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Samizdata quote of the day – hypocrisy edition

This is climate imperialism. Rich nations are only agreeing to help poor nations so long as they use energy sources that cannot lift themselves out of poverty.

Consider the case of Norway, Europe’s second-largest gas supplier after Russia. Last year it agreed to increase natural gas exports by 2 billion cubic meters, in order to alleviate energy shortages. At the same time, Norway is working to prevent the world’s poorest nations from producing their own natural gas by lobbying the World Bank to end its financing of natural gas projects in Africa.

Michael Shellenberger

3 comments to Samizdata quote of the day – hypocrisy edition

  • Steven R

    Nations do things in their own best interests?

    The devil you say!

  • Paul Marks

    Steven R – no Sir, nations often do not act in their best interests.

    Norway – a mixture of cynical opportunism and sincere, but wrongheaded, belief (a bit like Disraeli).

    They know that Norway depends on the export of hyrdrocarbons – oil and gas, but they also believe (sincerely) that C02 is destroying the world.

    “Better us supplying oil and gas than Mr Putin doing so!” is how they justify their exports.

    And they “work for the future” by trying to ban hydrocarbon developments around the world.

    By the way – I agree that the World Bank should not be financing these projects, because I do not want the World Bank to finance any projects of any sort.

    Or exist.

  • Makes sense I guess.

    You can only pay climate reparations if you prevent 3rd world countries from undercutting your gas exports by providing cheaper gas to the world.

    Yet China and India will still increase their warble gloaming outputs this year and none of the usual suspects will say a word about it, focussed as they are on screeching about NetZero and other Marxist absurdities.

    It’s a good job this warble gloaming stuff is all nonsense, otherwise I might be worried. As it is, it’s just the usual theft of earnings from poor people in Western Countries to give to rich kleptocrats in nominally poorer countries.

    The grafts, like the poor, are always with us.