private life in order to further Moylan’s agenda.

    At least the vermin who wrote for the “News of the Screws” knew they were vermin and did not demand congratulations for it.

    Moylan pops up himself in the comments, saying “I never once remarked about what he did in his own home. However, when he takes his boyfriend out in public, then what he does is totally fair game” and other gems

  • Larry Sheldon

    I am so tired of hearing about what .6% or the population.

    As long as I don have to hear about it or watch it and as long as my children are not confronted with if, I DO NOT CARE who puts what where or when.

    There really are more important things to worry about.

  • veryretired

    Cooper’s a walking dick to begin with—who cares where he puts this part or that.


  • Mose Jefferson

    Oh dear, the fawning masses seem to have lost interest in our message. We had better shout louder.

  • M. Thompson

    A journalist I don’t give a damn about bats for the other team?

    Yawn. Wake me up for something happening that actually matters in my life. Noel Coward never officially came out, and nobody really cared, but that was then.

  • Ken

    In the words of the noted philosopher Buster Kilrain, “He that judges by the group is a peawit.”* That particular shoe appears to fit Mr Moylan to a fare-thee-well.

    *Of course, Kilrain also said, “I’m Kilrain…and I damn all gentlemen,” but that’s irony fer ye.

  • Alsadius

    This is disgusting.

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    So, Natalie is outing herself as a Guardian-reader…. I’m just glad I’ve never shaken her hand, that is all I’ll say on the subject!

  • Tedd

    The most nauseating article I have ever read in the Guardian

    A bold claim, but not one without justification.

  • Simon Jester

    I think Neil Clark’s article “Keep these quislings out” was far more nauseating.

  • Nuke Gray,
    I read the Guardian so you don’t have to.

    Simon Jester,
    Neil Clark’s article was much more evil than Moylan’s. However I found Moylan’s more nauseating, because of its self-congratulation and its oleaginous expressions of sympathy with Anderson Cooper.

  • BIgFatFlyingBloke

    That is an awful article and the way he rationalizes the “outing” as some kind of public service is pretty vomit inducing.

  • llamas

    It just baffles me. The article ends with this particularly flaming piece of OTT prose :

    ‘ . . .Today is a day that everyone who has ever had the courage to come out of the closet should be glad there is one more role model for all the gay children suffering through high school, that there is one more person to show all the mothers out there that having a gay child is a wonderful thing, that there is one more person to show that, no matter who you love, you can always have the courage to tell the truth.’

    Funnily enough, that isn’t the heart-warming and soul-expanding message of liberation that I get. If I were that suffering gay child in high school, the message I would take away is that Teh Gayers are not to be trusted with your confidences and will reveal your private affairs to the world simply to further their own agendas and make good ‘copy’. Just look at the way that Moylan describes Cooper as ‘fair game’. This is supposed to be an expression of solidarity? Who’s the witch-hunter here?

    And, please – ‘the courage to come out of the closet’? Spare me the purple prose. It’s been well-known for years that Anderson Cooper is gay. There are many terms for what he did, but ‘courage’ is hardly appropriate. In most of the Western world, being or coming ‘out’ is a huge yawn – there are no negative consequences and most people simply don’t care. Let’s see some serious and pointed discussion of the lives of Teh Gayers in Islamic countries – that would be ‘courage’.

    The article is not so much nauseating as it furthers a particular stereotype – that of the drama queen, hyperventilating over insignificant trivialities. These matters are only important to a small minority who are dedicated to preserving a particular culture of victimhood at any cost. Mr Moylan reveals himself as a rather nasty, petty and self-absorbed jerk, with a highly over-inflated opinion of his own opinion. Fine sort of a role-model, there.



  • “the personal is political,” that your politics is defined by your personality. It may seem axiomatic and harmless, but it’s also about breaking down the barriers between the public and the private sphere. That’s the goal of Marxism, economic and cultural – to demolish what makes us independent individuals and plug us all into categories and subgroups that make us part of the grand socialist project. Mr Moylan doesn’t look at Anderson Cooper and see an individual trying to lead his own life the way he wants. He sees someone who is letting the side down by refusing to join the political parade.

    Tim Stanley, who clearly shared Natalie’s disdain.

  • Dom

    Anderson Cooper came out as gay, ending years of speculation that he’s a Management Consultancy Firm. He’s so brave!

  • Bruce

    Color me cynical, but I think Star Jones had it right when she said Anderson Cooper’s outing is an attempt to generate ratings for his TV show, Anderson Cooper 360. It’s a bit like Oprah revealing she smoked crack and was pregnant at age 14.

  • Paul Marks

    Life is bad enough without reading the Guardian.

    Therefore I have made a choice to not click on the link.

  • Alisa

    Indeed, Paul – Natalie is suffering for all of us.

  • Kim du Toit

    At least this would explain why Anderson Cooper was so knowledgeable on the subject of “teabagging” when he slimed the Tea Party.

  • Paul Marks

    Alisa – yes indeed.

    Kim du Toit.

    I have seen a recording of Mr Cooper saying that.

    “Teabaggers” (said in a sneering voice) and then a weird giggle. Rather different from his normal wooden (indeed almost robotic) presenting style.

    I must confess that it did not occur to me that Mr Cooper was himself a homosexual – perhaps it should have occured to me.

    After all “gay bashers” are often “closet gays”.