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Two years since “two weeks to slow the spread,” life appears to have returned to some kind of normal. With a few indefensible exceptions, most pandemic mandates have been rolled back. The vaccine passes that cropped up across the western world in a wave of faddish illiberalism have largely been abandoned, at least for now, often with little pretext of an apolitical rationale. Lost in the mainstream media’s memory hole, the strict lockdowns that brought the free world to its knees in 2020 seem to many like a distant memory.

All around, artefacts of the psychosis that gripped the global psyche for two years remain. Holdouts of COVID hysteria cling to their N-95 masks, even while alone in their own vehicles, and insist that others do the same. Medical offices demand proof of vaccination and perfunctory COVID checklists upon entry. Airports, ever the bulwarks of security theatre, continue to enforce all the bells and whistles of the biomedical state. Every day, workers and students are forced out of their institutions over noncompliance with vaccine mandates.

A fanatical cult continues to preach the gospel of COVID doom, hoping that some new variant or surge in hospitalizations will again empower them to dictate the lives of their neighbors and silence all who disagree. They peddle the same circular arguments, insisting that more lockdowns and mandates are the key to preventing lockdowns and mandates, bolstered by their faith that although every policy they’ve suggested has failed, this was merely the fickle nature of an ever-changing “science.” Thus, even if they were wrong, it was the right time for them to be wrong, and their opponents, even if right, were right for the wrong reasons.

Michael Senger

8 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • deejaym

    The vaccine passes that cropped up across the western world in a wave of faddish illiberalism have largely been abandoned…


    Get real sunshine…They will be back come Autumn….after the political class have had the agreeable summer break, (maskless of course) whilst their staff will be “encouraged” to comply to essential restrictions………

  • Nessimmersion

    Its remarkable how many common factors there are with Warble Gloaming in terms of failed predictions, false causes & alleged cures as well as true believers impervious to actual evidence.

  • Jon Mors

    The global warming hoax has never died because the population never gets to see the failure of government solutions in real time. Not so with Covid. It can’t have escaped the attention of most people that the vaccines don’t work and there is a labour shortage in football. If I were in a cushy global warming related job I’d get a bit nervous by radical government initiatives.

  • Scott Johnson

    I’m afraid it’s not a distant memory to those who lost their businesses and those who weren’t allowed to be with their family members when they died.

  • Exasperated

    Apparently, a vocal swath of the public really gets off on Covid.
    Off topic but has anyone come across any stats comparing the vaccine types. I believe there are over 2 dozen vaccines and those that are currently being dispensed fall into 4 general categories (mRNA, adeno vector, inactivated virus, virus subunit).There are other types in the pipeline. Has anyone come across efforts to compare them statistically for effectiveness, longevity, and, particularly, safety? If not, don’t you think it is strange that this has not been done for at least the vaccines that have been administered to millions of people?

  • Stonyground

    I think that the harm done by the climate change nonsense will be far far worse than the panic over Covid has been. It really does need to be stopped. It is self evident to anyone over the age of fifty that there has been no significant change in the climate during their lifetime, and what little there has been has been more positive than negative. How unwoldly do you have to be to believe that extreme weather events are something new? I think that there is a real need for everyone who doesn’t believe the climate alarmists to say so loudly and clearly because, if not stopped, they will utterly destroy our civilisation.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    For me, one the many silly aspects of all this was last July, when, in Malta, I would walk along the coast, on a fabulous summer day, blue sky, baking hot, lots of young folk out, and if you were in a group of more than two people, had to wear a mask. Never mind that everyone was stoked on vitamin D, that vaccinations were being rolled out at speed.

    One of the defences I came across for this is that Maltese talk all the time, and are incapable of walking a few feet without stopping to yammer away at someone. This may well be true. But I fear that some of that grit that the Maltese were famed for when the Luftwaffe was trying to flatten it in 1941-42 has gone. The Maltese have gone a bit “Australian”. Sad.

  • Snorri Godhi

    I think that the harm done by the climate change nonsense will be far far worse than the panic over Covid has been.

    ‘Climate change nonsense’ has already enabled the invasion of Ukraine; so it has already done harm worse than ‘the panic over Covid’ (the latter being totally absent over here in the Baltics).