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Samizdata quote of the day – the meaning of the battle for Polish Television

So, there you have it. To recap — the new government installed its own political nominees by force, based upon a completely bogus legal justification, and the excuses it used were… “depoliticization”, “trust” and “restoring the constitutional order”. Moreover, the democratically elected President, who actually suggested being open to compromise, is treated like an obstacle to be bypassed by illegal means. All of it in the name of — you guessed it — “the constitutional order”. Right…

Paweł Sokala, discussing the astonishing coup-like behaviour of the new Polish government.

4 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – the meaning of the battle for Polish Television

  • GregWA

    It is sometimes justified to suspend laws and rights…it is said that the US Constitution is not a suicide pact. Sometimes, things get to the point where the government needs to act quickly and decisively. It’s the whole reason for having an Executive branch, right? However, this all presupposes a great deal of trust. Trust in the people holding office, trust in the people keeping an eye on them (courts, press), and trust in the People to hold everyone to account under pain of death (revolt!).

    But that’s not what we have here is it? And it’s not what we have in the West either, is it? My ancestors lived in caves and were hunter/gatherers. They eventually agreed to not kill their neighbors once their neighbors agreed. Then they all agreed to having one of the tribe act as enforcer of these agreements. Fast forward: we give our sovereign, GOD-GIVEN, rights to the government ONLY because we expect certain things to be done. In the US, these things, this agreement, was laid out in our founding documents and in the laws since. Well, at least in the laws promulgated up until the last 100 years or so.

    If the government unilaterally abrogates this agreement, am I obliged to keep to the agreement. Other than out of my goodwill to my actual, immediate neighbors? And if the government has abrogated this agreement and is now actively working to take my property, destroy my ability to make a living, force me to take experimental drugs (COVID “vaccines”), etc. am I not justified in returning to the hunter-gatherer way?

    How close are we to that? I’m not a prepper but I can see that lifestyle from where I’m sitting!

  • Snorri Godhi

    In spite of all its flaws, Italian politics during the Cold War came up with an elegant solution to the problem of appointing heads of state-funded media: Let the 3 largest parties appoint the heads of the 3 state-funded TV stations.

    But i tend to think that the best solution is to abolish state-funded media altogether.

    In any case, this event highlights Tusk’s fascist tendencies.

  • Paul Marks

    Snorri hits the nail on the head. Mr Tusk (and propagandists such as Anne Applebaum) were “Projecting” over the last several years – they accused the Polish Law and Justice Party government of being Fascists when they-themselves aimed at a Corporate State. “We are only reforming the state broadcasters” they say – knowing very well the television stations owned by the Corporations are already on their side – so this “reform” will give the left a de facto monopoly of television.

    The international corporations are backed by the Credit Money (“money” created from NOTHING) of the banking system – this is not a free market, this is not capitalism, it is Cronyism.

    On Poland – the new government has now said that it will accept the policies of the European Union and the International Community on “Climate” (read higher energy prices) and on migration (the new Speaker of the Polish Parliament has had himself photographed celebrating with illegal migrants from Africa and so on.

    In short Mr Tusk (and the rest of the Corporate Statists) were lying during the election campaign (when they promised not to do these things) the Polish people have been totally betrayed – but there are no television stations left to tell them.

    “Davos” (the World Economic Forum) and the World Health Organisation (with its proposed censorship and lockdown powers) are celebrating.

  • Paul Marks

    The former Interior Minister and former Deputy Interior Minister of Poland – even though they were in the Presidential Palace.

    The Fascism, Corporate Stateism, of the Donald Tusk (European Union and general “International Community”) puppet government, the regime that Anne Applebaum supports, is now obvious. And, contrary to the tidal wave of lies from the Corporate media, the Law and Justice party government in Poland was deeply ANTI Mr Putin – no government could have done more to help Ukraine.

    Damn the Fascist, Corporate State, Globalists – damn them to Hell.

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