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Samizdata quote of the day – lost of trust

I’m sure that vaccination might be the right thing for some – assuming that we are talking about an effective vaccine that doesn’t do more harm than good. Oh, right… As you were. As they admit, it isn’t something we should be concerned about, URTIs happen every winter and every winter some people fall off their perch because it is their time and that’s what finally sees them off. No, I’m not being harsh, just recognising basic biology. If there was an effective, safe vaccine, then I’d say go for it. However, I no longer have faith in our vaccination programme, so I will not be partaking. That loss of trust is nothing to do with me. I didn’t lie, obfuscate and demonise anyone who dared to raise concerns and I didn’t rush something through before long term results were in.


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  • bobby b

    The medical profession built up goodwill during periods of good performance. Goodwill is belief, trust, admiration, veneration… Doctors were trusted implicitly. Goodwill is an asset, corporately and personally.

    And then they spent that goodwill during Covid, by being less than honest and appearing to be poor agents o/b/o their professed principals. (Not “principles”.) So now they’re back to a baseline relationship with their customers, in which we’ll believe them when and if each individual prediction and prescription works out well.

    They have no one to blame but themselves.

  • DiscoveredJoys

    There are almost certainly some people who would benefit from a COVID vaccination. There are some (perhaps many) who would not benefit at all. And there are some who have been harmed by vaccination. The problem is that we are not allowed to know the relative numbers.

    Arguably after a confused start most of the COVID response was COVID theatre which, like the war on drugs theatre or the security theatre, is more about reinforcing Government authority than looking after people. The problem with these theatres is that they operate on a ‘one size fits all’ basis – and people do not fit tidily into the prescribed box.

  • I had previously considered the amount of effort my doctor put in to become said doctor and given them the benefit of doubt when being advised to take some quack remedy or other. Those days are sadly passed, not because of something my own doctor did, but rather the debasement of their entire profession (if it can be so called).

    I might still accept such tinctures as are on offer, but only take them if my own research demonstrates that it is more than likely beneficial. If in doubt. Leave it out.

    As for vacines, especially the Frankenstein variety of MRNA bullshit. I’m gonna pass.

  • Paul Marks.

    There were strong reservations about the Covid injections from the start – I can remember (for example) that a Canadian nurse (who was later to lose her job because of her principled refusal to “take the jab”) strongly warned me against it – but I decided to take the risk rather than lose my own (political) job.

    The AstraZeneca Covid injections (of which I submitted to two) seem to have been quietly dropped – they have been “unavailable” for some time, although the government refuses to admit that the stuff has been dropped because it has killed or injured many people.

    As for the various MRNA Covid injections – the American government is still pushing this toxic stuff even on children, even though, at this point of time, no official can seriously deny that they know that these injections are not very “effective” and are certainly not “safe”.

    Overall the Covid injection story has been a disgrace – as has every other aspect of the Covid story, from the funding (by agencies of the American government – and by the “EcoHealth Alliance”) of the Chinese ressearch that created the disaster, to the denial that the virus came from the Wuhan lab, to the denial that there were generally effective early treatments (there were several), to the utterly demented policy of just letting people get more and more ill – and then shoving them on ventilators. And, of course, the utterly insane “lockdown” policy that has done such terrible harm.

    I wish I could say that I have confidence that official enquires will bring the truth to light – but I have no such confidence. I suspect that none of the false assumptions will be questioned by the enquiry, and that no dissenting doctors or dissenting medical scientists will be listened to.

    Large numbers of people died who could have been saved (by Early Treatments), the Covid injections are toxic, and the “lockdown” policy has made Western nations (that were already on the cliff edge) economically unsustainable – and that will mean many deaths.

  • Steven R

    My mother is a retired RN and lives with me and had thyroid cancer. She got the vaccines on the advice of her physicians. The only reason I got them was it might lessen the risk of her getting COVID and killing her and it gave her piece of mind. She still thinks the shots were a good idea, and wears a mask in public settings, because her training and a career in medicine said masks and vaccines are a good idea.

    Me? I thought the whole thing was a ridiculous overreaction to what amounted to a bad chest cold. Of course, the overreaction was intended so they could rig the election and give governments yet more power and authority in the name of health security or some such thing. Now that the 2024 election is coming up and Biden is inept at best, we will see a whole new world ending strain next year that will require mail-in voting, killing what is left of small businesses, and more lock-downs and restrictions (because what better way to treat free men than like convicted prisoners?).

    It may end up being a biennial event, just in time for every new election.

  • Kirk

    The “vaccines” were a cash grab, pure and simple. The pharma companies wanted to monetize the investment bets they made on mRNA back in the late 1990s, and basically that’s what they did. No prudent person would have pushed them through, given all the issues they were still showing in testing.

    I find the whole thing highly suspicious; the numpties at CDC and NIH push through, illegally I might add, “gain of function” research in China. Then, they just happen to have a “vaccine” on hand and ready to go within a few months, that allows them to profit massively and which just “happens” to contain patented work from the NIH’s own regulatory personnel? Say again? That doesn’t look shady, to any of you?

    Just on the outside looking in, I refuse to participate in this madness. There is something inherently corrupt and self-serving in all of this, and when you find out that there were “special” vaccines available to the insiders on all this? WTF? How credulous and stupid do you have to be before you start asking questions?

    News flash: You’ve been swindled in so many different ways that it’s not even funny. The funding alone going to China should have been a causative factor in the entire cabal of crooked medicos in the CDC and NIH being put up on charges and then dealt with summarily. The Congress and the Executive branch of the United States both said that “gain of function” research was too risky to do here in the US, so Fauci and his buddies took US monies and then went to China to do it…?

    Why the f*ck aren’t they in jail? And, you’re all debating the safety of the “vaccines” they proffered? Anyone who still thinks they’re unquestionably safe is a prospect for care, and I don’t mean the sort where you’re in a hospital bed; I mean the sort where you’re not let out-of-doors without a keeper.

  • APL

    I didn’t rush something through before long term results were in.

    The mRNA vaccine wasn’t rushed through before the long term results were in. They already had the trial data, which was so bad that in order to disguise the fact, they ‘vaccinated’ the control group, too.

    I believe the annual influenza vaccinations are now mRNA ( which is to say, COVID-19 injection rebranded ). It has been my opinion that the annual flu shot is worthless anyway, and I don’t take them – despite supposedly being in a vulnerable age group. I’ve always assumed they take last years dominant strain, make a vaccine from it and inject you with a vaccine that might have been useful last year, this year. Meanwhile, the dominant strain is getting a grip on the immune compromised, vitamin D deficient, etc, etc.

    As for myself, I thank God I’ve had a goodly number of years in this earth, if it’s his good grace that this one is my last, then so be it.

    “some people who would benefit from a COVID vaccination.”

    Hmmm, debatable. But Stephane Bancel’s bank balance, did for sure.

    Moderna, the company with only one commercial product that it has to get EUA for.

  • John

    My position is that if yet another jab is needed to gain entry to the USA this autumn/winter I will reluctantly have it as my wish to visit my family is stronger than my fear/contempt of the programme. If against the odds no restrictions on entry are placed then no jab, 4 is more than sufficient.

    The last 2 years have been hazy and having been assured by the great and the good on both sides of the pond that a single jab would keep me safe I now struggle to recall quite why I docilely accepted nos 2, 3 & 4.

  • Steven R

    Kirk wrote:

    The Congress and the Executive branch of the United States both said that “gain of function” research was too risky to do here in the US, so Fauci and his buddies took US monies and then went to China to do it…?

    It’s the same way when Congress and the courts told the CIA “no, you can’t torture information out of people”, so our friends in Langley send some poor schmuck to a third state with no such restrictions and let them pull out the guy’s fingernails. That way the CIA can legitimately say “we did exactly what we were told”.

    And nobody ever is held accountable.

  • Stonyground

    This is encouraging.


    It does at least show that there is a breaking point when people say no we are not having it. My thought was that they should clone the number plate of Khan’s car and drive around the ULEZ zone all day.

  • Paul Marks.

    The Covid injections were not very effective and they were certainly not safe – as they have killed or injured many people.

    I think that is what Longrider is saying – but he is a bit unclear, I am unclear myself sometimes so I am certainly not condemning him

  • Paul Marks.

    The question is – did the authorities know, in advance, that the Covid injections were not very effective and were unsafe – knew that the Covid injections could cause injury and death.

    Now if the international authorities did NOT know – then, surely, they would have welcomed warnings of danger from well qualified medical scientists and medical doctors. The international authorities would have said “thank you for telling us this – we had not thought of it”.

    The fact that, in Longrider’s words the international authorities “obfuscated”, and “demonised” anyone who tried to warn the public, does seem to indicate that that the international authorities were not sincerely mistaken, but were, again to use Longrider’s word, “lying” – in short that the international authorities know, in advance, that the injections they were pushing would cause injury and death?

    If I am interpreting Longrider correctly, he is making a very serious charge – he is accusing the international authorities of MURDER.

    Regardless of the truth or otherwise of that charge – there remains what some governments are doing right now.

    Even now, with all that is now known, the American government is pushing the Covid injections – even for children.

    What the American Corporate State regime (and the word “regime” is sadly justified) are doing is evil – they are doing evil, in this and other matters.

  • John W

    I am surprised so many libertarians and objectivists came out in favour of the clot-shot bearing in mind it doesn’t even fit the definition of a vaccine. I considered the whole thing to be sick joke from the outset. It’s not like we haven’t spent decades telling everyone who would listen that everything the government touches turns to…ahem…manure.

  • APL

    My position is that if yet another jab is needed to gain entry to the USA this autumn/winter I will reluctantly have it

    We used to ridicule the Aztec civilisation, for their human sacrifice. But what are the odds, those selected for sacrifice considered themselves honoured and willingly submitted themselves to death ?

    And that is where we are in the West, now.

  • JohnW

    We used to mock the Italians for putting Galileo under lockdown too. And the Far East for their comical obsession with absurd face nappies.

  • Paul Marks.

    John W and APL.

    Tragically so.