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Samizdata quote of the day – people use the weapons they are given

People use the weapons that are on their belt. The epidemic of false accusations of rape isn’t due to the badness of women; it’s because the State has placed a potent weapon at their disposal. Of course they use that weapon. If men could accuse women of witchcraft to “get” them there would be an epidemic of witchcraft accusations.

There is a reason that the statue of justice is wearing a blindfold; the demographics of the parties before the Court are not supposed to matter in any way. That the left has pulled us away from that ancient and sensible principle is one of the tragedies of our age.


15 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – people use the weapons they are given

  • John

    it’s because the State has placed a potent weapon at their disposal

    With few exceptions western governments are falling over themselves in the mad rush to place equally potent weapons in the hands of pretty much any racial, sexual or religious minority.

  • Paul Marks.

    Yes indeed.

    And it is not “just” getting rid of the traditional principle of justice in “rape” trials, it is also the “Family Courts” and all the rest of it.

    The principles of law, of natural justice which are common to both the Roman Law tradition and the Common Law tradition, are being abandoned in favour of Frankfurt School “Woke” (Critical Theory) Marxism, the DEI agenda.

    It is unfortunate.

  • lucklucky

    OT : Banned from Profession

    UK increasingly like Soviet Union https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/05/22/joshua-sutcliffe-teacher-who-misgendered-pupil-banned/

    Today there is more Freedom in France than England.

  • Paul Marks.


    France still has higher taxes and government spending than Britain – although the gap is not as big as is often thought (the state has been on the rise in both France and Britain for 150 years – even as a proportion of the economy).

    But, yes, France is a bit less Frankfurt School “Critical Theory”, Marxist, a bit less “Woke” than Britain – although “Woke” Frankfurt School Marxist ideas on race and sex are certainly present in France.

    How financial and economic breakdown will influence things in various Western countries I do not know – it is to be hoped that financial and economic breakdown (which is inevitable now) will end this “Woke” madness – but the establishment elite may decide to “double down” on it, in order to try and distract people from their hunger, homelessness and so on.

  • Paul Marks.

    Banned from teaching – teaching, like just about everything else in Britain now, is “licensed” – in defiance of the judgement of Chief Justice Coke way back in 1610 in the case of Dr Bonham, that neither the King or Parliament has the lawful power to exclude someone from a profession or trade on the basis that they lacked a piece of paper called a permit or license.

    Banned from teaching because he told the truth about what men and women are and what marriage has traditionally meant – yes that is par for the course in the United Kingdom after “13 years of Conservative government”.

    With hindsight (always 20/20 vision) the failure was obvious from the start – with Prime Minister Cameron and Chancellor Osborne making a big thing of going to see “Breakback Mountain” (a film about cowboys having anal sex with each other) – it was not a matter of them just happening to like the film, they made a big thing of going to see it, made an ideological-point of the whole thing. Again, with hindsight, it was clear that they had no intention of resisting the leftist cultural movement ordered by the international establishment elite (which they both wanted to be members of).

    Again this was not about their personal tastes or practices – they were making an ideological point of the whole thing. It was not “I do not care what they do as long they do not frighten the horses”, it was “let us celebrate this on ideological grounds”.

    On the economic side – the much shouted about “austerity” was fake, yes some government departments got cut, but other government spending (such as overseas aid – and, of course, the NHS whose budget has more than doubled in recent years) was increased – looking back it was clear even in 2010 that Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne had no intention of rolling back government spending overall.

    Do Prime Minister Sunak and Chancellor Hunt have any intention of rolling back government spending? Well look at the figures (for example the borrowing for April – which was announced today) and decide for yourself.

    My own view is that it is not just the United States that is heading for financial and economic collapse, some other Western countries are to.

  • Paul Marks.

    I notice that some people are still blaming Liz Truss, who was Prime Minister for a few weeks, for our economic problems – such claims show dishonesty on a truly epic scale.

    And Chancellor Hunt better not make such claims (I am not saying that he has) – as he was Chancellor for some of the very brief time that Liz Truss was Prime Minister.

    As for who was Chancellor when between 400 and 500 Billion Pounds (“not much if you say it quick”) was spent on harmful (counter productive) Covid policies – I leave that for readers to look up for themselves. Almost needless to say – the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats wanted (and still want) even MORE government spending.

    Only yesterday the leader of the Labour Party was suggesting that the National Health Service, which has been buried in money – its budget increased to an amount that the human mind can not grasp, had been “cut” and needed even more money thrown at it.

    Ditto all other government spending – the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats look at budgets that have exploded over the years, and want to INCREASE them. And such lunatic projects as “HS2” are supported by all political parties – because such projects are really ordered by officials and “experts” (they do NOT come from the “democratic process” – any more than the insane Covid policies were really thought up by Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak, these men did-what-they-were-TOLD-to-do by officials and “experts” – at a national and international level).

    There is a general revolt against economics (real economics – not the nonsense taught in the schools and universities) – the collapse of the Western world (with its Credit Money financial system and its endless government spending) is not some natural process, the ruination of the Western world is being carried out by policy decisions – pushed at an international level.

    It is unfortunate.

  • Paul Marks.

    The answer of the international establishment (as ever the Economist magazine is one of their mouthpieces) to all the above, is simple.

    There must be more “Woke” cultural stuff – fighting “racism”, “sexism” and so on, and record high taxation must be INCESASED (the lead story in the Economist magazine a couple of weeks ago was on their desire to INCREASE record taxation in Britain, the United States, and in the rest of the Western world).

    Banking must be even more centralised than it is (according to the Economist magazine – and other mouthpieces for the international collectivists) – and governments should take stakes in the banks so that true public-private partnership (so beloved by Mussolini and Klaus Schwab – although such ideas go back to Henri Saint-Simon two centuries ago) can take place.

    An international digital currency – with world “climate” rules (controlling every aspect of life – including the “cultural” part of Agenda 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) must be established.

    The one good thing, and it is a good thing, is that the mask-is-off.

    No one, now, can honestly claim not to know that the international establishment, government and corporate (and including its mouthpieces – the mainstream media) is committed to establishing totalitarianism – committed to establishing tyranny.

    They will do anything, anything at all, to keep their Credit Bubble banking (money-from-nothing) system going – if that means establishing a Corporate State that is what they will do (and they are openly pushing for one – at an international level), individual freedom means nothing to them, and given the philosophy they are taught (at school and university) that individual personhood (moral agency – free will) does not “really” exist, there is no reason why individual freedom should matter to them.

    After all they do not believe that individuals (properly speaking – the “I”, human personhood) even exist.

  • lucklucky

    Paul the point here is Banned from Profession concept due to a different ideology. This is a Sovietization of England.

    A Communist teacher is not banned from Teaching Profession in England despite the Totalitarian ideals, that is what made a liberal society.

  • Paul Marks.


    Yes – and the doctrine he has been banned from teaching for not supporting is Frankfurt School Marxism.

    It is not just Paul Marks saying that – the Home Secretary and the Secretary of State for International Trade (both “women of colour”) have made speeches showing that they know (they know) that “Woke” doctrine on race, sex, and sexuality, comes from “Critical Theory”, Frankfurt School, Marxism. It is the old Marxist “exploitation and oppression” moved from the “Working Class” to various racial and sexual groups.

    What this case is saying is that if a teacher opposes “Woke” Frankfurt School “Critical Theory” in regards to sexuality, they will not be allowed to teach.

    So much for 13 years of Conservative Party government. And it is not just “we were in coalition with the Liberal Democrats” or “Covid distracted us” – from the start (at least with hindsight) it was clear that Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne never had any intention of opposing this stuff.

    Like many rich people, and Corporate types, they thought if they paid lip service to the “Woke” (Frankfurt School) agenda, they could distract attention from their private wealth.

    The Duke of Orleans “Citizen Equality”, the richest man in 18th century France, springs to mind. He financed the French Revolution and voted for the murder of his cousin the King (the kindly, but weak, Louis XVI) – and, of course, he himself was then robbed and murdered by his “friends”.

    Such people are Legion in the United States – the very rich and the massive Corporations often fall over themselves to back the “Woke” agenda.

    Wicked fools – wicked because they are backing what they know to be evil, for example the sexual mutilation of children, and fools because what they are doing will not save them – it will destroy them.

  • John

    On the subject of illiberal societies I give you two recent stories from the US of A and, in particular, “America’s Game.

    A bunch of perverted men who dress up as nuns and call themselves the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were amazingly told their presence would not be welcome at this years Los Angeles Dodgers Pride Night. Cue Pearl-clutching all round and a rapid climb down plus effusive apology . The original rationale, that the bent nuns might just be an affront to the over 10 millions Californian Catholics, has been effortlessly memory holed.

    At the same time, just up the coast, a 60 year-old radio announcer for the Oakland Athletics was accused of mispronouncing the name of the Negro League. It was never proven what he actually said as it was never written down. However sufficient, I.e. more than one, people thought they heard him utter what is probably one of the top 10 most spoken words in the state if not the country and as always the tale spread like wildfire. The mandatory 1984 style grovelling apology was never going to save him after 17 years of service to the team. No second chance, he’s gone.

  • Paul Marks.


    I believe that the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” started in San Francisco.

    The “problem” with them, from the establishment corporate point of view, is that they openly (openly) hate and despise Western culture – for example no one could seriously think their “marriage ceremonies” are any other than a cruel mockery. Establishment bodies prefer groups that pretend to be doing things “out of love” rather than out of cruel mockery.

    Why not have them at a “Pride” event? No Catholic, indeed no Christian, Orthodox Jew, Muslim, or conservative atheist, should have anything to do with “Pride” events anyway. All that having the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” at such a event does is to make-it-obvious – and that is to be welcomed, it brings it all out into the open and shows there is no “middle ground” or “half way house”.

    The LA Dodgers are quite correct, from their perspective, to have the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” at their “Pride” event – and no Christian, Orthodox Jew, Muslim, or conservative atheist should have anything to do with the L.A. Dodgers or any other sports team (or other group or organisation) that has such events.

    As for going for shock value – the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” do not really shock people these days (we have become too jaded for them to shock us) – the LA Dodgers might try the sexual mutilation of children, in public before cheering crowds (with the parents carrying out the mutilations and chanting “I love my Transchild!”). That would still carry some shock value.

    Perhaps next year. If we have not all been consumed by the fires of Hell before then.

  • Paul Marks.

    John – being fired for saying something, or being alleged to have said something.

    Yes that is par for the course now – both for corporations and for other bodies (such as Central Office).

    The Free Speech Culture that still existed when we were young, no longer exists. That pro liberty culture has been murdered.

  • Kirk

    It starts with the fact that the dreaded “N-word” is perfectly OK coming out of the mouths of blacks, but a hate crime when someone “not of color” says it.

    You can’t have it both ways. Either it is anathema, or it is not.

    I’ve had this argument many, many times with various parties, and they always insist that there is such a thing as “N-word” privilege, that’s it’s been coopted by the victim so it’s fine coming out of their mouths.

    If it’s OK for blacks, then it’s OK for everyone. If it’s forbidden, then it is forbidden for everyone, without exception or case.

    Nothing else works. You have chart-busting musical hits using the word in nearly every sentence. How is that acceptable, when you’re firing a guy just for sounding like he said it?

    I’ll start buying that it’s a forbidden word when they start cancelling rappers for using it, and other blacks start slapping the snot out of their fellows for using it in any context. Until then? Forget it.

  • Ferox

    Kirk – yes indeed. My view has always been (and I have argued it here on this site) that if you need to know the color (or demographic trait in general) of the speaker before you know if you are offended or not, then the hate is coming from you – not from the speaker. What you hate is not what was said but the person saying it.

  • jgh

    While not a parent, I’ve always wondered what a conversation with a child at a Pride parade would be.
    “Daddy, what are they doing?”
    “They’re campaigning to be/celebrating being allowed to have sex with each other”
    “Daddy, what’s sex?”