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Attention, Buenos Aires readers

A change in employment has meant that I suddenly have three weeks leisure on my hands, and as a consequence I have decided to address my terrible inadequacies as a traveller by making my first trip to South America. I shall thus be arriving in Buenos Aires late tomorrow evening, and the plan is to be in Argentina for three weeks. This has come suddenly. My plans involve the city of Buenos Aires, some time in the Mendoza wine country, but otherwise I shall be more or less making it up as I go along.

If any people have tips with respect to things I must not miss seeing, please put them in the comments. Alternately, if any members of our immense Argentine readership want to go out for a drink or dinner, please also respond.

13 comments to Attention, Buenos Aires readers

  • Mário Vilela. Brazil

    Oh, don’t miss the fabulous beef barbecue we have… in Brazil! (Our great state of Rio Grande do Sul is not that far from Buenos Aires.)

    Seriously, though, Buenos Aires is a wonderful city, full of incredibly gorgeous women. Now, if you´re married or similarly commited, try going to a Boca Juniors ou River Plate game. Or to any Estudiantes match in nearby La Plata.

  • I suspect you’ll find the “Argentina on two steaks a day” article (http://www.idlewords.com/2006/04/argentina_on_two_steaks_a_day.htm ) both amusing and useful.

    Oh, and “don’t mention the war”. In my (limited) experience, it’s the first thing that Argentinians apologise about, on learning that you’re British.

  • tranio

    Try to get up to the Iguacu falls , located at the junction of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. The falls should be visited from both Brazil and Argentina, They are magnifcent. No Visa charge for Brits into Brazil, there is for Canadians $90 or so.

  • >on learning that you’re British

    I am not British. (I am Australian).

    It seems that Boca Juniors are playing River Plate on May 4. I wonder how one can get a ticket, and what it might cost.

  • A_t

    If you like natural wonders, you could do worse than spending some of your time in Patagonia; truly spectacular glaciers in the South, & a wealth of wildlife viewable at surprisingly close quarters round Peninsula Valdez further north.

    Also, I’d second the Iguazu falls suggestion.

    Whatever you do, hope you have a great time!

  • I second the motion for Peninsula Valdez.

  • Trout fishing at Lake Kruger in the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

    Can you handle landing a 15lb brown trout?

  • Choey

    There is no end of things to do in Buenos Aires. You should take a spin through the flea market at Recoleta and see the architecture of the barrio. You could also sign up for tango lessons if you are so inclined. If you like shopping, take a walk down Calle Florida. Of course in BA you are in food heaven. It’s hard not to gain weight. Have a great time.

  • mezzrow

    It seems that Boca Juniors are playing River Plate on May 4. I wonder how one can get a ticket, and what it might cost.

    Absolutely. El Superclassico?? There’s a lot more going on than football. The patricians (River Plate) vs. the proletariat (Boca Juniors.) You’ll never forget it. You’re a lucky man. Enjoy. I have no idea how to get a ticket, but get there if you can.

  • Carlos

    You are coming right in time to witness a major success in Argentine History. Just leave a moment Buenos Aires, go to the country and you will see the farmers fighting for our lands and our lifestyle, the one that sustain Argentine economy and the only one that is capable to develop this country’s potentials.
    Don’t believe official propaganda from our fascist ruling couple: we are not trying to create another militar dictatorship (something like that is absolutely impossible in this time). We just want to live in a Real democracy. But they are so stupid that will keep on pushing the situation till the limits, and that will be their grand finale. Enjoy it. It’ll be such a show.

  • Enoch B

    My wife is argentinean and i’ve been lucky enough to travel there fairly regularly.

    Buenos Aires itself is huge and has a lot to see. Ideally find a hotel in Recoleta, excellent for night time activities, which makes a nice walk into the city center possible, you’ll find on your way one of the most beautiful libraries in the world in a converted theatre. In the center visit the Plaza de Mayo, Avenida 9 de Julio (The largest in the world they’ll tell you, just say yes 🙂 ), the microcentro (Calle Florida). La Boca has become a bit of a tourist trap but is still worth seeing. Have a cup of coffee in the confiteria. Try the Alfajores…
    I also recommend a day trip to Colonia Del Sacramento, in Uruguay, just across the river.

    The best article on argentinean food i have ever come across is this one:
    a long read but worth it. Don’t hesitate to email me or ask questions if you need more infos. I’m happy to help.

  • I strongly recommend crossing “el charco” (the puddle) on the Buquebus ferry, and going to Colonia, Uruguay for the day. A small, beautiful colonial town on the Rio de la Plata, across from Buenos Aires.

    In Buenos Aires, hop on the Tren (train) de la Costa and spend a day on the Tigre port and open air market. There’s a large amusement park and a casino right there if you’re into that.

    In Mendoza… skip Mendoza City and go straight for San Rafael, you won’t regret it.

    Enjoy your stay… as Carlos said, these are interesting times down here…