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Race grifters gonna grift

When I first read of the storm-in-a-teacup story of an 83 year old royal aide, Lady Susan Hussey, asking some black woman who runs a charity, Ngozi Fulani “where are you actually from?”… I thought it seemed rather a crass line of questioning in this day and age. Indeed, cringeworthy was the term that came to mind.

But then I saw a picture of Ngozi Fulani (if ever there was a Liverpudlian sounding name… previously known as Marlene Headley) dressed like an extra on the set of some Black Panther movie, suddenly the entire encounter started to look entirely different.

Turns out the woman was cosplaying as an African and yet took umbrage when someone consequently assumed she was African (pro-tip Susan, actual Africans rarely dress like that which should have been a giveaway). The moment Ngozi Fulani started flouncing around announcing how upset she was at such ‘racism’, the response should have been to tell her to grow the hell up and make damn sure she never gets invited to any official functions in the future.

25 comments to Race grifters gonna grift

  • Mr Ed

    Widow of a former Chairman of the BBC Governors, baked in to the post-War ‘consensus’, part of the ruling class albeit the decorative end, sympathy? Well not exactly Schadenfreude, but play silly games, win silly prizes.

  • Agreed Mr Ed, not exactly losing any sleep over Susan Hussey. but this is a florid example of confected outrage.

  • bobby b

    Looks like she won the race lottery. If you can find some rich person to say the wrong magic words, you’re golden.

  • Steven R

    I saw that this morning as the TOP STORY on BBC News and how it was all abusive and racist and whatnot.

    I’d like to see the world a couple of centuries after the last white has died off just to see who they are going to blame for their problems then.

  • Daniel

    This whole thing has echos of ‘Kids Company.’

    I suspect all sorts of things will come to light about this woman’s ‘charity ‘ over the next few weeks.

  • johnd2008

    My thoughts were,manufactured outrage.Never miss the opportunity to have a go at whitey. The Royal Household should have told her to stuff her umbrage where the sun never shines.

  • Fraser Orr

    It struck me how quick the Prince of Wales was to condemn this batty old lady. It just speaks of the new monarchy. Gone or the days of “never complain, never explain” because as we all know “silence is violence”. I see in this a big sea change in the monarchy — this is not how Elizabeth Regina would have handled it. And it is also interesting to see how much of the lead is being taken by William as opposed to the King himself. I’m not fan of all that stuff, but if you strip the majestic away, strip away the nod-and-a-wink divine right of kings, then they just become another political institution, and it is far from obvious what practical role they play.

    It is hard to know what to think — two such unpleasant people having a dust up? Who is more loathsome? Hard to say really.

  • James Strong

    I am disappointed, but should not be surprised, at the attitude of the MSM when they talk to the woman of colour.
    Simple questions like:
    What was your original name and why did you change it?
    Did you take a microphone to the event in the Palace, and if so,why?
    Your charity focuses on black women. Isn’t that racist? If not, why not?
    What are the sources of your charity’s income? What is that income and how much of it is spent in costs?
    How much do you yorself draw as salary and expenses?
    Is it true that the charity employs your daughter? What was the selection process to fill that post?

    Perhaps the offended woman of colour could end all negative speculation by offering an interview to a journalist ready to ask these and similar questions.

  • Hugh

    @ Daniel
    Sistah Space: charity no. 1179934. Take a look for yourself and see what you make of it.

  • Mark

    Actually she lost the race lottery which is why she is SO bitter, resentful and ruled totally by such a monumental inferiority complex.

    She could just embrace britishness – very few white people would actually mind – and become a productive member of society.

    Spite and envy are probably the most destructive feelings, most destructive to whoever holds them. This harpy seems to be the rule rather than the exception

  • Penseivat

    I understand her (married) name before she changed it to sound more Africanish, is Marlene Headley. Why would she feel the need to change it? My cynical side suggests a desire for self publicity and, after this recent incident, the possibility of shed loads of dosh, which she will no doubt donate to her charity, after which her salary and expenses will increase.

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    The woman on the left is a grifter.

  • Peter MacFarlane

    I think (pace Fraser Orr) that Lady Susan probably isn’t all that batty – she’s just eighty-something, and was doing what posh people are brought up from birth to do, that is making conversation with anyone they get thrown into company with. And tbh if someone turns up looking like that, dressed like that, with a name like that, at Buckingham Palace, it’s not at all unreasonable to assume – wrongly in this case – that they are actually African.

    As for the Prince of Wales, I’m afraid you can’t expect anything else from the younger generation these days, they’ve been brought up to kowtow to the professionally-offended. Though in fairness to him, there is probably nothing else he could have said that would not have increased the shitstorm even more.

    Storm in a teacup, as our esteemed host has said.

  • Roué le Jour

    Prince Philip would have probably said “What an interesting national costume. Is it Wakandan?”

  • Paul Marks

    Yes Perry, the lady turned up in a fake African costume and using a fake African name.

    And when an 83 year old person assumed the lady was African, because of the fake costume and the fake name, the lady promptly played the “RACIST” card – and played merry Hell to the media.

    And the monarchy (the Royal bureaucracy which “advises” the King) folded like a cheap suit – stabbing in the back someone who had served them for more than 60 years. “Racists are unacceptable in our society” was the line put out by the Palace – and faithfully repeated by the media, including GB News. So “racists” are not just unacceptable at the Palace – they are not acceptable in Britain at all. So everyone has to kill themselves (remember they are “not acceptable in our society”) because they fell for a con trick by someone in a fake costume and using a fake name – the lady pretended to be African, and an 83 year old “racist” fell for the trick. And that 83 year old was then thrown under the bus and told not only that she should not be at the Palace, but also that should not be alive in the United Kingdom at all. Not her – and not anyone else who is a “racist”.

    When King Charles the First betrayed “Black Tom” Stafford, earning the words at the scaffold “put not your trust in Princes”, the King did have the excuse that there was a mob around the palace, and he feared for the lives of his wife and children.

    What was the excuse this time?

    Nor is it an isolated case – all the institutions, public and private, get on their belly and crawl whenever someone screams “Racist!” – betraying people they have worked with for decades. And spouting false “history” such as “we invited them here to help rebuild Britain after the war”.

    Does “our society” even deserve to survive? It is not a matter of skin colour, which does not matter at all, it is a matter of truth and moral courage, both of which “our society” spits on every day.

  • […] Race grifters gonna grift  Of course the anti monarchy group is appalled at this.  However, where is the group that denounces cultural appropriation, which is why the the question came up. […]

  • Zerren Yeoville

    It seems fairly clear that Fulani is not as well-versed in the minutiae of the British class system as a native would be, or she would have known that near-fossilised aristocrats tend to have a strong interest in ancestry, genealogy and heritage and it was therefore a topic of conversation entirely to be expected. For example, if one says to such a person ‘That man’s an idiot’ their response is quite likely to be along the lines of ‘Really? One of the Hampshire Idiots or one of the Cambridgeshire Idiots? It so happens I was at school with The Honourable Simon Idiot – I don’t suppose you would know if they’re related?’

    Joking aside, the sheer rapidity with which trangressors of woke shibboleths are disposed of and cancelled becomes ever more reminiscent of the character of the Paedofinder General from ‘Monkey Dust’…

  • decnine

    Do real Africans wear dreadlocks?

  • John

    A kinder person than me would cut Marlene a bit of slack for not wanting to admit she was a scouser.

  • Fan of Slackwire Clowns

    Maybe the lady (there was only one lady involved in the exhange anyone with Intelligence or Sense knows which one it was) made th e mistake of not recognizing, over the full course of Charles’ adult life what a Woke Wanker he is, and which one of them he would hve the back of.

    She could, just on account of age, left the palace after the Queen died, and left Charley Horse to enjoy the company of an Extra from Wakanda.

    We would know nothing of the Extra, or her wardrobe, which doubtless can be purchased cheaply from any rag shop.

    Here in these United States, in these time, every year come February, we Honor Blackman.

    I wish people understood what an accomplished and admirable woman Honor Blackman was.

  • Ngozi Fulani a.k.a Marlene Headley, has form on accusing Royals of racism.

    Miss Fulani once accused the Royal Family of domestic violence against the Duchess of Sussex. She made this claim in March 2021 after Piers Morgan resigned from Good Morning Britain for saying that he did not believe Meghan Markle’s claims in her interview with Oprah Winfrey about her requests for mental health treatment being refused by the Royal Family. At the time, Ms Fulani tweeted: ‘Our charity supports black women domestic violence survivors. I can’t stay silent about this. I admire Meghan for speaking out. According to clear definition, it seems Meghan is a survivor of domestic violence from her in-laws.’

    The article that quoted the above also mentions her charity’s involvement with the murderous BLM. (As that link shows, ‘cosplaying’ is one way to describe their name’s claim they are about objecting to the murder of black people.)

  • Paul Marks

    Marlene Headley (“Ngozi Fulani”) is a BLM Marxist backed person – they paid money into her “charity”, money they got from gullible individuals and corrupt corporations (such as the Credit Bubble banks).

    The fact that this Marxist con artist was invited to Buckingham Palace at all shows just how utterly corrupted the establishment is.

    As for the con artist turning up wearing a fake African costume and using a fake African name – well of course she would do that, and when an 83-year-old fell for the con trick, of course Marlene Headley went to the media – as she always planned to (this was a pre-planned operation).

    That is why Marline Headley was carrying a recording device – and note that she was not searched on the way into the Palace (you try going into the palace with such a device – see what happens to you).

    “Race grifters got to grift” – that is NOT the scandal, the scandal is that the British establishment turned on someone who had served for 60 years, as soon as the magic word “racist” was used.

    An establishment as cowardly and treacherous as the British establishment (which turns on 83-year-olds who have served for over 60 years) does not deserve to survive.

    And, by the way, the “elite” private schools in Britain are now at least as “Woke” as the government schools.

  • Paul Marks

    Loyalty must be a two-way street – when I was betrayed, I had only served for 40 years (not over 60 years) – but the principle is the same.

    Why be loyal to institutions that are not loyal to you – and not loyal to others who have faithfully served? In feudal law – the oath of loyalty was always two-way (not one way) – you were not to betray your liege lord, but your liege lord was not to betray you either. And if you see your lord behaving unjustly to someone else, breaking faith with them, then it is your duty (under natural justice, natural law) to come to the aid of the weak – if need be against your own lord. “My Honour is Loyalty” is the motto of the criminals who made up the SS – it is not the motto of a just man, to a just man honour comes above any other loyalty – for if your lord behaves unjustly, if he breaks the natural law and aggresses against the helpless, then he is not your lord anymore.

    When Henry the 1st swore his oath at the start of the 12th century, the law he swore to uphold was NOT his will (it had been his will – as liars such as Thomas Hobbes were to maintain, then the oath would have been pointless) the laws of England were the effort to put into practice the principles of natural law, natural justice – hence such things as the declaration of Westminster in 1102 against the slave trade.

    One can go back further – in 877 King Charles the Bald of France laid out what he could NOT do – not legally (such as take land from one family and give it to another family). To the followers of Thomas Hobbes, David Hume and Jeremy Bentham this does not make any sense (nothing I have just typed makes any sense to them), that is because such followers are scum.

  • Fan of Slackwire Clowns

    Has there been an effect on the rest of the staff that works for the Royals after this turn of events?

    There was talk of Charles cutting staff. Now he and his son have shown themselves to be willing to throw a William’s godmother under a ratty looking bus.

    If I were on that payroll I’d be looking to leave.

  • djm

    In lieu of the MSM doing their job, here’s an amateur take on the grifter & her “Charidee” connections