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Samizdata quote of the day – the racism of never blaming Hamas for anything

So rescuing hostages is a war crime now. A ‘grave, grave war crime’, in fact. That’s according to the Guardian’s Owen Jones who is outraged that IDF troops used a humanitarian truck to sneak into the town of Nuseirat where they rescued four of their hostages from the clutches of Hamas and its local heavies. Kenneth Roth, formerly of Human Rights Watch, is also fuming over the IDF’s Trojan Horse antics, reminding Israel that it has a legal duty ‘not to disguise soldiers as civilians’. These people are nuts. What do they expect the IDF to do? Knock on the doors of the fascists holding their compatriots and say: ‘Can we have our Jews back, please?’

Brendan O’Neill

15 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – the racism of never blaming Hamas for anything

  • bobby b

    They don’t actually have to believe the crap they come up with. They know that if they come out with some ridiculous talking point, every other wokester anti-Semite will (just as dishonestly) repeat it and repeat it until they convince themselves that they’ve won the argument.

    Debate is no longer about making logical points and persuading. It’s about shouting down the bad guys and getting all your friends to chime in in agreement. That’s the essence of the pro-Hamas cult.

    Kidnap my kid, and I’ll kill you from near, from afar, in any manner I can devise, fair or unfair. Screw your protestations of “the Rulz!”

  • David

    “Kidnap my kid, and I’ll kill you from near, from afar, in any manner I can devise, fair or unfair. Screw your protestations of “the Rulz!”

    Well put

  • Discovered Joys

    When you realise Hamas are warlords their actions become transparent. Why Western media and politicians conspire to blame the Israelis is an example of Unreasoning Woke.

    I value Owen Jones’ comments because they inevitably point the wrong way. He would find his life changed significantly under the War Lords or Sharia law.

  • NickM

    Hold on! When they raided Entebbe didn’t an Israeli Commando inpersonate Idi Amin? Even wearing “black-face”? I mean that’s gotta be worse!!!

    Seriously though. The difference in reaction to this and the Entebbe raid is shocking.

    Both brilliantly executed derring-do.

  • jgh

    What the FUCK do they think Hamas have been doing?

    Taking civilian hostages is a war crime.
    Using a civilian population as human shields is a war crime.
    Using civilian infrastructure to mase military faciltiies is a war crime.

    And the utter utter I-don’t-know-how-to-express-it. Engaging in military action in the guise as civilians is a war crime. WHAT. THER. ACTUAL. FUCK. DOES. HE. THINK. HAMAS. HAS. FUCKING. BEEN. DOING?!?!?!????

  • Paul Marks

    During World War II British and other Commandos sometimes disguised themselves – so Mr Jones and Mr Roth are mistaken about this being a “War Crime”.

    As for Mr Jones and the rest of the “Woke” left allying themselves with Islam – Mr Jones might want to consider the following words from a reliable Hadith in relation to homosexual acts “kill the one who does it, and kill the one to whom it is done” – Mr Jones would not live long under Islamic Law. I am not making a criticism of Islamic Law, or of Muhammed, I am merely pointing out what it is.

    As for “racism” – Islam is not a race, Islam is a system of beliefs and a legal code, so I am not sure where racism comes into this.

    By the way, most Israeli Jews are the descendants of Jews driven out of various Islamic ruled countries in the Middle East – they are physically identical to Arabs, which is why disguise works.

  • Paul Marks

    “what the f…. does he [Mr Jones] thinks Hamas has been doing”.

    Killing Jewish “capitalists” – that, jdh, is what Mr Jones thinks Hamas has been doing – and the left supports such killings, and does not care what tactics Hamas (or any other group) uses in the “struggle against exploitation and oppression” which is what “capitalism” is to the supporters of “Social Justice” (of whom Mr Jones is one).

    None of this is recent – Mr Hobson in the early 1900s wrote a book claiming that the British Empire was a Jewish Capitalist conspiracy (Jeremy Corbyn wrote an introduction to a new edition of this book only a few years ago – Mr Corbyn arguing that one should not ignore the supposedly wicked deeds of non Jewish “capitalists”) and the husband and wife team of the Webbs (the most famous socialist “social reformers” of the Fabian society) later went to the British mandate of Palestine and wrote a report saying that Jewish immigration should be strictly limited, but that there should be no limits on Islamic immigration from other countries in the Middle East.

  • Bogdan the Aussie

    Hi Friends, it’s worthy to bear in our minds (eternally) that the terrorist attack on Israel took place on 7th October the last year and it’s also the date of Putin’s birth. If I remember well, the head of Hamas met with Putin in Moscow two days before. It is beyond doubt that the attack on Israel was a birthday present from Hamas to Putin and its objective was to draw the attention of the so called “world” from Russian invasion on Ukraine which has succeeded handsomely; Almost nobody speaks or writes about the tragedy of Ukraine.
    The most painful aspect of that tragic story is that the great majority of the American (and European as well) so called “Conservatives” have failed to connect those two dots and are unable to see the perfidy and barbarity of Putler’s regime.
    It is also very bizarre and disturbing that even Netanyahu keeps silence about Putin’s connection to that act and it’s difficult to assess whether it is a result of his (and his government’s) atavistic ignorance or equally atavistic cowardice. I don’t believe though that the Israelis don’t know about that.
    The official acknowledgment of the obvious link between those two events changes completely the entire narrative spread over the world that Hamas’ attack on Israel was some kind of desperate action of suppressed and mistreated Palestinians.
    More about that on the website jrnyquist.blog owned by known to our Friends on Samizdata, excellent Jeff Nyquist.
    Regards – Bogdan

  • staghounds

    The use of the term “civilian” in the Israel- Palestinian context is silly. Pothead at the music festival, newborn beside the rocket dump, all the same.

    It’s probably always been silly, in every war.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    They’re not anti-war. They’re on the other side.

  • NickM

    Well, JP. All the calls for a “ceasefire” are for Israel to stop firing. Hamas can keep on adding to the gaiety of nations with their fireworks…

    Owen Jones deserves a dry slap but isn’t he like nine?

  • Ed Snider

    Of course the IDF used Trojan Horse tactics.Lovely Noa Argamani is the modern Helen of Troy.

  • lucklucky

    Palestinian tactics are all War Crimes even against Palestinians. It obviously not surprisingly that The Guardian don’t post that they support it.

  • Sean

    The Guardian and Owen Jones. ‘Nuff said.

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