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The fatality myth

The COVID crisis has been utterly absurd from the start, and we – conspiracy theorists or Team Reality advocates (choose your point of view :-)) – have been on a wild goose chase all along, going down one rabbit hole after another… But the very justification of it all, a dubiously high lethality was never challenged as the narrative was overwhelmed by a constant flow of apocalyptic news.

Frankly, I haven’t been able to watch television peacefully ever since, sickened by the stream of idiotic fallacies.

Marc Girarot

I recommend the linked article to everyone.

19 comments to The fatality myth

  • bobby b

    I have a sib who is head admin for a number of “care homes.” Looking to the “high care required” subset of her clientele, they did lose an abnormally high number of people during the initial Covid rush.

    These were all people right on the edge, for whom Covid provided that last little push. Cancer patients, long-term dementia patients – pretty much every killing disease and condition you can imagine.

    But they did die, and probably would have lingered on for some time without Covid. How do we count those people?

    To complicate things, care homes were offered state and federal funding help for each patient suffering from or dying from Covid. It was not a trivial amount of money. And so each facility, and each facility doctor, quickly was trained to include magic “of Covid” wording on death certificates, which means we can never really go back and dig through records and separate out the “with”s from the “from”s. The death records have been filled out with a goal in mind.

    (Note that I am not arguing that the OP article was incorrect. I am a firm believer in the Great Barrington proposal. I am only speaking of one small subset of people – the old and near-dead – but they do comprise a very large portion of the deaths.)

  • John B

    ‘ But they did die, and probably would have lingered on for some time without Covid. How do we count those people?’

    Average care home stay is two years.

    Once upon a time, pneumonia and ‘flu were known as the old person’s friends. Medical and nursing staff welcomed Winter and seasonal viruses to clear out geriatric and psychiatric wards. Many of the patients therein had very poor quality of life – death was a release.

    So – ‘How do we count these people?. Very lucky.

  • APL

    “Frankly, I haven’t been able to watch television peacefully ever since, sickened by the stream of idiotic fallacies.”

    For the first eighteen months or so, my partner and I could not watch a Television news bulletin together. Yes, because of my outraged outbursts. In the last six months, I’ve completely stopped watching the ‘News’ for news*, except to determine what the enemy is planning or the plan they are currently attempting to implement.

    Looking at ‘the news’ from that perspective, the MSM ‘news’ actually becomes quite informative.

    * Yes, I’m afraid, I’m a slow learner.

  • The Jannie

    I’ve posted the link on farcebox: we’ll see how long it lasts . . .

  • Deep Lurker

    The conspiracy theorist/Team Reality people have been predicting hundreds of thousands of deaths in the US and millions world wide since March 2020 – not from covid, but from the “anti-covid” measures. It looks to me like those fatalities have not been a myth. They certainly haven’t been mythical if you include the deaths due to the disparaging and denial of early treatment and likely haven’t even if those deaths are excluded.

  • GregWA

    The lesson from all this for me is simple: we have lost our civic society to a blob of ill-educated, narcissistic people, people who vote. The majority are completely comfortable abusing a minority population, even a minority that comprises 30% (40%?), taking away any and all rights on a whim. They have no capability or desire to assess information being fed to them.

    COVID did not do this but it exposed fully the disaster that 40+ years of socialist, anti-western education has now left us with. I just hope that this all results in the awakening of a “sleeping giant” and not just the one in the US but all of the giants around the world. Let’s hope that that abused minority is actually a silent majority and that it stops being silent soon.

  • Flubber

    With regard to the early care home deaths, how many were facilitated with Midozalam and a rebadging of the Liverpool care pathway?

  • bobby b

    “So – ‘How do we count these people?. Very lucky”

    Cannot disagree, but that’s a singularly unhelpful line when arguing the “with v. from” issue. 😉 “Those dead people? Better off . . . “

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    UK health minister has, according to the Daily Telegraph (£), admitted – finally – that the death data has been distorted (translation: inflated). Now they tell us, as the pandemic comes to an end.

  • Stonyground

    The article concludes by saying:

    “I am not sure we are out of the woods yet, but positive signs are emerging…”

    I would have liked to have known what these positive signs might be. Is it that the real numbers are now becoming irrefutable and that some of our elected representatives are waking up to the fact that they have been had? I did a quick shop at Asda today and I was the only customer not wearing a mask. That suggests that there is a long task ahead deprogramming the brainwashed public.

  • Dr John Campbell’s latest has just gone up (the one titled ‘Freedom of information revelation’). He looks at data on UK mortality, lifespan change, etc., gained from a freedom of information request.


    Total deaths from the virus only: ~ 17,000. Men live a few weeks less. Women live a few days longer.

    The info has also appeared on GB news but nowhere else – despite being out for a month. He remarks – with more surprise than we would, I guess – on the strangeness of the media ignoring the story, and the contrast between the data and the impression they give.

    What I found most interesting in the video was that, despite himself tracking pandemic statistics a lot, he is clearly startled by the data; the figure is smaller than he expected.

  • APL

    Ah the old ‘of COVID’ vs ‘with COVID’ discussion.

    Back toward the end of 2020, there was a news article which included an item that, in the UK NHS, up to 40% of those who were diagnosed ‘with COVID’ contracted it in the hospital after their arrival.

  • APL

    Niall Kilmartin: “He looks at data on UK mortality, lifespan change, etc., gained from a freedom of information request.”

    Of course that information has been freely avaliable. Campbell didn’t bother to mention it once over the last two years, simply regurgitating the BBC talking points.

    However, I notice he’s changed his URL to ‘waronflu.com’. Huh! And that effin’ masked puppet is still there on his window.

    Schill for the government. He ramped the fear when the government wanted to its agents to, now he’s following orders again.

    Still take Dr Coleman over Campbell any day for truth and honesty.

  • APL (January 20, 2022 at 6:47 pm), while I respect Coleman or any doctor who warned against the exaggerations back in March 2020, I think your assessment of Campbell has flaws.

    now he’s following orders again

    Do you think he was sent the memo ahead of mainstream media, who are still obeying the old one by saying nothing about this data (to his stated surprise)? Did he compare with the 50,000 excess cancer deaths, the 6 million on the NHS waiting list, and the fear-induced health visit neglect because the new memo demands these issues be aired?

    that information has been freely available

    Why was a freedom of information request necessary if all the data was easily obtainable from the public domain?

    I found the video interesting for its picture of someone who is grappling with information that is not so surprising to us, because he may better represent the thinking of many in the UK.

    he’s changed his URL to ‘waronflu.com’

    It was waronflu when I linked to him noting the absurdity of Facebook’s ‘fact-check’ of him for praising Ivermectin last November. Are you sure you are not confusing his site URL with his videos’ YouTube URL?

  • APL

    Niall Kilmartin: “Do you think he was sent the memo ahead of mainstream media, who are still obeying the old one by saying nothing about this data (to his stated surprise)?”

    I don’t know. There is the natural phenomena of murmation. Is it only Starlings that exhibit the behavior?

    Every bird in the flock knows where it is in relation to all other birds in its vacinity. There are no collisions, yet the flock turns on a sixpence, weaves and dips. I postulate that all pro COVID-19 scaremongers know where they are relative to each other in the flock.

    Some lead, some follow, the position in the flock appears to change from moment to moment, but each individual knows its position relative to the other individuals of the flock.

    So does John Campbell.

    Niall Kilmartin: “The info has also appeared on GB news but nowhere else – despite being out for a month.”

    The MSM supressing news that contradicts the narrative. To be honest, I’m not that surprised.

    But perhaps some in the flock know that the narrative they have been promoting can no longer hold. The flock has to change course, the question is, which direction without colliding and crashing to the ground?

    Regarding Campbell’s webpage, yes, I’ve only watched him on Youtube. My mistake, sorry.

  • Jon Mors

    I stopped watching MSM ages ago, but I only stopped reading the BBC news website when the ‘pandemic’ started. It’s just too painful. The stupidity, it hurts. It probably says something that I check Burnsidenottosh’s twitter feed for UK news first in the day (it’s hilarious, although non-Brits might struggle with the humour), if I feel brave maybe Julia Hartley-Brewer’s twitter feed, then if I feel really brave, Guido. DailySceptic, here and TurbulentTimes for analysis and more high brow stuff.

  • mikef2

    I think Dr Campbell is coming to terms with slowly emerging, Neo like, from the matrix. He has interviewed quite a few people with vax problems (he still says ‘rare’ but you can see he is troubled by it). He is also drifting towards early treatment ideas & even looking at the Ivermectin/et al stuff. Perhaps this latest info on the way governments fiddle stats will tip him over the edge into realising he has been played.

  • Paul Marks

    What Covid has done is not make the “mainstream media” dishonest – but, rather, to reveal the dishonesty that was already there.

    Some people still believe the mainstream media (indeed vast numbers of people in the United States watch ABC, CBS and NBC news each day – in spite of what is broadcast being, on so many subjects, a tissue-of-lies), but Covid has helped many people (and not just in the United States) WAKE UP and stop trusting the “mainstream media”.

  • APL

    Anti vaxer‘, who got ‘vaxxed’, to keep his job. But not soon enough, as he contracted COVID in the two weeks after getting ‘vaxed’, and though he had taken the vax, for the purposes of the Daily Mail hit peice, he was unvaxed.

    Because if they conceeded that he was vaxxed, then they’d have to explain why the vaxx takes two weeks to have an effect, or even once you have been vaxxed, you can still get into hospital and be seriously ill and die.

    Anti COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ don’t give you immunity to COVID-19.
    Anti COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ don’t stop you passing COVID on to a third party.
    Anti COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ don’t stop you getting seriously ill and dying in hospital.

    QED: Anti COVID-19 vaccines are useless. Useless, unless you want a dose of Myocarditis, pericarditis, a shingles attack, Guillain-Barré syndrome, reassurgence of a latent tumor, etc, etc, ad nauseam.