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The arc of history is long, and it bends toward reality becoming an Onion meme from a decade ago.

Antonio Garcia Martinez

I was going to tag this as “humour” but decided it was too accurate for that…

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  • Paul Marks

    We need a third alternative. The “Woke” (Frankfurt School Marxist) modern West, the U.S. Marines celebrating “Pride Month” and-so-on, is clearly in its cultural death agony – but the rule of Vladimir Putin in Russia is that of a bloody handed dictator, a gangster on the same moral level as Al Capone.

    Governance like that of Poland as a third alternative? But Poland accepts E.U. money (lots of it) – and that money comes with cultural strings – Poland will eventually have to choose, if they want to carry on getting the E.U. money they will have to accept the “Woke” (Frankfurt School of Marxism) cultural policies. These policies are designed (yes designed) to destroy society.

    Bite the bullet – say NO to the money, and get out of the European Union, and get out of the United Nations (and all other such organisations – World Economic Forum and all) with its Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals – which now include the same cultural agenda.