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Seeing as it is May 4th…

7 comments to Seeing as it is May 4th…

  • Bulldog Drummond

    So true 😀

  • Carnivorous Bookworm

    My son had to explain this one to me! And I quote:

    “Star Wars is pansy ass woke now, but Warhammer 40k is grim dark as fuck”

  • Paul Marks

    Games Workshop (Warhammer) attacked its own customers some time ago – denouncing them as “racists” and so on, and saying “they would not be missed” – but there has been some roll back of that “death-to-our-customers” line by Games Workshop.

    For Warhammer 40K generally – see “Arch” on Youtube he understands the “Woke Mind Vires” (as Mr Musk calls it) in relation to corporations.

    As for Star Wars – it was destroyed by Kathleen Kennedy (although Kevin Feige and Bob Iger must take the blame for the general “Wokeness” of Disney).

    It is partly political (Kathleen Kennedy is a dedicated leftist) but it also personal – Kathleen Kennedy believes that she was treated a glorified servant as a young female executive, with George Lucas and others expecting her to make the coffee and so on.

    Kathleen Kennedy has seethed with hatred for Star Wars for many years – and is fanatically determined to destroy it. Hence the character of Ray Palpatine (and all the rest of the “The Force is Female” stuff).

    Perhaps it was unwise to put Kathleen Kennedy in charge – as the lady was fanatically determined to destroy the business, in revenge for personal slights many years ago.

    Still there is quite an interesting story here – “I pretended to be submissive, for years I worked my way up – and now I have the power to DESTROY everything you love”.

    Kathleen Kennedy is indeed a Lady of the Sith.

  • Paul Marks

    Will Henry Cavill be allowed to make a good “Warhammer” film or series? Or will he be betrayed – as he was betrayed over “The Witcher” and “Superman”.

    I think Mr Cavill will be betrayed – after all DEI rules in Hollywood now forbid talent and a good story being the primary consideration, race, general and sexual orientation are what all Hollywood products are to be about – regardless of talent and story, those are the rules that are going into force.

    So a good Warhammer film is unlikely – unless it is a “pirate” edition (violating copyright) made in Russia or somewhere like that.

  • Paul Marks

    This is wider than Star Wars and Warhammer (the latter being a British product – but Britain seems to be unable to produce films of its own that actually BREAK Hollywood rules) – the new rules in Hollywood codify existing policies, but they make them unavoidable.

    The primary consideration, under the new rules, are certain groups (Herbert Marcuse stuff) based on race, gender and sexual orientation – such things as talent and story are no longer to be of any real importance.

    In short, in future, nothing good will come out of American film studios and television entertainment companies.

    It is a pity that the British film and television entertainment industry is also “Woke” and copies (demented) modern practices.

  • Thomas Fairfax

    Perhaps it was unwise to put Kathleen Kennedy in charge

    Yeah, you think? 😀

  • Paul Marks

    Yes General Fairfax – I am coming round to that opinion.

    And it is interesting how much personal factors matter – yes K.K. is a leftist, but it is being (in her mind) treated as a servant, many years ago, by George Lucas and (again in her mind) other powerful men, that really motivates her – she wants to destroy everything they created, out of revenge (personal spite).

    On the other side some people argue that it was not complicated philosophical arguments that led to Mr Elon Musk breaking with the left – it is what happened to his son (who now claims to be his daughter).