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Samizdata quote of the day – watermelon edition

Those who would change every aspect of our economic lives are using environmental collapse as the excuse.

Tim Worstall

7 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – watermelon edition

  • decnine

    What environmental collapse would that be?

    What I see, towards the end of a lengthy life, is steady environmental improvement. That’s a fact and it is rooted in the past.

    The alarmists have been forecasting every sort of catastrophe for decades. And none of them has come true. Every statement about the future is only a conjecture. The alarmist crystal ball seems to be faulty.

  • WindyPants

    It seems to me that the solution to all of mankind’s woes (at least from the usual quarters), real or imagined, seems to be Big Government and Communism.

    Climate Change: that’ll need a whole lot of big state and a bit of communism to fix.

    Culture Wars: they can be wished away with a dash of big state and a splash of communism.

    Overpopulation, Global Pandemics, Microbial Resistance, Obesity (actually, communism IS a very effective cure for that!), HS2, Border Control, Scottish Nationalism etc, etc, etc: Big State and Communism are the only fix-alls in town!

    So, to update Tim’s SQOTD

    Those who would change every aspect of our economic lives are using environmental collapse as theANY excuse.

  • Paul Marks

    Some people really believe in the C02 is evil theory – but with some (some) people it is an excuse for government and corporate control.

    And other people just go along because they would be punished if they did not.

    It is not really Communism “WindyPants” – it is more Saint-Simon (French Collectivist two centuries ago) than Karl Marx. Big Business (led by the Credit Money banks and other financial entities) working in “partnership” with government – Klaus Schwab did not invent this “Stakeholder Capitalism” idea and neither did Mussolini – it is an idea that is at least two centuries old.

    And it has always been in the name of “the science”.

  • Allen

    If they cause an economic collapse, all their precious environmental nonsense will be swept away.

  • lucklucky

    By definition wanting to change all economy is extremist.
    So why no one calls them extremists? Is it because extremists control the narrative?

  • Paul Marks

    Allen – I do not know who will win the struggle post economic collapse.

    The international totalitarian elite have their plans for total power ready – but I still hope they will be defeated.

  • Paul Marks

    Only last Friday I, and others, were told by a minister “the world economy almost collapsed in 2008” – there was no sign that the minister understood that the present financial and economic position is vastly worse than in 2008, that the endless money-created-from-nothing since then (to save the vast Credit Money bubble economy that was already in place in 2008) has made the situation vastly worse than it was in 2008.

    No offence meant to the speaker (who was intelligent and well meaning) – but it was like listening to an alcoholic saying “I felt really bad this morning – but I have had a few drinks, and I feel better now”.

    The damage to the liver of the alcoholic is hard to see from the outside – but it is there. And so is the damage done to the Capital Structure of the economy by the endless money created from nothing (the poison which is the “money” that is just lights on computer screens).

    Now it will be international economic collapse – so the question now is, what happens POST international economic collapse?