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In praise of Tommy Robinson

And lo, there be pestilence in the land. And the King didst decree that all should partake of the magic potion. And then Andrew of Bridgen didst say, “All my followers are dying!” And the gods of Tory didst smite him. And then John of Campbell didst say, “Funny. All my followers are dying!” I must make haste to Bridgen by means of fibre optic cable and parlay with him. And the gods of Google didst smite him. But the Lord had spoken to Tommy of Luton – that most unpromising of his servants – and said “taketh a recording of this YouTube and uploadeth it to Telegram so that my people might hear the word of Campbell and Bridgen.” And he did. And the Lord was pleased.

Update: And the Lord did command that all his brethren didst install Telegram on their tablets of silicon that they might hear the word of Campbell and Bridgen.

Update 2: the censored video of Dr. John Campbell interviewing Andrew Bridgen is also available on BitChute

13 comments to In praise of Tommy Robinson

  • Paul Marks

    “Tommy Robinson” (not his real name) has been targeted by the authorities for years – they searched and searched for something to “get him” with, and they went after him for “crimes” that are normally not prosecuted. Bit Business (essentially the same thing as Big Government these days – as they are joined at the hip via “public-private partnerships” which would have delighted Mussolini).

    The, private justification, for the targeting of the person was that he represented a threat of tyranny – ironically, by the methods they used, both government and the corporations (such as the social media corporations) showed where the real threat of tyranny comes from.

  • Paul Marks

    Of course, it was never going to be “just Tommy Robinson” – once the precedent had been set, the authorities (both government and corporate – not that there is any real difference these days) would go after other people.

    And, yes, thank you to “TR” and his team – for saving the interview of Andrew Bridgen by John Campbell (Phd).

    As for YouTube Google – damn them. And the other “Woke” Corporations.

    They lied endlessly and they censored endlessly – the “Woke” Corporations have blood on their hands over Covid and much else.

  • john in cheshire

    Tommy Robinson has been right all along and the people have hated him. Because people hate the truth.
    Tommy Robinson will, I hope be remembered in the history of our country just like Wat Tyler.

  • bobby b

    And lo, the linkage hath brought forth bafflement and wroth in its refusals to procure the anticipated rewards, and sayeth to the clicker only “media is too big”, and directeth that clicker to the realm of “view in Telegram”, which produceth its own forms of pain and hellfire.

    (ETA: Do I need to have a Telegram app loaded for this to work?)

  • Yes, Tommy Robinson was right about certain things, very obviously so. But regardless I am not particularly a fan. He is also wrong about some rather important things as well.

    However I am indeed a fan of Andrew Bridgen

  • lucklucky

    Telegram really makes it difficult to use…

  • John

    An essential watch, thank you for the link.

    AB also co-hosted an excellent podcast #623 with the LotusEaters on 3rd April the rumble version of which is still on their website. Surprisingly* it seems to be pretty much the only one removed from their YouTube channel.

    * If I may quote Dumbledore towards the end of Deathly Hallows “actually Harry, when you think about it, it isn’t surprising at all”.

  • Paul Marks

    I agree with Perry – “Tommy Robinson” is indeed a mixed bag, but (as Perry wold agree) if we do not support someone some of whose views we DISagree with, then we are not supporters of Freedom of Speech – indeed we are no better than government officials (including in the police) and “Woke” Corporate managers – with their drive towards tyranny.

    I also agree with Perry about Andrew Bridgen – when I first heard him speak about Covid my initial thought was “what is all the fuss about – I have heard many Conservative Members of Parliament say these things” then it dawned on my sawdust filled thick head – Andrew Bridgen was telling the truth IN PUBLIC, not in some private conversation, telling the truth IN PUBLIC.

  • John

    Spiked is definitely a mixed bag where alongside the batshit crazy you find contributors willing to put aside their Marxist roots and write reasonable thought-provoking articles.

    The downside is when you find something like Fraser Myers’ recent pearl-clutching hit-piece on AB.

  • Ferox

    And this is why I am in the habit of downloading controversial things which appear online.

    Because the miserable cowards who are currently running the show would not even think of actually trying to rebut something with which they disagreed. No, much easier to simply memory hole it and pretend it was never said.

    Rope, tar, feathers. For all of them.

  • And this is why I am in the habit of downloading controversial things which appear online.

    Likewise, which is why I uploaded the above video to BitChute. YouTube is not our friend.

  • Paul Marks

    Perry – YouTube, Google, is indeed not our friend.

    Google may have started out as an honest company – but as the work of Dr Robert Epstein (a life long Democrat) has shown, it has for years been utterly corrupt – its “impartial scientific” Search Engine being a systematically biased tool for the left, directing people to pro Collectivist places on political and cultural matters, and away from anti Collectivist sources of information about individuals and policies. Google claims that their Search Engine is unbiased (indeed that claim is the basis of their business), but they are lying, they are engaged in a fraud, a massive fraud.

    Today, whatever may have been true at the start, someone who uses the Google Search Engine for searches about cultural and political matters, is getting a view of the world that is so distorted it is like a fun-house mirror in a carnival.

    And Google controls the vast majority of searches.