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Samizdata quote of the day – We are the majority

Those of us who believe that children can’t consent to serious medical interventions, that rational debate is better than name-calling, that countries need borders, that freedom of expression is better than censorship, are in the majority. That’s why we need the JK Rowlings, Bari Weisses and Jordan Petersons of the world. They shatter the illusion of consensus and give us a fighting chance against the tyranny of the minority. And this is why the way to end cancel culture is to embrace the cancelled, to make sure that people who speak up are rewarded for it, and to encourage others to say “ENOUGH”.

Konstantin Kisin

22 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – We are the majority

  • Paul Marks.

    Those who support the sexual mutilation of children, medical chemical and surgical interventions to turn boys into pretend girls and girls into pretend boys, are EVIL.

    Yes EVIL – that is not “name calling”, that is just an honest description of what these wicked, child abusing, adults are.

    It would be better for these child abusing adults, who fill the minds of children with propaganda and seek to sexually mutilate them, had they, the adults, never been born.

    I knew that the American Presidential election of 2020 was going to be rigged when I watched Joseph Biden, in a televised “Town Hall”, say that he supported the “Trans” agenda even for children who were eight years of age – if a straight election was going to be allowed, Mr Biden would not have been allowed, by his controllers, to say such things in what was clearly a pre scripted exchange.

    Only if the election was going to be rigged would Mr Biden be allowed to say such evil – as then it would not matter what he said.

  • NickM

    There are moves afoot to ban “Gay Conversion Therapy” (basically “treatment” to turn gays and lesbians straight). This proposed ban seems to be supported by the same people who are throwing a hissy-fit if anyone suggested banning trans drugs/surgery/whatever “therapy”. I’ll leave the evils to you and, if you don’t mind, I’ll keep the rank hypocrisy…

    And, yes, I know, obviously the two are not at all comparable in some ways. Some guy undergoes “Gay Conversion Therapy” and then he decides that, afterall, he really fancies blokes then he hasn’t been physically changed in a permanent manner. The same sort of thing cannot be said of a girl who’s had her breasts and genitals removed.

    But, beyond those, very real, physiological concerns is that “trans” is an ideology. It is not about the well-being of the individual.

    There is a lot more I could (and probs shall) say about this but things to do…

  • Steven R

    Where is this silent majority of election day?

  • Fraser Orr

    FWIW, I think the majority agree on most of those things. I don’t think they agree, as a general rule, that rational debate is better than name calling, or that free expression is better than censorship. There is a very large contingent of the population that are very much on board with these things. Though I agree that there isn’t much support for the pediatric trans agenda, and a lot of support for keeping the damn foreigners out.

    @Steven, as to where is the silent majority? Voters don’t generally get to vote on these things. Elections are the illusion of choice — choose tweedle dee or tweedle dumb and then don’t complain about the outcome — after all you voted for it. It is like saying “do you want a punch in the face or a kick in the nuts.” Do you have a choice? I guess so, but that doesn’t mean your nose doesn’t bleed all over your shirt.

    Regarding choices of this nature, I am reminded of the bus stop joke of Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges (warning, the Glasgow accent is pretty strong, though, laughably, there are apparently subtitles if you turn on CC, though they are pretty badly wrong in places).

  • Kirk

    @Steven R, who asks:

    Where is this silent majority of election day?

    Mostly, standing there incredulous and disbelieving of what they’ve heard. “Surely… They cannot be serious, can they…?”

    Ever seen that graphic representation of “F*ck Around vs. Find Out”?

    Right now, I believe we’re somewhere along the line of still “F*cking Around”, and that once enough have “Found Out”, then the reciprocal “Finding Out” will likely take place.

    License will have its day. So, too, will its opposite. There are a lot of folks who think they’re running things, and are making the changes to the world that they like. Problem is, the rules of the world haven’t changed, in a fundamental way, and there will still be a price to be paid.

    I love how the WEF types seem to think that their unelected and unconsented-to asses are in charge of things, and that they get to order the world to their liking. The election of Donald Trump was a bit of a warning shot; the likely aftermath of these idiots taking him out, in conjunction with taking down the “Last Kennedy”, which you can see being orchestrated as we speak…? Yeah; you only think you’ve seen “ungovernable”, Mr. Schwab.

    These assholes are so inept that they think their little machinations like taking down Russell Brand are bits of brilliance. I don’t care one whit what is actually going down with the Brand situation; the fact remains that the optics are this: Go off the reservation, “question authority”, and you’re going to be taken out. So… To most of his enthusiasts, it’s just like the Tate boys: They don’t care.

    The real background fact is that they’re throwing “legitimacy of authority” into the furnace at ever-increasing rates, and they aren’t working with an abundance of that stuff in the first damn place. I see an incipient “1848” or “1968” in our near- to medium-term future, world-wide. It’ll be a sharp, hard shock to the system, and there’s no telling what will come out the other end, but I think the incumbent “elite authorities” are going to be lucky if they don’t wind up dancing in air, dangling from the lamp posts. You can almost feel the tension rising, and they don’t seem to notice as they go on about their efforts, oblivious to the reality that they’re bringing into being through their efforts.

    I have a huge news flash for most of the world: There’s a reason all that work had to be done, to normalize “teh gay”. There’s a natural distrust and dislike of the aberrant; that’s why the chicken flock picks out the one weird chicken and then persecutes them. Humans aren’t much different; you don’t smell right to the other monkeys, the other monkeys ostracize and abuse you. Where we are right now is that the mass of monkeys has been persuaded that the weirdoes are harmless and should be tolerated. Having achieved that, the weirdoes are not satisfied, and are continuing to push, because that’s what weirdoes do. Once they convince the mass-mob monkeys that being weird is scary and dangerous to the other monkeys, wellllll… Yeah. It’s not going to be pretty. I feel like we’re about at the peak amplitude of the social pendulum, and still in that little pause before the backswing starts.

    My advice? Stay the hell out of the path.

  • Campaigns of hate can come from any direction. The one I used to point to was the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. They were the ones that went around saying “God hates fags” and protesting the funerals of soldiers who died in service et al. Back in Tudor days one monarch would go around persecuting Catholics, then the next would turn around and persecute Protestants. Unrelenting, focused hate has been around for a long time.

    There are a lot of people who don’t care, or don’t want the persecutions and wish they’d go away. As Yeats said,

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

    Those who wish to be left alone to get on with their business usually are occupied getting along. Those who hate, however, are prone to doing something about it.

  • GregWA

    FWIW, I think Ellen and Kirk’s last points are essentially the same. While Kirk does not cite “hate” as the motivation of those who are about to push the pendulum back the other way (hard!), the effect is the same: they are going to do something about it!

    I’m not convinced. The silent majority still has too much to lose and the non-silent weirdos are more than happy to take it. But when they have taken most of it and a few tens of millions of the silent ones find they don’t have much to lose by doing what they’ve wanted to for a long time, then Kirk’s predictions might be on us!

  • Kirk

    The essential mistake is that the weird have taken tolerance and acceptance for submission. It ain’t so, McGee.

    What really annoys me is that I once agreed with much of the program, like I thought that drug legalization would “work”. Yeah, right.

    The real lesson here is that the mentally aberrant have no business running anything in society, and the vast majority of the LGBTWTFBBQ types are absolutely aberrant, dysfunctional in their mental processes. The ones who aren’t, are unfortunately not the ones running the game for their side. This fact, I am afraid, is where it all breaks down. You keep pushing the boundaries of transgression? You eventually run up against some hard stops.

    Even if you didn’t, the raw fact is that the normies are a host population. You kill the host, and no more recruits to your side are coming, which means that the host and the parasite die together in squalor.

    The real problem and pity here is that there’s nobody to argue or speak for “functionality in society”. The vast mechanism by which our social system reproduces itself in the next generation, colonizing the future, has broken down. What’s replacing it is dysfunctional in the extreme; you can’t possibly make something work where there’s been such an exponential increase in dysfunctional behavior. They’ll try, but it’ll be about like those endling populations where the last endangered male of the species fixates on a painted sign and refuses to mate with anything else.

    You start seeing phenomenon like the Japanese Hikikomori, that’s a warning sign. One you ignore at your peril; Japans fertility rate tells the tale, and indicates just how far off the track they’ve allowed their societies to get. Similar things are going on all around us, and we ought to be growing concerned. Young male participation in things like college and family formation? Is anyone even tracking that, with an eye to what it really means?

  • James Strong

    It’s not going to get better. Most people don’t care and don’t see what is happening. Here in the UK the new season of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ has started (I think the US equivalent is ‘Dancing With The Stars’). It is ‘Strictly’ that people will be talking about for the next 3 months. Yes, they’ll talk about the new 20mph speed limit in built up areas in Wales, for not even 3 weeks. The same with ULEZ in London

    Manty voters here are unhappy about our current Conservative government, but they see the ONLY alternative to be the Labour Party, which will in fact worsen the things they are unhappy about.
    The MSM perpetuates all that by carefully choosing what to report and, more importantly, what not to report.

    There is no way out. We are f***ed.

  • bobby b

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

    I’ve always thought that the line should have been “the best lack motivation . . . ” You can have solid convictions and not be motivated to fight some fight in which you have no dog.

  • Paul Marks.

    Stephen R – “where is this silent majority on election day?” – in some States American elections are rigged, sometimes blatantly rigged (as with the election of Governor of Arizona in 2022),

    Texas would have “voted for” Joseph Biden in 2020 had not Attorney General Paxton not fought against election fraud – that was the reason the Democrats and the Corporate RINOs, just tried to get rid of Ken Paxton (they have failed).

    As for Britain – do you really believe that people who vote Conservative support this agenda? If you do I advice you to get a job with Central Office – who appear to think that the Frankfurt School of Marxism “Critical Theory” agenda is perfectly compatible with Conservatism.

  • Stonyground

    I’ve recently seen a YouTube video of Just Stop Oil protesters being manhandled to the side of the road and being slowly driven at by cars that are refusing to stop. It appeared to be a compilation of clips from various different locations. The protesters were being quite roughly handled but I thought that they were being treated with more restraint than they deserved. One guy was dragged to the side repeatedly and kept returning to sit in the road. He surely deserved a bit of a kicking after the first time he did that.

  • Paul Marks.


    Yes the sex stuff is an “ideology” in the sense of a system of ideas, Marxists do not like the word “ideology” being used for their own ideas – they prefer to confine the term to the ideas of their opponents – but there is no reason we should not use the word “ideology” to describe Marxism itself.

    Both the sex stuff and the race stuff, and all the rest of it, is Frankfurt School “Woke” Marxism designed to destroy what is left of the West – anyone who, at this point, still claims to not know that is either a liar, or has been living under a rock for some years.

  • Kirk

    It’s useful to remember what the outlines of “reaction” were, the last several times this happened.

    License will have its day. Then, once enough of the rational “middle” sees the results, there’s a reaction; they suddenly lose tolerance for the whole thing, and then you’re suddenly seeing massive reaction to the whole situation. It’s one of those “preference cascade” deals; today, everyone thinks that they’re the only ones that think these things. Then, tomorrow, they look around the square at Timisoara, and realize “Hey, there isn’t as much agreement with this crap as I thought…”, and it’s Hey! Presto!! and the whole thing caves in.

    I remind you that none of this sexual BS came in by accident, or naturally: It was grafted onto the population, through long, slow work starting back in the 1960s. They’ve really failed to grasp that what doesn’t come organically with natural progression is only artificially maintained, and once the artifice becomes clear or people grasp that the underlying facts don’t comport with the lies they’ve been taught? The reaction is usually horrendous.

    I honestly don’t think that the shift in public belief or behavior RE: “teh gay” has been deep enough or “real” enough to really make a long-term thing. What I think is that the whole mess is going to explode in the faces of the people behind it all, and that we’re going to see a massive reaction.

    The attempt to extend the “gay revolution” outwards to cover the “minor-attracted person” and genuinely dangerous sexual deviants that are actually likely to use the cover of transgenderism to attack women will be what does it. End of the day, the whole “sexually divergent” thing is primarily an indicator for mental illness; you start manifesting that mental illness in public, ostracism is the least of your worries. The slack comes out of the social rope? Watch out for what happens; right now, there’s room for the entertainingly weird, the provocative. Times get harder, as the WEF wants? LOL… Baby, it’s gonna get cold outside, and a lot of the “weird” are going to find themselves out there alone. And, the weirder? The more likely it’ll be that they’re filling shallow holes in the ground.

    I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that manifestation of these behaviors will be met, yet again, with public censure and outright summary punishment, to include mob action resulting in deaths. People aren’t taking the deviants seriously, as of yet. When it becomes clear, well… Yeah.

  • Paul Marks.

    Kirk – I hope you are correct, but I see no evidence that the “educated classes” in Britain and the United States (or elsewhere) are rejecting the left.

    Partly out of fear, fear of persecution – losing their jobs and comfortable lives, and partly because they have been brainwashed, by the education system and the media (including the entertainment media), most of the well off people are going along with this agenda – the agenda of evil.

    For example, College educated people, overwhelmingly College educated women (people wish to think of themselves as “compassionate” and “caring” – and that desire has been twisted, by leftists, into something incredibly dark – indeed evil, yes evil) voted for Governor Gavin Newsom, not once, three times (counting the recall) – anyone with eyes can see the collapse of California, yet its collapse is supported by the voters who have voted for their own destruction – three times in a row they have done so, they have voted for their own destruction.

    And it is most certainly not “just” California – the Western world is, tragically, on the path of death.

  • bobby b

    Paul Marks.
    September 18, 2023 at 8:18 am

    “Kirk – I hope you are correct . . . “

    You hope that he is correct that homosexuality “will be met, yet again, with public censure and outright summary punishment, to include mob action resulting in deaths”?

  • Paul Marks.

    If we look over the border to the what the Spectator magazine correctly calls the “Progressive Hell” of Mexico – the following is what is there….

    It is still unclear who owns what land in Mexico – the confused land law that even Progressive Theodore Roosevelt denounced in relation to so many Latin American nations, and which shows how hollow modern claims that Anglos “stole land” in Texas and California in the 19th century – one can not “steal” something when there is no specific owner, indeed no proper land surveys. And without it being clear who-owns-what-land (specifically – what individual) economic and social development is not possible.

    There is also, now, unlimited abortion – thanks to Progressive judges who have found a right to kill babies in the Mexican Constitution of 1917 (I have read the document – but clearly this right to kill babies vanishes when the Spanish is translated into English), and there is, of course, the “Trans” agenda (including in the Congress of Mexico) – with anyone who speaks against it punished (by the same far left judges – so much for Freedom of Speech).

    Honest, non Progressive, priests still exist in Mexico – indeed it is a rite-of-initiation into the senior levels of the drug gangs (who now, partly, control such places as Arizona and New Mexico – not just Mexico proper) to find an honest priest (who rejects the modern practices of child sex and so on) and ritually murder them, carving Satanic signs into their bodies – and the media, and the Jesuit in the Vatican, are largely silent – because it would be “reactionary” to complain about such Progressive “Social Justice” deeds (and, perhaps, because they rather welcome honest “reactionary” priests being eliminated).

    Indeed the aim of the modern Marxists in Mexico (modern Marxists who, to be fair, would have horrified Karl Marx himself) is to restore the “religion of the indigenous people” in Mexico – and by “Mexico” they include the United States.

    By this they mean the religion of the Aztecs – who only occupied part of the area, but the Progressives ignore that.

    Do I really have to explain what the religion of the Aztecs was? How they made mass human sacrifice a way of life – or, rather, of death.

    The American mothers who push the sexual mutilation of their own sons (as the media, and the rest, applaud their wicked deeds), so they will have no grandchildren, would, logically, welcome mass human sacrifice – after all it is “for the environment”.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Paul Marks, and other Marksists, you are ignoring the evidence of your eyes! When Europeans invaded Mexico, they interfered with the practices of the natives, such as sacrificing to the Sun God. For several centuries, this God has been put on a bread-and-water diet, and has been getting angry! The climate has heated up ever since! Just let the Aztec priests go back to their quaint customs, and give them climate-sceptics as their first offerings, and the climate will go back to normal. (And if that doesn’t work, we can sacrifice some virgins. Science endorses experimentation.)

  • ComputerLabRat

    So it’s evil and torture and heinous to convert a gay male into a straight male, but it is perfectly fine and laudable, even, to convert a gay male into a straight female.

    Dylan Mulvaney keeps complaining he hasn’t been kissed since he started his Days of Girlhood. I am wondering just who Dylan thinks will want to kiss him in his new persona. Gay men? Last time I checked they don’t go for girls or women. Straight men? Dylan hasn’t got either the secondary or the primary sexual characteristics of a woman, although I guess lacking breasts would be consistent with being a little girl, but then Dylan’s a bit tall for a little girl. Pancake makeup and plastic surgery on the face won’t get you very far with straight men it seems. Straight boys then? Just who is supposed to be sexually attracted to the girl persona of a adult, gay man?

  • Paul Marks.

    bobby b = no, “I hope you are correct” refers to what I write about in that paragraph and the next paragraph, Kirk’s claim that the middle class are turning against the left, which I DISPUTE (at least in the case of California – but it is a wider problem than just there).

    Some people complain that my comments are too long – but they are long precisely so that I can explain what I mean.

    If people insist on ignoring what I wrote and then quote at me SOMETHING I NEVER WROTE, well then I am somewhat at a loss.

    Western society is nearing collapse – both economically and socially, it is time to stop playing games if there is to be any chance of avoiding that collapse.

  • NickM

    You are aware that lesbians are amongst the strongest critics of trans ideology? Quite frankly linking gay rights to trans issues is just incoherent. It really is not the same thing. Nor do gay rights have anything to do with peadophilia. The idea that there is a royal road from not locking up men for having sex with consenting men to some sort of apocalytic vision of anything goes license is beyond me. And as to sexual “weirdness” being in anyway linked to global economic collapse? Sorry, not buying that. Kirk, I have mentioned that sometimes you write stuff I struggle to understand. I think I’m getting better. You see I kinda thought of a lot of your stuff as like ChatGPT cos-playing an Old Testament prophet. I’m not a deep scholar of The Bible so I struggled with that. Now I think I understand better. You’re the Book of Revelation via an AI running on a ZX-81.

  • Paul Marks.

    Nicholas Gray – you are joking.

    But, tragically, forces in Mexico, and some other countries (including the United States, as the “Social Justice” gangs are moving into there now – indeed, for example, they have a large influence over the political establishment in Arizona, who they have bought because the gangs have a vast amount of money) are not joking.

    We can tell they are not joking, when they say much the same things that you say in jest, because they carve people up in their rituals.

    Marxism is supposed to be materialist and atheist – but the new Marxism is deeply connected to weird mystical beliefs – and it is NOT about race, as we can tell from the lunatic white kids in places such as Portland Oregon.

    We used to laugh at these “weirdos” – till they started to murder people (“reactionaries”) and it became clear that the local police (and the institutionally corrupt Federal FBI) were not going to do anything about the murders.

    Then they stopped being funny.

    The Witchdoctor stops being funny when one realises that the human blood is real.

    So the “freaks and weirdos” of the Biden/Harris Administration stop being funny when one remembers how well armed the FBI (and so on) is – and that the United States military obeys the orders of the “freaks and weirdos”.

    Good people are being forced out (there is active policy in the United States military to force out anyone who supports the Bill of Rights – as “right wing extremists”, leaving only soldiers who are comfortable with tyranny) – I have watched hardened FBI people, with many years service, reduced to tears when they talk about how the FBI has been corrupted, and the military are going the same way.

    The “Woke” may be funny – but they stop being funny when they come to kill you.