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This is not satire. They believe that genocide and the collapse of human civilisation are imminent.

17 comments to This is not satire. They believe that genocide and the collapse of human civilisation are imminent.

  • Fan of Slackwire Clowns

    If it so bad, they should be confined and put on Suicide Watch.

    Until the Earth is healed.

    I expect commuters will rest more assured if this is done.

  • Steven R

    I wish they would make the cognitive leap to get to the endgame and then come right out and say, “we want to decide who lives and who dies.”

  • Tony in London

    “…taking vital action against this criminal government…” they say. If the really believed that the government’s actions are criminal then they would pursue legal remedies and no doubt the fox killer would be only too happy to assist them. Since they haven’t it’s clear that “criminal” is hyperbole.

  • Fan of Slackwire Clowns

    Steven R:

    They won’t, and if any one of them says such a thing you won’t hear the news of it except perhaps on GB News.

    Mark Steyn spoke recently of being delayed by one of Just Stop Oil’s episodes of kneeling down to play jacks in the middle of a busy road, like playful children.

    Steyn was disgruntled, but did get into work.

    I knew someone who got up an hour early just to tune into a police radio and find out what was disrupting traffic that day (something is always disrupting traffic every day). He then planned out an alternate route.

    There are places in the UK where Just Stop Oil can stop all the traffic. I don’t think London is one of them.

    Hopefully you can suss out where Just Stop Oil and their ilk is to plan an alternate route around them. It’s the best you can expect in this insane world.

    That and enjoy the holidays with your family. Go get some Figgy Pudding.

  • No doubt the current cold weather will keep the buggers at home and in front of the fire. Just think of all that extra gas that’s being burnt to keep them warm.

    Must give the poor, little snowflakes an anxiety attack. Shame we can’t offer them Canadian-style euthanasia…purely to ease the suffering of the wee mites, naturally.


  • Fans of Slackwire Clowns

    Leaving the Just Stop Oil Twerps to their own devices, and maintaining vigilance so as to be prepared to counter the effects of their efforts, what are the Samizdati dong to prepare for the holidays?

    Are there traditions unique to to and your families you’d want to share?

    Any conversation about Just Stop Oil is worth hijacking with a more pleasant comment thread.

  • Roué le Jour

    They’re right for the wrong reasons. The government is actually engineering an economic collapse to be followed by a civil war. The climate is not an issue.

  • I don’t know Roué le Jour, the climate sounds quite bracing…

    Civil unrest with occasional outbreaks of rioting.


  • Paul Marks

    It is wonderful “Projection”.

    Civilisation may well collapse – but, because of, not in spite of, the actions of “Just Stop Oil” and the endless other groups. Not over the entire world of course – but in this densely populated island which is much more vulnerable economically than most people tend to think.

    Far from being enemies – the government (the permanent government – the officials and “experts”) are on the same side as “Just Stop Oil”, they are all pushing ever more regulations, even more government spending and ever more taxes.

    The Founder of “Just Stop Oil” knows what this may lead to in a densely populated island like this – and he LIKES what it may lead to.

    Far from being a fan of civilisation – he hates civilisation, because it is the creation of white-male-heterosexual “capitalists” in the past, whom he despises. He despises them – and all they have created, he wants to destroy all they have created. “Climate Change” is just an excuse – if the C02 causes terrible Global Warming theory did not exist, he would find some other excuse (say Covid – or Global Cooling), it is civilisation (or what is left of it) that he wishes to destroy.

    Will he succeed? I do not know.

    But no one in power seems to be seriously opposing such groups. On the contrary – the police love them, and the young are being taught at school and university (and via the media) that they are correct about everything.

    Not just “Global Warming” (now called vaguely “Climate Change” – which can mean anything, and the climate does not stay the same, just as there is no “balance of nature” – nature changes, evolves, it does not stay in some mythical “balance”), but also on Western civilisation being inherently evil – “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic”, “transphobic”, “Islamophobic” (three cheers for Mayor Khan and the statue of the demented “Christian” decapitator, and pro Imperial Germany during the First World War, he he has just put in Trafalgar Square), and-so-on.

    That is the irony – the people pretending to want to save civilisation really, if one looks into the writings of their founder, are filled with hatred for civilisation and wish to destroy it. And their policies would do exactly that – at least on this cold and overpopulated island.

  • FrankS

    It is all such a waste of our time and resources, not to mention the spirits of those duped into thinking there is a man-made climate crisis. There really is not a shred of evidence for such a crisis. A good starter booklet for those willing to start digging into the subject (and not just be passive in the face of decades of fatuous scaremongering) is available on Amazon for less than £8. ‘Climate at a Glance’.

  • Paul Marks


    What I find interesting is how the “solution”, all power to government and the pet corporations (“Stakeholder Capitalism” as Dr Schwab called in his 1971 book – Mussolini had called the same idea “Fascism” or “the Corporate State”) came along BEFORE the problem.

    Very few people were talking about Global Warming in the 1960s and 1970s – Global Cooling was the fashion in science back then.

    Yet the proposed transformation of society to a society totally controlled by governments (indeed international governance) and “pet” corporations – was being pushed, right back then.

    What a happy coincidence that the solution to Global Warming (now, rather vaguely, called “Climate Change”) just happened to be what the establishment were already pushing.

    And I am sure that the establishment are very grateful for the “resistance”, for the “rebels” – who believe everything they are told (told by the establishment they think they are rebelling against), and do everything the establishment (privately) want them to do.

  • SkippyTony

    The deeply, arse achingly depressing thing about this is that somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 half the population are on this bus.

  • If they actually believed that issuing a handful of oil and gas licenses would cause civilization to collapse, they’d be loudly supporting it.

  • Jim

    They don’t REALLY believe it. If you said to them ‘Is civilisation going to end within the next 20 years because of climate change, and if you say yes, and it doesn’t we’re going shoot you, having tortured you first’ I suspect most would have second thoughts.

    And equally if you believed that using CO2 was going to destroy the planet you wouldn’t be living in a manner that requires fossil fuels to be sustainable. You’d be living like a hermit in a tent in the woods. Not in a centrally heated home, wearing clothes made of oil, using modern technology devices and driving around in a car. Its all just cost free virtue signalling, that requires no sacrifice on their part at all. They can ‘believe’ it at no cost to themselves if they are wrong, so its not a real belief. Force them to have some skin in the game and then see what they believe.

  • Sam Duncan

    Back in the ’90s, there was a lot of talk in the media of the millennarian cults of a thousand years previously, and of what form, if any, they might take this time. Some likened the Y2K panic to one. But my feeling was that if any arose, they’d be confined to a small group of fringe cranks; surely nobody with their head screwed on could seriously believe that kind of thing in this day and age?

    Yet here we are. The end of the world is nigh. Repent, ye sinners, for the day of judgement is upon us, and the disciples of oil will be condemned for eternity to the burning fires of… wherever it is you live right now.

    And they’re taken perfectly seriously. SkippyTony’s right: half of the public actually believe it.

  • Paul

    Let them freeze this winter,as in freezing to death, and they won’t have to worry about this climate change.

  • Doug Jones

    In 2015 some BLM types tried to block highway 14 in Mojave just as I was heading north on my way home from work. They ran across the southbound lane and sat down in the northbound lane but I wasn’t having it, I swerved around them into the wrong lane and gunned it. I guess the sound of my ratty old wagon’s V6 rattled their nerves and they broke and ran. That was the first and last BLM protest in Mojave, you’re welcome.

    Dipshits. The US constitution says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Peaceable assembly to petition the government does not justify causing shit for uninvolved third parties. The entire PREMISE of sit-down protests is illegal.

    And it was fun to see a bunch of assholes and elbows going for all they were worth.