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Bret Weinstein: I will be vindicated over Covid

Highly recommended

4 comments to Bret Weinstein: I will be vindicated over Covid

  • Nemesis

    Freddie Sayers…the best interviewer ever.

  • Roué le Jour

    Seems pretty straightforward to me. Some policy wonk in the US worked out there were enormous political advantages to be gained by grossly exaggerating the risk presented by covid, not the least being the removal of president Trump. Obviously it would look odd if only the US thought covid was an existential threat, so the satellite nations were coerced into going along with it.

    Then pharma pointed out that now you’ve got a “highly dangerous” disease on your hands you need a remedy for that, and there is an opportunity to make a great deal of money from that. And so here we are.

    It’s probably a good thing, or a least worst thing, that the vaccine failed because the vaccine passport would have been unavoidable had it actually worked.

    What I’m waiting for now is to see what lucrative sinecure is found for Boris when he is eventually forced out.

  • John

    Hard, for me at least, to escape the impression that the key issues of gain of function/NIH/Fauci and Donald Trumps espousal of existing treatments were tip-toed around in order to avoid outright censorship by YouTube. Still an excellent interview.

  • Report by German Parliament Expert Committee Finds No Evidence that Lockdowns did Anything. (h/t Instapundit).

    The report is not officially issued yet. And the writer, after mocking the preemptive attempts to discredit it from the usual suspects, notes the considerable element of German politics in it.

    This is more evidence that the report is trying to drive a stake through the heart of the lockdown regime. … The middle path would have been to say that the measures are no longer necessary or cost-effective, given the widespread availability of vaccines and the immune resistance the German population has cultivated, while otherwise affirming the theoretical validity of the doctrinal system.

    Apparently, the report leaked to Christina Berndt doesn’t do that. It’s instead an effort to sink mass containment as a viable policy now and for all time, orchestrated by politicians desperate to end the closures. For much of 2021, official messaging was dominated by two rival discourses that I nicknamed Team Lockdown and Team Vaccine. Some limited vaccine scepticism was possible, so long as you expressed deep fanatical devotion to repressive non-pharmaceutical interventions. Conversely, you were allowed to demand an end to lockdowns and other measures, so long as you sang the praises of the vaccines. In 2022, with the rise of Omicron, we have seen the total rout of Team Lockdown and the ascendancy of Team Vaccine everywhere but China.