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World ends today

Will someone please ask the Swedish Doom Goblin if I have time for another Armagnac?

29 comments to World ends today

  • Roué le Jour

    It doesn’t say humanity will be wiped out in five years, it says humanity will be wiped out at some unspecified time in the future if we don’t stop using fossil fuels in the next five years. Still wrong though.

    As others have pointed out, if we’ve really, honestly, truly passed the point of no return, there’s nothing to be gained by taking any further action. Yet the climate scammers are still banging on about it, so they don’t believe it either.

  • Paul Marks.

    Thanks to the People’s Republic of China C02 emissions have continued to increase – so even if Roue le Jour’s interpretation of the “tweet” is correct, the matter is now over. Humans are now either dead (and we are just dreaming being alive) or we are still alive – but, regardless of what we now do, “humanity will be wiped out” as we did not stop emitting CO2 (indeed increased C02 emissions) over the last five years. Either way, the justification for the “Net Zero” agenda (if the justification ever existed) no longer exists – at least according to the “tweet” of Greta Thunberg and the United Nations “Top Climate Scientist” (unnamed).

  • John

    Will Gollum continue to be lauded by the great and the good at their august assemblies or will her influence wither down to increasingly silly tweets and staged photo-ops of her blocking roads with a notably small number of colleagues.

    I’m (probably) gullible enough to hope the tide is turning and that the worlds embarrassing infatuation with this rather odd little child will be gradually written out of contemporary history.

  • Paul Marks.

    As for “Green” policy.

    In the United Kingdom this seems to be building endless housing estates, warehouses and so on (including solar “farms”) – whilst chanting “the planning system means that nothing-can-be-built-in-Britain” (“do not believe your lying eyes – there are not really developments destroying all these fields and woods, the statistics say your eyes are lying to you”) at massive taxpayer expense for roads and so on (the developer “contribution” never really meets the true costs of the roads and so on) and, of course, the drains then fail (because there is so much housing on the land that used to soak up the water) – and the people whose homes have flooded complain to me.

    Then GB News, and others, complain that Britain is “one of the biggest importers of food in the world – if the Pound falls we will not be able to import all this food….”.

    I see – so a “Green” policy is unlimited migration (600 thousand, net, last year alone – Mr Cameron promised 20 thousand, net, per year – not 600 thousand) – and if anyone thinks these are “Climate Refugees” I have a nice bridge to sell you (but only if you pay for the bridge yourself – we do not even have the money to maintain the roads and bridges we already have – let alone build new ones).

    Build housing estates and-so-on (whilst screaming “nothing can be built in Britain – do not believe your lying eyes, all these developments all over the place are-not-really-there, our statistics prove that your eyes are lying to you”) and destroy the woods and farm land.

    Then complain that you can not afford to import all this food.

    Yes – makes total environmental and economic sense, if one is an inmate of a lunatic asylum.

    “No, no, no – we export manufactured goods so that we can import food and raw materials”

    So this is Victorian Britain, the workshop of the world, and we, net, export vast amounts of manufactured goods?

    Sorry – I do not believe it. I do not believe that there is a massive net surplus in manufacturing trade – not any more.

    By the way, in case anyone does not know, for a nation of close to 70 million people to rely on a Credit Bubble (“The City”) is utterly insane.

  • Paul Marks.

    In 1931 my father, Harry Marks, found he could no longer get a set amount of gold for a five Pound note (a “white fiver”) – he found that the signature of the Chief Cashier of the Bank of England and the promise-to-pay was a lie.

    However, we were told that there were still “international arrangements” and so on – that line was spun from World War II to 1971, when the fig leaf was dropped. Even Switzerland removed the last links with physical reality – in the 1990s. The Pound “fall”? The Pound, and the Dollar, and-so-on is not even bits of paper any more – it is mostly just lights on computer screens (which are manipulated on the whims of the powerful – to cheat everyone else) and the system is based on legal tender laws and tax demands – Professor Krugman’s beloved “men with guns”.

    My father was not a fan even of the old “City” (even though he was born in the City – back in 1913 there were still ordinary houses in the one-square-mile so some people were born “Dragons”) – as he was one of the victims of the Slater/Walker fraud (one of the biggest frauds in the old days – and I believe that Jimmy Slater did not serve a day in prison – and that the City types cheered him when he returned to the United Kingdom, thankfully my father was dead by then) – but at least the old “City” was mostly made up of self-employed Stock Brokers (and Stock Jobbers – stock wholesalers) and Partnership banks – where the partners (like Lloyds “Names”) had real skin-in-the-game.

    That ended with the “deregulation” of the mid 1980s – which was not really “deregulation” at all, it was in fact (as Norman Tebbit admitted – and I was there when he admitted it, “the biggest mistake we ever made”) a massive government intervention – destroying the old City and creating thousands of pages of government regulations (“deregulation” that leads to thousands of pages of regulations – think about how you have been conned by the language) and creating a new one – a handful of vast international corporations who could not give a damn about Britain.

    So our “Green” future is to rely on these handful of vast international Credit Money (soon “Digital Currency”) financial entities – that is not going to work out well.

  • DiscoveredJoys

    If we actually stopped using fossil fuels in the next 5 years billions of people would die through starvation, competition for scarce resources, or exposure to excessive cold or heat. Then perhaps there would be another sizeable afterdeath of people dying through lack of medical care or disease. The climate may, or may not, be saved but much of humanity would die. That is not an attractive goal.

  • Deep Lurker

    DiscoveredJoys: “That is not an attractive goal.”

    It is to them. The one sin the Left recognizes is to be “right wing.” And so when they look upon the world they see a global Sodom and Gomorrah, full of happy, prosperous, and utterly SINFUL right-wingers who lack even the grace to feel guilty about their sin of being right-wing. Not just a small number right-wing elites, but masses of revolting peasants and bitter-clinging kulaks who have embraced the one true sin of being right wing.

    So they are praying to St. Marx and Mother Gaia for fire and plague and famine. They are exerting all their efforts to create world-wide impoverishment, suffering, and death as a socially-just punishment for those evil, sinful, evilly-sinful, and sinfully-evil right-wingers. Because destroying this global Sodom and Gomorrah of right-wing sin has now become the great desire of the Left’s piss-pumping hearts.

  • JJM

    “I’m (probably) gullible enough to hope the tide is turning and that the worlds embarrassing infatuation with this rather odd little child will be gradually written out of contemporary history.”

    When St Greta The Grim first appeared at the UN Climate Action Summit and made her hammy, histrionic How Dare You! speech, someone should have called security to escort the addlepated brat out of the building. The fact that they put up with her silly tantrum only shows how impotent the UN really is.

    It seems to have occurred to the sum total of no one in the Trust The Science camp that touting a self-absorbed, badly educated girl from Sweden might just represent a somewhat contradictory proposition.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    “How dare you?”

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  • Steven R

    The only way this ends is when those in charge decide we have too many people and we need to die for the health of the Earth. Not them, of course, but the little people. Forced sterilizations, death lotteries, planned famines, controlled plagues, Eco-Einsatzgruppen, whatever it takes.

  • Dave Clemo

    There’s a dinky little website called The Extinction Clock (extinctionclock dot org) where one can watch the clock ticking on every climate prediction since 1970. Back then they were warning us about the coming ice age.

  • John

    I had been under the impression that our monarch, the one who put the mental in environmental, had made a number of similarly inaccurate predictions over the years. However a trawl through the internet proved unsuccessful.

    Did I imagine it all?

  • Kirk

    The thing that should crack everyone up, in terms of providing dark humor?

    The fact that the real crisis is depopulation. Look at the demographics; at the rate things are going, the number of humans on this planet is going to be drastically lower than anyone today even conceives. And, that little demographic detail is “sneaking up” on everyone…

    The climate lords aren’t going to have anyone around to do the work for them, when it all starts hitting hard. They’ll have added their existential dread to the whole miasma encouraging people not to reproduce, and that’s likely aiding the whole tipping-point thing massively.

    I don’t think anyone has any real idea what the hell happens when modern industrial societies tip over into “ain’t nobody havin’ babies” the way we are. Fertility rates in places like Turkey are ‘effin dire, let alone Western industrialized nations like Germany and France.

    They’re going to get what they want, good and hard: Fewer people. Maybe not enough to maintain the world we’ve built, which will be… Interesting.

  • bobby b

    Damn. If I had known that today was the end, I’d have eaten chocolate all week.

    (It strikes me that dietary discipline is an inherently optimistic act.)

  • Kirk

    You could cast it as self-flagellation, too… It’s all in the outlook.

  • Paul Marks.

    DiscoveredJoys – yes to stop using hydrocarbons would mean billions of deaths.

    But that may be the plan – Georgia watch stones and all that.

    A few “smart cities” (“smart” as in people totally controlled in every aspect of their lives by the Corporate State) surrounded by “rewilded” land.

    Not farm land and managed woodland – but wilderness.

    Food being artificial and coming from Mr Gates and his associates.

  • mikesixes

    Well, it’s too late now, then. Might as well drive, fly, light,heat and cool as extravagantly as we can for whatever time we have left.

  • Colli

    I had been under the impression that our monarch, the one who put the mental in environmental, had made a number of similarly inaccurate predictions over the years. However a trawl through the internet proved unsuccessful.

    You mean like this? https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-48964736

  • John

    Thank you Colli.

    And now, in the words of REM:-

    “It’s the end of the world as we know it,
    And I feel fine”.

    I just hope I’m not the only survivor.

  • Stonyground

    The thing is, almost nobody is right wing in the way that these people imagine. The far left and the far right are like two cheeks of the same arse. The people that they are slandering as censorious, racist, authoritarians are overwhelmingly in favour of free speech, small non interventionist government, rule of law without bias or favour, and far lower taxes.

  • Stonyground

    There is now an almost inexhaustible supply of failed climate doom prophesies, some dating back to the early 1960s. People pointing these out have been accused of cherry picking by the alarmists. For that to be justified though, there would have to be an almost infinite number of prophesies that have been fulfilled. I am not actually aware of any. No one disputes that the world has been growing gradually warmer since the end of the little ice age. If you are trying to make a case for man made warming that is a pretty absurd place to put your baseline though. In any case, warmer weather is generally more benign than colder weather. You would expect that climate change would bring both positive and negative effects just naturally. Therefore to expect only negative effects is quite wrong headed.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Dave Clemo- Extinction clock is one of the Specialist sites on the left-hand-side of Samizdata. No special searching required. Between Doc searls and Infogalactic.

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    Tut, tut, Perry. The correct headline is “World ends today, women and minorities hardest hit”.

    By the way, I’m writing this tomorrow.

  • llamas

    Tut, tut, Natalie. The correct headline is “World ends today. Minorities and trans hardest hit.” Biological women are already several rungs from the top of the identity-politics ladder, and likely to fall lower still.



  • Paul Marks.

    I am still not dead – I think I will sue Greta, I was counting on being dead to deal with financial problems.

  • mkent

    ”A few “smart cities” (“smart” as in people totally controlled in every aspect of their lives by the Corporate State) surrounded by “rewilded” land.”

    That does seem to be the desire of a great many left-of-center people.

    There was a sci-fi movie in the 1970s starring Sean Connery that seemed to predict this phenomenon weirdly well: Zardoz. Few people have even heard of it, but if you took a bunch of 1970s Berkeley hippies, put them in charge of society, and waited 200 years, I think that movie is what you’d end up with.

  • Paul Marks.


    Thank you – I will look up this film “Zardoz”.

  • Steven R

    Sean Connery in leather go go boots and a Speedo, a giant stone head worshipped as a apocalyptic god, and the first line in the film is “the penis is bad, the gun is good!”

    It is 70s sci-fi at its cheesiest.