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Samizdata quote of the day

“If consumers and businesses cared about the CO2 they emit, the last cars they might buy are hot-selling EVs like Ford’s Mustang Mach-E or GM’s Hummer EV.”

Holman W Jenkins, Wall Street Journal ($)

3 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Fraser Orr

    I think businesses, and, to some lesser extent, people care about the amount of CO₂ that they appear to be emitting, irrespective of the cold hard truth. Virtue signalling is far more about signalling than virtue.

  • TDK

    Given that any heterodox view is normally ghettoized, most people would not be aware that there are any environmental problems with EVs.

  • Steve

    They’re pretty dangerous too. That hummer weighs 4 tonnes and even ‘normal’ ev’s are substantially heavier than ICE cars. Add to that the high torque electric motors giving ridiculous acceleration potential and we basically have a lot more energy being controlled by people who are used to driving toyota corollas.

    I’ve heard (on a car show) that road deaths are basically rising proportionally with ev adoption. Haven’t checked it myself though.