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Samizdata quote of the day – The unbearable sanctimony of the ‘pro-Palestine’ set

The moral hubris of these people is mind-blowing. Imagine how drunk on your own righteousness you would have to be, how in love with your own virtuous reflection, to imagine that your decision to boogie or not to boogie could reshape events in the Middle East. The idea that Olly Alexander withdrawing from Eurovision might help save Gaza is only outdone in dumbness by the idea that his remaining in Eurovision to yelp ‘Peace now!’ might help save Gaza. I hate to break it to you, fellas, but no one in Gaza, Israel, Iran, Qatar, America or anywhere else outside of the hip eateries of Dalston gives a solitary shit whether ‘Dizzy’ happens or not.

Brendan O’Neill

13 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – The unbearable sanctimony of the ‘pro-Palestine’ set

  • Steven R

    They always care so much about whatever the cause du jour is, but never enough to really do anything.

    It’s always “go to Gaza and pick up a rifle and try to kill a couple IDF troopers before you get mowed down? Not me. I’m too important” or “have other things I need to do” or “I’ll protest and that will be enough or my family needs me” or some other mealy-mouthed excuse.

    Nut up or shut up.

  • Chester Draws

    It’s not just that, it’s that their “solutions” are far worse than the problem.

    A ceasefire in Gaza would solve nothing. Hamas would not be too badly wounded to try again, and Israel is always going to defend itself against atrocities of the sort committed. The current mess may yet end up in a solution, just as Jordan and Egypt learned that it the existence of Israel is not actually a threat to them, as a result of wars. Stopping the fighting now would solve nothing.

    The removal of Israel entirely, which is the only other option posited, would be even worse. If they think Israel is treating civilians poorly, imagine what Hamas would be like if given free reign in Israel.

    The whole thing hangs and falls on Iran anyway. Take Iran out of the equation and Hamas and Hezbollah are neutered, and Yemen would settle down too. While Iran remains prepared to always still things up, nothing will ever settle in the area. Gaza is merely where Iran can reach Israel — it has no greater meaning than that.

  • Kirk

    They played it as a joke, but the writers of The Simpsons had it absolutely right: Jimmy Carter was truly history’s greatest monster.

    Everything bad in the Middle East today flows from that one moralistic prig deciding that the Shah wasn’t pure enough to stay in power and be an ally. I worked up a spreadsheet once… Had all the known “murdered by SAVAK/Shah” on it, with all the dead from the various misadventures of the mullahs, including all their foreign adventurism. The Shah had, at most, a few tens of thousands you could ascribe to him… That I could reliably document.

    Add up all the men, women, and children dead at the hands of the Islamic Revolution in Iran? You’re talking tens of millions, even if you just leave it at first-order effect. Go outward into all the deaths caused by second- and third-order effects? Ya don’t want to know.

    Thank you, you sanctimonious prick, Jimmy Carter. I had hopes that cancer might mete out some karmic justice, but the sad reality is that he was probably afforded professional courtesy.

  • Fraser Orr

    I mean why does one have to read past the phrase “Queers of Palestine”? Surely that is enough to fall on the floor laughing at the idiocy of these people. You’d think Queers would support Israel’s actions, after all, the IDF has caused the removal of all tall buildings from Gaza, something homosexuals should be really quite relieved to hear.

  • bobby b

    The left has built an entirely unsustainable coalition. It’s going to eventually become “World War 3: The Intersectional Wars.”

    (But, to be fair, the coalition in which I find myself – the Right – is just as untenable some days.)

  • DiscoveredJoys

    At one time enthusiastic people would support a cause. The intent has now been reversed. A cause supports enthusiastic people.

    And there are so many causes.

  • Paul Marks

    The power of fashion (note that Greta Thunberg is jumping up and down in support of the pro Islam cause – C02 is so last year), but also hidden fear.

    It is not Jews whose numbers are increasing in Western lands – it is the numbers of the followers of Islam who are increasing. For example, “Greta” and co need have no fear of gangs of Jews in Sweden – because there are no such gangs, and no Jewish “Grooming Gangs” in British cities either.

    Watching such stations as France 24 (French English language news) it is hard not to see that their coverage of the war-of-survival that the Jews are fighting is really presented with the increasing numbers of the followers of Islam in Western countries in mind.

    The message really is “please do not hurt us – look we hate the Jews just as much as you do”.

    As for America – part of the general Critical Theory “Woke” Marxist way of dealing with the world that is taught by American schools and universities. The Jews are “capitalist oppressors” – the Muslims are “exploited and oppressed”.

    That Critical Theory Marxism comes, orginally (they are long dead now) from thinkers who came from Jewish families is one of the ironies of history.

    And anyone who mentions the Frankfurt School, that DEI (EDI in Britain) is from Marxism and is designed (yes designed) to destroy Western society, is instantly accused of Anti-Semitism, even though modern “Critical Theory” (“Woke”) Marxism wishes to wipe out Jews – the Jewish state.

  • Paul Marks

    How long can America and most other Western lands survive where their education system, mainstream media, bureaucracy and largest Corporations are all dedicated to their destruction? Not just the destruction of Israel – the destruction of all Western societies.

    I do not know – but some of it is actually amusing in a sick way.

    For example, in a recent statement Bob Iger (the head of the vast Disney Corporation) declared that Disney was not pushing any political or cultural doctrine – and was not involved in a “Culture War”, and in the same statement (indeed the same paragraph) Mr Iger declared that Disney would carry on pushing DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) i.e. Critical Theory Marxism (designed to destroy Western societies) – which is, of course, a political and cultural doctrine, which is one side in the Culture War.

    The total “cognative dissonance” (the utter mental confusion of Mr Iger) was breathtaking – Snorri would explain it by reference to modern diet, and perhaps Snorri is correct.

    By the way – Mr Iger, like Mr Larry Fink of BlackRock, is from a Jewish family – and his DEI hires overwhelmingly want to wipe out Israel and exterminate the “capitalist Jews”.

    If the behaviour of Mr Iger, Mr Fink, and so on, was not so tragic, it would be hard not to laugh.

    These are very wealthy men with supposedly very high IQs – yet for many years they have been backing people who do not “just” want to rob them, the DEI hires they are pushing want to murder them (as “exploiters” and “oppressors”) and want to murder their families.

  • NickM

    Alas there is a serious theological/legal (same thing for Islam) dbate as to how to execute homosexuals. Tall buildings is only one of the options.

  • JB

    The point of their actions was never to change the actors in the Middle East, but to bias the opinions of empty headed Gen Zer’s and signal what the latest appropriate target of their hate should be.

  • jgh

    There is a new schooling scheme promulgated in California that requires teachers to up-score thick kids purely on the grounds that they are thick. Because it’s discriminatory for thick kids to not have the same certification as competent kids. Glod help their country when they get to adulthood and have to attempt to earn a living.

  • Paul Marks

    jgh – that, as you know, is the logical conclusion of “Social Justice”. “Social Justice”, egalitarianism (the doctrine that the stupid and the lazy should get equal marks to the intelligent and hard working – and be given jobs, such as airline pilots and surgeons, for which they are not suitable, and have equal income and wealth) is not compatible with civilisation – not “just” Western civilisation any civilisation.

    Meanwhile some wishful-thinking elements of the American right are claiming that Mr Putin is driving Muslims from Russia in response to the latest massacre of Christians – he-is-doing-no-such-thing. If they bothered to listen to Mr Putin’s speeches (and there is no excuse not to – as they are all translated into English) they would know that Mr Putin is doing the George W. Bush “religion of peace” tap dance, warning against “Islamophobia”.

    The idea that Mr Putin is some sort of guardian against Islam would (again) be funny, if it was not so tragically misguided and ill informed.

    By the way I know very well why elements of the American right are desperate for Mr Putin to be a “Good Guy” – their own government, the American government, is an abomination – it is utterly evil, so they desperately hope that its enemies are good – but they are not.

    Sorry people – but Mr Putin is also an abomination, he is also evil.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I attended a church service recently – I’m not a believer but I was with family – and one of the folk officiating (a lay person) sported a large Palestinian badge. He had the look of the middle-aged Lefty of a certain type: greying beard, half-smiling countenance, tweed jacket. A bit “Corbyn”. And in a Catholic Church in leafy Gloucestershire.

    Fuck them and the horse they ride on.

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