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We need to talk about how demented the elites’ crusade against modern farming has become. As a result of the global lockdowns and the war in Ukraine, the world is experiencing some pretty serious food shortages. A report published by the UN last month said that around 180million people are dealing with ‘food crisis’ in 2022, and an additional 19million people are expected to face ‘chronic undernourishment’ in 2023. And what are the elites doing in the face of this crisis of sustenance? Bizarrely, perversely, they’re making it harder for farmers to grow crops, to make food. This is worse than fiddling while Rome burns. It’s flicking matches while Rome burns.

Brendan O’Neill

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  • The guys from the WEF may well feel that they can publish their anodyne articles demanding that the plebs “Own nothing and be happy” or that “We eat the bugs” (presumably and be happy also), but the fact is that while Klaus Schwab and his acolytes wander around the world on their private jets, consuming the best of all they can, we will treat their words as hypocrisy, tantamount to treason and nothing more.

    They seem to fail to realise that this is a 1789 moment, where the vast majority are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families, yet we are supposed to give way to the concerns and even indulgences of the rich for what reason exactly?

    Civil wars have started for far, far less.

  • Mark

    Who the fuck, fuck, fuckety, fuck is Klaus anal swab, and who made him emperor of the world?

    But why do the Johnson’s, Macrons, whoever is pulling the strings and wiping up the piss of Biden, and all the others follow this monster, like grovelling princelings around some medieval Pope?

    Flicking matches? Flicking the finger more like!

    Who would have thought that the UN – United nations, that title first used I believe by the countries allied against hitler – would turn into a genocidal abomination that makes the fuhrer seem almost benign by comparison.

    Is this just hyperbole? How I wish it was!

  • Allen

    Marxists always turn on farmers.

  • bobby b

    July 29, 2022 at 2:17 am

    “Marxists always turn on farmers.”

    Just left a large gathering of South Dakota (USA) farmers. Main topic of concern was Trudeau’s new initiative to cut fertilizer availability/use in Canada.

    Main take-away was, they’ll plow everything under if anyone suggests something similar here. Angry group. Let’s see if Biden decides to go there.

  • Fraser Orr

    We are told that the global climate crisis will cause the deaths of millions. It seems they were right all along, just wrong about the mechanism.

    The solution is easy — just make it clear that the fertilizer crisis will impact the maple syrup harvest…. then the soporific Kanuck giant will truly rise in rage.

  • Marxists always turn on farmers.

    They are not Marxists. Marxism is rightly discredited (it really is) to all but a lunatic fringe. Even ‘Communist’ China is not really Marxist, not in any way that Karl Marx would have recognised.

    These people owe far more ideologically to Henri de Saint-Simon or even Giovanni Gentile, which makes them far more dangerous, because so few people have any idea who Saint-Simon or Gentile were.

  • Y. Knott

    – And the thing that burns my tiny pink bum is, our elites are not even doing it for sinister reasons. Kate McMillan holds that the elites have “interested motives”, and that their venal intent is to drive family farmers into bankruptcy, snap-up their farmland for a song-and-dance ( – to be performed by one of their grinning lackeys, naturally; it’s unedifying for Bilderbergs to disport themselves before the peasantry – ), starve-out several million lower-orders and then have their ‘friends in government’ reverse the fertilizer ban and put the land back into tillage under their ownership – or build condos on it. And I concede there’s likely an element of truth to this.

    But my personal feeling is that the elites are not smart enough for that, and that their real motive is simple CAGW virtue-signalling. They have no idea of the starvation they’re likely to cause; they’ll be alright after all, and “Sri Lanka? What about it? Flew there once for some sort of climate conference – LOVELY beaches, and the tea? – to die for!” Their blinders fit them perfectly and go all the way down to their elegantly-sculpted ankles; they can’t see what they’ve wrought, and they care even less about it because they’re SAAAAAAVING THE EARTH!!!

    C.S. Lewis perfectly summarised these clowns – and their only element of surprise is, why aren’t those uppity peasants scrambling wholeheartedly in line? Do they not know what’s good for them, oh darling of COURSE they don’t! They’ll thank us one day…

  • Paul Marks

    It is very hard to believe that this is not being done on purpose – the international elite have seen what has happened in Sri Lanka and other countries, and they have not drawn back. They are “doubling down” on their policies – knowing (yes knowing) that they will lead to food shortages and terrible suffering and death in many parts of the world.

    We are not dealing with people making honest intellectual errors – people who can be reasoned with.

    No – we are dealing with something much worse than that.

    As for the Marxists – they are being USED, they are being used by a technocratic and financial elite.

    Yes – Perry is correct, it is far more Saint-Simon and Gentile than Karl Marx,

    Although the thugs on the streets (in American cities such as Portland) are Marxists.

  • Y. Knott

    Paul, “It is very hard to believe that this is not being done on purpose…” – I fear Hanlon’s Razor applies: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

    I fear the epitaph for the human (?) race will be, “It seemed like a good idea at the time…”

  • dickyboy

    The word adequately is doing a lot of work in Hanlon’s.

  • Y. Knott
    July 29, 2022 at 11:54 am

    I fear the epitaph for the human (?) race will be, “It seemed like a good idea at the time…”

    Perhaps “hold my beer” instead?

  • Johnathan Pearce

    It makes sense when you realise that the goals of the deep Greens is to starve people to death. That is the goal. Paul Ehrlich (yes, the fucker is still alive) predicted mass famine and death 50 years ago, and was wrong. Along came Borlaug and the agricultural changes, with fertiliser and modern tech playing a key role. But fertiliser is evil, and we see that in Sri Lanka, Holland, Canada, and other places, there are moves to cut fertiliser use, and damn the consequences.

    Stupidity on this scale, and from so many countries’ leaders, is hard to credit. It is easy to see why people imagine there is a sort of co-ordinated effort from the Great and The Good to engineer a sharp fall in human birthrates and the size of the population.

    To repeat: a big fall in human population is not a bug. It is a feature for those who are in favour of these anti-modern processes.

  • Rudolph Hucker

    “It is very hard to believe that this is not being done on purpose”

    When you look at the WEF 2030 agenda, it’s hard to disagree.

    US 30/30 plan

    under Biden, the USA is also conserving 30-percent of U.S. lands and waters by the year 2030.

    That’s the US plan to “protect” 30% of the whole of the USA for “biodiversity” by 2030. Increasing the area owned/controlled by the government from 2020’s 12% (289 million acres) to 30% (729 million acres). Who exactly is in the sights of this is unclear, but it seems like it must be farming land. It is very hard to believe that this will not have a major impact on food availability and prices.

    And then we have the Netherlands as the European test case.

    The Netherlands has descended into an ideological war zone between city-bound bureaucrats trying to polish their climate credentials on the world stage, and local farmers who have been feeding Europe for centuries. As one farmer said, ‘This is not a democracy anymore: it’s a dictatorship.’

    This problem came about because the Netherlands, like Australia, has become a breeding ground for extreme far-left green groups (whose members mostly live in the city) and animal rights parties riding the trend of veganism. The United Nations and World Economic Forum (which really should be re-titled Big Business Lobbying Forum of Nation Ruining Scams) are the main forces behind the push with the latter’s business partners waiting in the wings to mop up the valuable assets of farmers once they go broke.


    Insert here an image of Bill Gates and his cronies waiting in the wings, ready to buy-up yet more land “to help protect biodiversity and save the planet for our children“, in the posture of Charles Montgomery Burns (of Simpsons fame) muttering “Excellent!”

  • Paul Marks

    Yes Rudolph Hucker.

    Yes indeed – Agenda 2030 “legally nonbinding” – till it gets made legally binding by Quisling national governments.

    And do not forget the cultural aspect – the Corporate State elite using the methods of Frankfurt School Marxism (on race, sexuality and so on) to undermine Western culture, Western society – civilisation.

    They are clever-fools – for they are cutting out the ground from under their own feet.

  • bobby b

    Rudolph Hucker
    July 29, 2022 at 6:43 pm

    “Increasing the area owned/controlled by the government from 2020’s 12% (289 million acres) to 30% (729 million acres).”

    I keep seeing these figures, but I know that the US fed gov right now owns about 29% of USA land (by area). The states also own bunches. So, color me confused.

  • Rudolph Hucker

    As a child of the 1960s and 1970s I was a True Believer in organic farming. It can work well when properly planned, with a plentiful supply of organic fertiliser that’s been given a few years to mature.

    Sri Lanka is the most recent and biggest example of how to get it horribly wrong. Even the BBC grudgingly admits:

    When Sri Lanka’s foreign currency shortages became a serious problem in early 2021, the government tried to limit them by banning imports of chemical fertiliser. It told farmers to use locally sourced organic fertilisers instead. This led to widespread crop failure.

    It wasn’t just a crop failure, it was a failure to even look ahead at how they would manage the transition, because they didn’t have anything like enough locally sourced organic fertilisers.

    Locally, we have several organic farms. The dairy farm sends 100% of its milk to France, and it arrives back in Waitrose as French Organic Yoghurt, at a price most people will pass by. The beef and pig farm produces beautiful meat, it’s just twice the price of anything most people can afford.

    Now, if you talk to organic farmers, you will learn that one of the tenants of organic farming is “respecting the soil”. That means not farming so intensively (as could be done with chemical fertilisers). This allows the soil to reach a good equilibrium. Which is no bad thing, you just need more land to achieve the same yields of crops. Oh, by the way, the transition from fertilised soil to organic takes years.

    Perhaps this is what the US 30/30 lands will be used for? In government-protected farms, producing government-protected crops and meat for government-protected elite groups? Or a few more people, if only there weren’t so many people. If only the birth rate could be reduced … oh, wait …