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Samizdata quote of the day – tortured science edition

Prior to this, in November 2018, academics at Queen Mary University of London were due to publish a study in the Lancet that found schemes like ULEZ make no difference to children’s health. It took the LEZ (Low Emission Zone), the precursor policy to ULEZ, introduced in 2008, which levied fines on lorries, buses and coaches, and examined its impact on over 2,000 children. ‘Despite… improvements in air quality, there was no evidence of improvements in the proportion of children with small lungs or asthma symptoms over this period’, it concluded. Unhappy with these findings, the mayor’s office wrote to the lead author, Professor Chris Griffiths, and asked him to change the conclusion. ‘It reads like LEZ or similar have no impact at all’, deputy mayor Rodrigues complained. Griffiths refused to budge. ‘It’s difficult to alter the sentence you refer to as it’s what we set out to look for but didn’t find’, he replied. The study was published unaltered the next day, but the deputy mayor’s intent was clear – to rewrite science to meet City Hall’s agenda.

Fraser Myers

7 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – tortured science edition

  • bobby b

    Shades of “Harry Read Me.”

  • John

    An objective and well researched article by Fraser Myers.

    It makes his recent hatchet job on Andrew Bridgen for daring to question aspects and consequences of the Covid vaccination programme look even stranger by comparison.

  • Peem Birrell

    In Scotland it would be so different- here the researchers torture their data to give the politicians what they want. See for example alcohol MUP

  • Stonyground

    “The study was published unaltered the next day, but the deputy mayor’s intent was clear – to rewrite science to meet City Hall’s agenda.”

    Isn’t this fraud? The Mayor’s office is taking money from people based on known falsehoods.

  • William O. B'Livion

    There is a long, long history of politicians, “leaders” and people in industry and business pressuring or outright buying scientists to produce the results that they want.

    If “journalists” weren’t such running dog lick spittles they’d call the powerful out over this sort of s*t everywhere.

    But like the politicians who want power and control regardless of the underlying reality, our modern press is more concerned with helping them than with the truth.

  • Paul Marks.

    Mayor Khan is following the line of the “international community” – such organisations as C40 (an alliance of cities created by Michael Bloomberg and others).

    As was admitted long ago (by David Rockefeller and others in relation to the Rio Conference of 1992) that “the science” is just an excuse (as it was for Sir Francis Bacon in the “New Atlantis” more than 400 years ago) – the objective is power-and-control. International (World) “governance” by officials and partner banks and other corporations (what Dr Schwab calls “Stakeholder Capitalism” and Mussolini called the “Corporate State” – although Mussolini wanted this on a national basis, not a world basis).

    Power-and-control – to take an image from George Orwell, a boot stamping down on a human face for ever, That is the objective of the international community – “the science” (C02 is evil – or whatever) is just an excuse.

    And as much as I dislike Mayor Khan, I got a year suspension from “Central Office” for privately expressing my opinion of Mayor Khan, this is not really from him.

    After all the British government (or rather the officials and international experts) is, right now, pushing an “Energy Bill” that would push the totalitarian agenda – officials going into small business enterprises and family homes – to order people about, fine people, throw people in prison, or just throw them out of their homes – for not having an “energy certificate” which could only be gained by obeying every order of officials (and partner corporations). Homes and business enterprises without this “certificate” would become worthless – which is the idea.

    If anyone thinks that things such as the Energy Bill are motivated by a sincere belief that C02 is evil, I have a nice bridge to sell you. Such things are really about international power-and-control – about “you will own nothing and you will be happy” (you will be “happy” – or else), a boot stamping down on your face for ever.

    The objective of the international community. The international “educated” classes.

    Of course – the “science” around Covid (medically pointless lockdowns, smearing Early Treatment, pushing mass toxic injections, and “enhancing” the virus in the first place) was about the same thing – power-and-control, international “governance” by government officials and partner corporations, a boot stamping down on your face.