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What all neolibertarian hawks should be driving now

Sarah Lawrence’s taste in clothes would be best described as ‘eclectic’

Andrew was astonished to discover in fact he had been bitten by Adriana

Perry de Havilland and his Croatian friend hold a pair of inter-species communications devices

Claire Berlinski and Alex Singleton at
the Second British Blogger Bash

We had everything required for a conspiracy by sinster globalist illuminati: Gothic setting, endless supply of Guinness & crazy camera angles

The Samizdata.net editors were out searching the streets of London for a new HQ… when they suddenly spotted the perfect address!

David Carr about to make someone ‘an offer they can’t refuse’

Judy Hatton and Amoy Ing listen closely as Joe demonstrates some surreal performance art called ‘The so-called Jessie Jackson’

Stacy Tabb worked on the samizdata.net web site and then threatened us with carnivorous plants until we agreed to pay her

Here is a completely gratuitous picture of Elizabeth Hurley, who we very much wish would write for our splendid blog