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When an abuser controls your finances, they control you

I assumed this was about the state but apparently not.

9 comments to When an abuser controls your finances, they control you

  • Lee Moore

    Why, it’s as almost as if there’s a connection between liberty and property.

  • Mark

    If only it was just finances!

  • Zerren Yeoville

    The inconvenient aspect of the ‘cashless society’ they prefer not to tell you about. When every single purchase and transaction you make is recorded in a database and permanently linked to your ID…

    ‘Dear Mr Smith, your application for urgent NHS treatment dated 12th September 2047 has been refused. Examination of your debit card records and cross-referencing with archived menu data from Burger King and KFC have shown that you opted to ‘go large’ at least twice a month between the ages of 30 and 45. Furthermore, your supermarket loyalty-card records for the same period show insufficient purchases of vegetables and fruits to meet the then-recommended five-a-day minimum dietary requirement. Due to your non-compliance with official advice you are deemed ineligible to receive NHS treatment. In order to conserve limited public funds I regret to remind you that appeals against our decisions are no longer permitted under the NHS Resources (Restriction of Access) Act of 2039.’

  • lucklucky

    Put some stickers saying “Government” in it.

  • bobby b

    Good place for one of the gas-pump Joe Biden “I did that!” stickers.

  • Peter MacFarlane

    “The entire purpose of the ‘cashless society’ they prefer not to tell you about.”


  • Mark

    @Zerren Yeoville

    Have you got a time machine or something?

  • Steve

    It’s just HSBC flexing

  • It’s just HSBC flexing (Steve, June 11, 2022 at 4:50 am)

    Yes, among UK high street banks, HSBC has recently seemed to be aiming for (even) woker-than-thou branding.

    I would be happy to hear of any bank that readers think is noticeably or even very quietly aiming for the other end of that spectrum.