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I aim to juxtapose

juxta2_thumb.jpgLondon, England. (Photographed from a rooftop in Peckham)

Chernobyl, Ukraine. (Photographed from a rooftop in Pripyat).

10 comments to I aim to juxtapose

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Er… why? And do you just want to put the Chernobyl skyline on the London foreground, or vice versa? Or combine the two skylines on the Chernobyl foreground, or on the London foreground? Or combine the foregrounds, with or without one of the original or combined skylines? And do you want London or Chernobyl to be the top layer for the foreground and/or skyline?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Or, if you just want two ‘ghost’ images, one on top of the other, load the two images into Photoshop, create a duplicate layer of the first, then copy the other and paste it into the first image. That gives you two layers and a Background layer. Turn off the Background layer.

    Next, set the transparency of both visible layers to 67% and merge them, discarding the Background layer. Run ‘auto-levels’ and you’ll have a combined image.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Ah. Juxtapose, not superimpose. I blush.

  • Did you go to Pripyat? What’s it like? Easy enough to get in to?

  • PfP: the title was intended as a weak Firefly reference, also. Oh well.

    Tim: Yes. I wrote about it here. When I went – three years ago – it was necessary to go on an organised tour, but this was as simple as booking a place and paying the tour company some money. (A permit was necessary from the Ukrainian government in theory, but this was also apparently just a matter of the tour company submitting a list of names to the government and paying them some money).

    As of the last time I was in the Ukraine – about a year ago, it had become much harder and the government were only giving permits to people who at least in theory had a good reason for wanting to go. Whether things have changed again since then, I am not sure.

  • Isn’t that recent horror movie actually filmed there?

  • Laird

    FWIW, I did catch the “weak” Firefly reference. That line always makes me smile.

  • Save us Captain Underoos. You're our only hope.

    New tag: Comparative Satrapies.

  • Samsung

    Despite the worst nuclear disaster the world has ever known, I bet Chernobyl is safer to walk around than Peckham, especially at night.

  • James Metcalfe

    Slightly betraying my fondness for HalfLife 2, but that London ‘Shard’ looks more and more like the tower in that game every time I see a photo of it.