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Is any comment necessary?

Bremen, Germany. November 2009

21 comments to Is any comment necessary?

  • Valerie

    Yes, they did, and man, are we paying for it.

  • Eric

    The Der Spiegel colum should make a nice juxtaposition.

  • Sigh

    When will the Obama-fest be over? Can’t they see he hasn’t kept any of his promises? What happened to the anti-war movement?

    Why is he getting a pass?

  • Dr. Jeckle

    Germans are strange. Where I come, we put the paper on rolls as it’s much more convenient to dispense it that way.

  • Pretty good, Michael… but I think I can top that.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    The trouble is that in Germany, they tend to follow US/UK fashions a tad late; I remember going to the Rhineland quite a bit in the 1980s and it was quite popular for kids to listen to er, the Rolling Stones.

    But perhaps more seriously, the European love affair with The Community Organiser shows no sign of waning yet. The Euro-left see him as essentially one of them, as a contrast to all those evil, gun-totin’, 24-watchin’ neocons………..zzzzzzzzzz

    I made a point at a dinner party the other day that some of the sheen has come off BO back in the US, and I got a lot of dirty looks. They turned into blank incomprehension when I pointed out that, for example, Obama’s record on things like civil liberties is no better than, and arguably worse, than that of Bush.

    The lingering effects of Bush Derangement Syndrome will take years to heal.

  • “I made a point at a dinner party the other day that some of the sheen has come off BO back in the US, and I got a lot of dirty looks.”

    Serves you right, then doesn’t it?!

  • MarkE


    The Euro-left see him as essentially one of them

    You don’t need me to tell you that is exactly what he is; there is no European centre left/Social Democrat* party that wouldn’t welcome him. I suspect that when he has given the US a European style economy voters will not remember this is the inevitable consequence of Social Democracy and vote accordingly; they will remember a “black” president and he will have queered the pitch for a generation of black, brown, mixed race, indeed any non white candidates for any public office.

    *Some find it ironic that Social Democrats despise society and hate democracy, but surely political names are meant to mean the opposite of the party’s goals?

  • I would love to comment as they are the people who has worked and still working for the nation and every one of them are famous for their work for the nation, I would love to give them a grand salute.

  • Gapeseed

    Ghandi is obviously hanging out with the wrong crowd.

  • M

    It’s worth pointing out that Barack Obama’s supposed popularity in Germany didn’t seem to help the Social Democrats much in the recent German elections.

  • Indeed, Mr Eugenides.

  • Europeans are barely aware that Obama is trying to reform healthcare. Virtually their only exposure to actual US policy it to foreign and military policy. They prefer soft and squishy rather than aggressive warmongers. And there is a caricature of America as the land of the laissez faire jungle and nasty people. (And also, look at how America has confronted its racist past by electing a black man).

    However, at the same time, Europe has 50 years of suffering the consequences of the sorts of socialist policies that Obama is trying to impose domestically. Europeans generally know that having the left in power at such times makes things worse. Hence, every election in Europe in the last couple of years has given a savage blow to the left and elected the right.

    Europeans don’t see these things as related.

  • Pat

    Johnathan- I pray you are wrong, but fear that you are right.

  • I have a friend in Portugal who works for the state media as a reporter, therefore she is a leftist and by definition wired to think Obama is a miraculous deliverer for America and the world. However, after he got awarded the Nobel prize, she started calling him ‘President Zero’, for the nothing he is doing so far.

    Maybe the koolaid is starting to wear off…

  • for the nothing he is doing so far

    If only.

  • European Expat in the US

    There is still hope (at least in the United States):

    “The Audacity of Hope” sold 67,000 copies in the first week after it was released.

    “Going Rogue” has sold 700,000 in its first week.

  • Nuke Gray

    Shouldn’t “The Audacity of Hope” be relabelled ‘The Audacity of Hype”? Truth in advertising, and all that?

  • You are good, Nick! Can I please steal it? Please?

  • Paul Marks

    Erik – as you know the German magazine article was attacking Obama for not being leftist enough (oh dear).

    However, as for the German S.P.D. – under the rules established after World War II, especially after the 1959 conference, a man with Barack Obama’s background would not be allowed to be a member. Unless he formally denounced his background and cut off links with it (no more appointing Comrades and so on).

    Of course not a single anti Obama book was on that table.

    Not one book detailing his Marxist background and associations. Or even works dealing with his financial corruption or that of his wife.

    These works have been best sellers in the United States – but in that German bookstore (as in Britain) one can not find them at all.

    America is not yet dead – but Britain certainly is.

    I would be interested to know if that store is typical of all of Germany.

    For example, if one walked into a bookstore in Regensburg would one find a load of pro Obama books (with no anti Obama books at all) displayed next to a work on Gandhi?

    I think the Gandhi touch was the worst aspect – “nonviolence” as in Bill Ayers, Jeff Jones, “Van” Jones and the rest of Obama violent Comrades?

    Or like the SEIU thugs he personally ordered to attack opposition meetings over the summer?

    Having bookstores filled with works in praise of a violent political leader with an extreme collectivist ideology is not a good thing – especially as no works opposed to this man appear to be allowed.

    The cult of personality – the photographs and so on, is also a bad sign.

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