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Samizdata quote of the day – not a conspiracy theory

The media have taken umbrage at some of the rhetoric of the [15 minute city] schemes’ critics. Some opponents have referred to the scheme as akin to a ‘climate lockdown’, which The Times dismisses as an ‘outlandish claim’. While some conspiracy theorists may take this term literally, others will no doubt recognise it as a polemical line. After all, while Oxford residents will not be forced to stay indoors, they will be encouraged not to drive and to remain as much as possible in their 15-minute district. It’s hard not to see at least some parallels between this green-inspired scheme and the Covid ‘Stay at Home’ mentality. (Indeed, the term ‘climate lockdown’ was coined by the green movement itself, which marvelled at the supposed ecological benefits of the Covid lockdowns.)

Laurie Wastell

7 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – not a conspiracy theory

  • We’re called conspiracy theorists and right-wing dog whistlers, yet our original complaints about essentially movement between zones being limited to 100 times per year and no adjustments for having family in other zones or even how many people are resident in a single house, are essentially correct.

    So what they’re really saying is we’re bad for complaining against the actual reality of the scheme they’re implementing rather than the Twitterati perception of the scheme their offering.

    Fundamentally this will restrict peoples freedom in ways that cannot easily be expressed and are illegitimate (if not illegal), in that no-one would be foolish enough to hand any City Council this sort of power, so how can they wield what has never been devolved.

    Lions are too good for these bastards.

  • As with covid, the spreaders of misinformation are the gentlemen of the press, the very people who should be exposing this stuff and championing our liberties. As JG says above, Lions are too good for them.

  • rhoda klapp

    Looks like the Ghetto to me. Or the Reservation.

    And, as mentioned by JG, who gave them the power to restrict movement of free citizens? (Pretty sure the non-citizens will be unpunished.)

  • Stonyground

    Is the justification for this nonsense the saving of the world from evil carbon dioxide? If so it is encouraging that the elite layer of the alarmism industry are getting to look more and more like swivel eyed loons. Andrew Bolt is taking a pop at them here.


  • Paul Marks

    The Times has become a dreadful newspaper – it follows the establishment line on just about everything. Sadly the Wall Street Journal seems to be going the same way. Such media tell people who have lost friends and relatives to the Covid injections that there is nothing wrong with the injections, and tell people who actually watched election rigging take place that the elections were straight. Corporate interests – that is all they (this sort of media – NOT all media) now care about.

    And the Corporations support the “smart cities” agenda (now the “15 minute city” agenda – rebranding, ESG is sometimes called different things as well) so anyone who opposes this agenda will be denounced as a paranoid conspiracy theorist – even as the agenda is being put into effect.

    Remember one is allowed to talk about Agenda 21 – Agenda 2030 (including its “cultural aspect” DEI – diversity, equity and inclusion) as long as one SUPPORTS the agenda (Dr Schwab can even write a book titled “Great Reset” and no one bats an eyelid), it is only if someone opposes the agenda that they are a “paranoid conspiracy theorist”.

    I remember a lawyer based in California, a Democrat all her life – as soon as the lady (dead now) started to oppose Agenda 21 (as it was called in those days) standing up for private property in land (as opposed to government and corporate control of the land), the lady was instantly a “paranoid conspiracy theorist”.

    Long time “friends” turned against her overnight – denouncing her. Yet if the same lady had supported (rather opposed) government and corporate control of the land – then there would have been no insults, she could have discussed Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030) as much as she liked, as long as the lady talked about it in a positive, supportive, way.

    It is a wonderful example of Double Think – “X exists when we support it, but as soon as someone opposes X then X does not exist – and they are a paranoid conspiracy theorist to mention X”.

  • Paul Marks

    Stonyground – as you know it is very serious, if they succeed in reducing C02 levels then crop yields will drop and some areas that are now farmed (as some areas of the planet have been “greening” due to C02 increasing) will not be farmable – some people will starve to death.

    This will not bother the international government and corporate establishment – on the contrary, they would be pleased by a decline in family farms, as part their agenda is to gain control of the food supply. This is a “paranoid conspiracy theory” if someone opposes it, but if William “Bill” Gates or some other such person makes a speech supporting (rather than opposing) the agenda – then it is quite reasonable, indeed good.

    Control what people can say (via such things as advertising boycott against Twitter or any other social media site that allows dissent) and control the food supply, do these two things and you end up in control of everything.

    Not really Marxist – more Saint-Simon ist (early 19th century French Collectivist who argued that socialism could be created and run by bankers and other big business types), but tyranny is tyranny, even if it is not Marxist tyranny.

  • Lee Moore

    I find it therapeutic when the global warming crap becomes too irksome, just to take a deep breath and pop downstairs and start the car. It’s only necessary to leave it running for 20 minutes or so before one’s karmic balance is restored. This can of course be accomplished without leaving one’s 15 minute zone.