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Libertarianism finds a home in Southwark

Earlier this evening I attended a libertarian get-together in the upstairs room of a pub (the Rose and Crown in Colombo Street, London SE1), organised by Libertarian Home, and in particular by leading LH-er Simon Gibbs.

If what you would like would be a convivial evening in a London pub where, if you are not a libertarian you are going to have to explain yourself, whereas if you are you aren’t (unless you feel like it), then why not get in touch with Simon Gibbs and invite yourself along to the next one of these things. If my experience this evening was anything to go by, you will be made very welcome.

Here is a photo I took of the other end of the table from where I was:


And here’s another snap from the same spot, moments later, after I’d asked if I could interrupt everything, and “take some photos”:


I am surprised what good photos these are, technically, given the light. If you are surprised what bad photos they are, technically, then clearly you don’t know my photos.

These photos do not include anything like everyone who was present. They are accurate in suggesting that the gathering was youngish (certainly compared to me), and bright, but inaccurate in suggesting that this was an all male affair. It’s just that the ladies present were seated nearer to me, and my lens is not wide-angle enough to have included them.

In particular, missing from that snap are two of the people who, it so happened, I spent a bit of time conversing with. For the first time ever, I got to meet Trooper Thompson in the flesh, whose blog I have long had a liking for. And, I also got to meet “Misanthrope Girl”, whose blog I have not properly noticed until now. Trooper Thompson got chased out of the Samizdata commentariat for saying something rude about a gun (I think that was it), approximately a decade ago, which, having finally met the guy, I now think is a shame. Misanthrope Girl would also fit in here very well.

I had to leave earlier than I would have liked, but I am still very glad I went. I heard about this gathering by attending the Liberty League Conference, where Andy Janes (mentioned here recently already because of that Zimbabwean bank note), who also helps organise these evenings, suggested I might like to attend the next one. Perhaps, I thought to myself, and perhaps not. But then Andy gave me a physical copy of the leaflet that he had been handing out at the Occupy London occupations. These guys, I thought, maybe have something about them. (See also this open letter to the London occupiers.) Maybe they do. We shall see.

10 comments to Libertarianism finds a home in Southwark

  • GW

    [It’s just that the ladies present were seated nearer to me, and my lens is not wide-angle enough to have included them.]

    Never, ever admit that your lens is not wide enough to include the ladies. As in, never give a committal answer to the query, “Does this dress make me look fat?”.

  • RAB

    And did they all, with those wry smiles on their faces in the second pic, and with suspiciously empty glasses, turn to you and say…

    Your round Brian!

    No, of course not! What can I be thinking? They are Libertarians, not Socialists. 🙂

  • I am glad you could make it, Brian, but not so glad that I was unable to get to talk to you that evening as I was engaged in very interesting debate with, in particular, two Swedish visitors (We are the three chaps at the far end of the table). I hope these gentlemen can return for further discussions.

    This is also doubly sad as it is likely to be my last Rose and Crown meet for some time, as I am relocating to Singapore. Needs must…

    I will use your forum, if I may, to say thanks to Andy, Simon Gibbs, Rob Waller, Max Andronichuk and numerous others for keeping things alive (whilst others were, and it seems still are, hell bent on destructive arse-covering) and most importantly, getting out there and engaging.

  • We are, more than anything, increasingly good friends and we operate a system of rounds like most friends would. I seem to remember Brian promising to buy a round when he next joins us. The empties in the middle of the table (the natural place for empties once fresh pints arrive) are a clue to the good amounts of beer that did lubricate the conversation and are also a clue as to the state of my head right at this moment.

    Also, I can confirm that none of ladies present would normally require a wide angle sense, unless they have a particular wish to enhance a large amount of scenery.

  • Bod

    Time for something like this in NYC. Just say the word, JackieD.

  • Dale Amon

    Although my Manhattan days may be over since the person I worked with there is moving out of the city, Taylor and I have had regular get togethers with a wide cast of interesting persons at Whiskey Park. So coordinate with him. Usually Monday nights and often Friday as well.

  • Bod

    I did follow your NY perambulations, Dale, but I was a little reluctant to give a shout-out to as eminent an Illuminatus as yourself.

    However, I’m an NY commuter who would be very happy to stand you a dram or three if you find yourself in Midtown during a rainy or sunny week.

    Same goes for anyone else who finds themselves in Lord Bloomberg’s fiefdom.

  • I’ve now digested the input from everyone at the last drinks, and come to the conclusion we (former LPUKers, drinkers etc) need to meet again to plan activism for 2012:

    Some initial thoughts and contact details are here:


  • Freesherry

    Do you have to have an excessively close crop or to be balding to be accepted? Presumably the one in the middle is the token long hair?

  • Are you being Hairist, Freesherry?