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You would assume that if the CDC was going to crush the civil and individual rights of those with natural immunity by having them expelled from school, fired from their jobs, separated from the military, and worse, the CDC would have proof of at least one instance of an unvaccinated, naturally immune individual transmitting the COVID-19 virus to another individual. If you thought this, you would be wrong.

My firm, on behalf of ICAN, asked the CDC for precisely this proof (see below). ICAN wanted to see proof of any instance in which someone who previously had COVID-19 became reinfected with and transmitted the virus to someone else. The CDC’s incredible response is that it does not have a single document reflecting that this has ever occurred. Not one.

Aaron Siri

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  • Shlomo Maistre

    “There are good modeling studies proving that half a million excess deaths [from covid-19] have happened in the USA through the intentional blockade of early treatment by the US Government. Half a million. This is a well documented fact.” – Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology and one of the top virologists in the world.


    At 29:40

    This is virtually identical to what Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Vladimir Zelenko, and other doctors have said publicly in recent months, as well.


  • Phil B

    @ Shlomo Maistre,

    It could be a lot worse than that. One life insurance company is reporting a 40% increase in deaths:


    I wonder what caused that increase? I’m SURE that it is mere coincidence that these deaths coincide with the roll out of the “vaccine” but is definitely NOT caused by the “vaccine”. No, Sir. No how. No way …

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Advocates of compulsory vaccinations are now – judging from my social media feeds – resorting to the argument that unvaccinated people impose a cost on the rest of us by being more likely to require hospital treatment if they get the plague. In that sense, it resembles the arguments used to justify smoking bans, heavy taxes on alcohol and other sinful activities. However, if that is the argument, then this shows that under a free market in healthcare, if being unvaccinated was a risk, then insurance premia would rise. But in that case the consumer would be able to choose. (Whether the insurance premia truly reflected risks would come out pretty fast, as insurers want their prices and payouts to reflect reality.)

    As I have pointed out a few times on this blog, if you have socialist systems of healthcare and no real market incentives on providers and consumers, then healthcare is rationed by state fiat instead, and the sort of arguments about vaccines, or sin taxes, etc, arise.

  • KenS

    @Phil B

    Is the 40% increase you cite actually a 40% increase in deaths or is it a 40% increase in excess deaths?

  • Giles Thomas

    TBF I reckon that if they did the studies, they’d find cases where that happened.

    However, I’ve had covid twice now, once before vaccination and once after, and the second time around my other half, also vaccinated and previously infected, caught it from me.

    So it doesn’t sound like treating vaccinated people as “safe” works either.

  • I know no one who has had covid & caught it again… unless they were ‘vaccinated’ (it isn’t actually a vaccine as defined prior to 2020). Covid does not seem to be much of a problem for most unvaccinated people, it is a problem for ‘vaccinated’ folk.

    I have no problems with vaccines as such (having spent time in Africa, I am vaccinated more than most against a great many things ), but I will consider taking this ‘vaccine’ in 2027 when the testing is actually done 😀

  • Vaccine compliance is a nice surrogate test for loyalty to the regime. If you won’t take the jab, how can we count on you to rat out people who voted for the insurrectionists after the next election?

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    I see that the poison dwarf of the Elysee Palace, E. Macron, has stated he wants to “piss off” unvaccinated people. In many cases, those choosing not to get the vaccine are from ethnic minorities, such as North Africans in France and those from the Indian sub-continent in the UK. I recently also received a press release from a wealth manager talking about how “brainwashed” people (those not taking the vaccine) are dying in large numbers, as if this is a good thing.

    What we are seeing, such as from Macron, is a level of open contempt for voters and citizens that I find astonishing. But it has been a trend. Mrs Clinton has referred to a large chunk of the US population that is not totally down with her views as “deplorable”. Macron appears to have written off a large segment of his fellow citoyens. It does rather undermine all the “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” of that nation.

    What a time to be alive.

  • bobby b

    Just three years ago, anti-vaxxers were a subject of ridicule and hatred – including mine – for good reason. The Robert Kennedys of the world were fighting against good, well-tested, sterilizing vaccines on little to no scientific basis.

    And so it was easy to transfer that ridicule and hatred over to our new situation, to the new “anti-vaxxer”. We went from “every thinking person knows vaccines are good and reliable and don’t cause problems” to a situation like the present, where we’re seemingly taking the kooks’ side (but this time with reason.)

    To the sort of “well-educated” person to whom every vax is sciencey and thus good, we start the race handicapped. It will get better once it becomes more generally understood that these aren’t really vaccines, but pre-treatment drugs, but until that happens, it’s too easy to throw us in with the Luddites.

  • APL

    Remember this individual?

    “Scammer and pandemic fabricator Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London” (1) – received $148.8 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Curious then, don’t you think that the medicines regulatory body in the UK the MHRA(2) also recieved a grant of £980,000 from the same source?

    So the guy that kicked this whole farce off, with his rediculous ‘models’ and the regulatory body that is supposed to regulate medicines in the UK are both in hock to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Which orginisation ( along with another offshoot of the B&MG foundation, GAVI ) has a hard on for ‘family planning’ and mania for vaccines.

    (1) The Real Anthony Fauci – Robert F Kennedy.
    (2) House of Commons library

  • llamas

    @ bobby b – I already detect the beginnings of an inflection point, where many folks, who were all-in for vaccines and boosters, are now getting COVID anyway, and are having to isolate and so forth, and there’s a growing feeling of – wait? We did everything we were supposed to do, and now we get it anyway – just like those nasty deplorable mouth-breathers that were so happy to feel superior to, just a few short weeks ago? I’ve heard several variations on this theme just in the last few days, and those people are going to be looking around to identify who misled them. Our best bet is to help them in that identification, by repeating again and again and again the misleading messages from Fauci, Biden, Walensky and their 1,001 toadies in the media, who told them that being vaccinated would Set Them Free. The offset in severity of the disease between vaccinated and non-vaccinated is not significant, IMHO – they’re outraged that they got it at all, the fact that their case might be milder than someone else’s means nothing.

    Or that’s what I think, anyway.



  • llamas

    mrs llamas just got home from dentist. Her hygienist is mad because ‘My whole Christmas was ruined! I got COVID – and I’m vaccinated and boosted! And my husband got it as well, worse than me – and he’s vaccinated and boosted, too!’.

    Let those stories spread, far and wide.



  • Shlomo Maistre


    incredible website

  • Pat

    If the most obvious is STILL not obvious to you about the Covid Scam perhaps this cures your blindness…

    “As a general rule, the earlier you recognize someone is trying to kill you, the better off you’ll be.” — Robert Gore, April 23, 2020

    The most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to RE-learn is that psychopaths typically are not physically violent crazies but always stealth predators (exploitative deceivers, which explains why the public has been fed a MISLEADING understanding of psychopaths).

    And then… the most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to gain is that a network of manipulating psychopaths ARE governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world (the evidence is irrefutable) and that, therefore, the Covid Scamdemic is a VERY DESTRUCTIVE WAR AGAINST NON-RULING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE — you and I. But that’s only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition.

    It is NOT just a matter of “draining the swamp” at the top and we’re back to our former (sick) “normal.”

    The true, WHOLE, but “politically inconvenient” and “culturally forbidden” reality is more encompassing because “the swamp that needs draining” on a psychological and behavioral level is over 90% of people anywhere. Check out “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity.


    If your employer (even educational or federal employers) wants you to take a Covid vaccine give him/her one of these form letters of exemption found at https://www.lc.org/exempt

    One of the ways psychopaths show their hate for the public is by rubbing the public’s stupidity in their own faces. Eg with the letters of “omicron” an alleged Covid variant you can spell “moronic”… And indeed most of the public NEVER recognizes their own stupidity as the believe, trust, and follow any explanation or demand of the psychopaths-in-power..

    And further speaking of stupid herd people not getting the glaringly obvious truth/ie not getting the constant onslaught of BIG lies of the official authorities……

    “2 weeks to flatten the curve has turned into…3 shots to feed your family!” — Unknown

  • Shlomo Maistre

    There are many excellent treatments for COVID-19 that are safe and effective.

  • APL

    PdH: “Covid does not seem to be much of a problem for most unvaccinated people, it is a problem for ‘vaccinated’ folk.”

    Until you present in hospital. John O’ Looney seems to have been the subject of a government assassination attempt. But may have saved his own life as he was able to get himself discharged, and has been treated with the correct script. Last I heard he was recovering.

    John O’ Looney was the Milton Keynes undertaker who has reported on the changing character of his business, which the State doesn’t appreciate. But as the Mirror (Nudge unit/MI5 etc., etc. ) puts it ..

    “The unhinged conspiracy theorist also claimed that doctors offered him a trial drug to help him recover but he “declined and stuck to my guns””

    As far as I can make out, the doctors in the hospital he was confined to, wanted him to accept Remdisivir, a failed but expensive drug, known to destroys renal function.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I already detect the beginnings of an inflection point, where many folks, who were all-in for vaccines and boosters, are now getting COVID anyway, and are having to isolate and so forth, and there’s a growing feeling of – wait? We did everything we were supposed to do, and now we get it anyway – just like those nasty deplorable mouth-breathers that were so happy to feel superior to, just a few short weeks ago?


  • Paul Marks

    If the basic liberties can be overturned by the magic words “Covid 19” or “Public Health Emergency” – then there is no protection (none) for basic liberties.

    And the same goes for ELECTION LAWS – if saying “Covid” or “Public Health Emergency” negated the Election Laws of such States as Pennsylvania then the election could be rigged – and the words “Covid” or “Public Health Emergency” do NOT appear either the Constitution of the United States or in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the Constitutions of any of the other States in which the Presidential election of November 2020 was rigged. Not an “old battle” – as the “Voting Rights Act” now before the United States Senate would rig all FUTURE elections. It would make Election Fraud part of the “New Normal” post Covid.

    I am reminded of all that high sounding protection for Freedom of Speech in various Constitutions – which are then followed by such words as “subject to law” – which means that the government can violate Freedom of Speech as much as it likes, and there is no protection for Freedom of Speech.

    As for the CDC – there is no Constitutional basis for it, or for most of the things the Federal government does. If “general welfare” is a catch-all “general welfare power” not the PURPOSE of the specific powers granted to the Congress – then the United States does not have a limited government, it has an UNLIMITED government, it is a despotism.

    “But THE SCIENCE”.

    Science is clear – natural immunity from having had Covid 19 is better than “vaccine immunity”, but “THE SCIENCE” has nothing to with actual science, on this or anything else.

  • APL

    Paul Marks: “then there is no protection (none) for basic liberties.”

    The protection is small National government, tiny government actually. Say, five hundred MPs for the UK and a civil service of a thousand or so.

  • Rudolph Hucker

    Here’s a curious coincidence regarding Robert Malone MD, someone to be greatly admired for the strength of his moral compass, and the clarity of his thoughts and explanations.

    Malone told me personally two weeks ago, when I met with him at his home in Virginia, that he had sought out a meeting with a Vatican official as part of a search for a moral authority in the world which might have the courage to speak out in favor of prudence and scientific caution and against certain potentially dangerous exaggerations and abberrations in the policies currently being followed worldwide with regard to the response to the Covid pandemic. Malone said he hoped to find that moral voice in Pope Francis, or in the circle of Pope Francis, and so he wished to meet with one of Pope Francis’ top advisors — in the event, he met with Turkson — in order to discuss these delicate matters.

    Turkson is Cardinal Peter Turkson

    Malone has recently called for a halt in vaccinating children based on the fact that children are not vulnerable to the virus, and the effects of the vaccines are not yet fully known.

    Link to Malone’s speech:

    Malone has been rather disappointed up until now in his search for that interlocutor within the Catholic Church who might have the time, courage, interest and integrity to consider all the facts with regard to the various issues in effectively combatting the virus, in such a way as to avoid certain hasty and potentially counter-productive and dangerous decisions. Turkson, as head of the Vatican office that Pope Francis established to deal with issues of human dignity, social justice, immigration, and now vaccine policy, was an appropriate interlocutor.

    Malone went to him hoping that he might be able to offer Turkson insights that Turkson might bring to the attention of Pope Francis. Now Turkson has abruptly resigned his post.

    Did Turkson jump or was he pushed?

    Ref: https://insidethevatican.com/news/newsflash/letter-180-2021-fri-dec-17-turkson/

    Also Malone’s discussion with Dr. Mattias Desmet, teacher of Mass Formation Psychosis, and Dr. Peter McCullough, cardio-renal physician.

  • Rudolph Hucker

    Thanks to @Phil B for mentioning One life insurance company is reporting a 40% increase in deaths

    I guess that link works for folks in the Americas, but this side of the Atlantic we get

    451: Unavailable due to legal reasons
    We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU

    Here’s a UK/EEA-friendly alternative.

    “We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

    Davison said the increase in deaths represents “huge, huge numbers,” and that’s it’s not elderly people who are dying, but “primarily working-age people 18 to 64” who are the employees of companies that have group life insurance plans through OneAmerica.

    “And what we saw just in third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic,” he said.

    “Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So 40% is just unheard of.”



  • llamas

    US TV personality Whoopi Goldberg ‘shocked’ that she caught COVID despite being double-vaccinated and boosted. ‘But I did everything I was supposed to do!’ (a direct quote).

    But fear not, the narrative is still supreme and unvarying with her – she still insists that the only way “out” of the pandemic is to get more people vaccinated and boosted, so they won’t get it like … she …. did.



  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    By the way, it turns out that the UK Test and Trace regime collects a variety of information sets about UK citizens that include subjects such as criminal convictions, employers, race, travel, etc, and some of this information is shared with commercial businesses in the US and domestically, including Palentir (the Peter Thiel outfit) and Amazon, AMS, and more. Check out this link. I doubt many people have done so.

    It is hard to see how this data is remotely compatible with GDPR data protection rules introduced in 2018 in the EU when the UK was still in the bloc; I also doubt many people have much understanding how to challenge the holding of data once collected, or what happens to it. I haven’t read much from MPs about what should happen. Add in the immunities from lawsuits granted to the drug firms about the vaccines, and it is easy to see how ripe all this is for abuse. It also suggests that we have the superstructure of an ID system in all but name.

    And this is being introduced by a prime minister who, let’s not forget, was touted for his alleged “libertarian instincts”. My arse. His instincts are like the Loch Ness Monster or Atlantis: much talked about, rarely seen.

  • APL

    Sajid Javid when given perfectly good reasons why the guy doesn’t want to get vaccinated, not least “the science isn’t strong enough”, says, ‘that’s your view’.

    So when you hear the next news item that the NHS is in dire need of staff, it’s because the cretins in Westminster havd fired all the long serving skilled staff.

    Where are they going to get the skilled replacements, you might ask?

    It’s obvious we need more immigrant doctors and nurses because the lazy NHS consultants won’t do the damned work! Where have we heard that before?

  • APL

    I see the hatchet job against consultant anaesthetist Steve James has got underway.

    When I posted my 7th Jan 10:15 post, I wondered how long it would take. Well, now we know, less than three days.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Another example of the bizarre world in which we live is that a few years ago, say the term “Big Pharma” and much of the so-called Progressive Left would recoil in horror. The John Le Carre novel, The Constant Gardener (a rum title if you ask me) was turned into a weepy film with Ralph Fiennes, and Big Pharma was alleged to be in cahoots with evil people in government, testing drugs on Africans, etc. Fast forward to 2020 and to raise questions about Big Pharma getting legal carve-outs from governments over the vaccines, and you are called a covid denier, or worse.

    And still some illogic continues. Purdue Pharma, the business once owned by the Sackler family, has been hammered over the opioid saga, but very few people point out that it is down to individuals to use their self-discipline over painkillers, rather than for people to sue firms at the drop of a hat. But self-responsibility is out of fashion, and victimhood is in. What’s also worth noting is that this isn’t a narrowly “right” vs “left” issue.

  • Paul Marks

    APL – why a formal “Civil Service” at all? Why should ministers not hire and fire their own staff – and if they abuse that by corruption, then let Parliament punish the guilty ministers.

    As for the Health Secretary dismissing people from the Health Service for the “offense” of not accepting the injections – when they have already had the virus, or believe there are health risks to them from the injections. The Health Secretary is an arrogant and rude man, who pretends to know more than people who have devoted their lives to treating the sick. If Central Office decides to punish me for stating the truth – so-be-it. I know he is “only obeying orders” (from the international health bureaucracy) – but he does not have to obey these orders, and nor does he have to be so arrogant and rude in the way he speaks to doctors, nurses and other health workers.

    Johnathan Pearce.

    The point about the opioid crises is that the people were told they were safe, that they would NOT addict them (and would not kill them).

    The companies, and the doctors they gave “incentives” to, lied to people – and that has annoyed the families of the people harmed.

    If the companies, and the medical establishment (the same people who have so BETRAYED the sick over the treatment of Covid 19) had said to people – “these are highly dangerous and addictive medications – use them only in the most dire emergency” that would have been different. But they would have sold a lot less product if they had told the truth – and, therefore, made less money.

    In defence of the companies, what has often happened is that people get a “taste” for the dreamy mental state their products provide – and go seeking it. The lawyers defending the companies have argued that most of the dead were not using their products – but fentanyl made in China (such as the late George Floyd – but it is considered “racist” to point out that he died of fentanyl, even though many white people have also died of it).

    David Wood (famous, or infamous, for being an enemy of Islam – but he does sometimes speak about other matters) points out that his native West Virginia is now full of white people gradually killing themselves with fentanyl – he comes from a drug dealing family himself.

    As for “John Le Carrie” – a pen name for a former intelligence officer turned fiction writer.

    I remember as a boy (yes even I was young once) being told by a teacher to read “Tinker, Taylor..” carefully and keep an open mind – not to assume that “George Smiley” (or the writer who created him) was a “Good Guy”.

    It became clear that “George Smiley” (the main character – and mouth piece for the WRITER) was himself a Red – as he mentally AGREES with the Marxist agitprop the unmasked traitor comes out with.

    So books such as “The Constant Gardener” came as no shock to me – as I already knew that the author was a Red.

    That teacher must be dead so many years now.

  • Paul Marks

    As for the intelligence services hiring Collectivists – sadly that is not just a British thing.

    The former head of the CIA, John Brennan, was an “ex” Marxist (and if anyone thinks he later become supporter of liberty – sorry, he did NOT). And the FBI is full of Collectivists.

    Should this really be a shock? After all, these are government bureaucratic bodies – they naturally attract people who support collectivism and are opposed (philosophically) to individual liberty.

    And the collectivists actively target these bodies – as part of the “long march through the institutions”.

    There is also just straight forward CORRUPTION – President Clinton was a crook and so were his associates. So, right from 1993, he targeted honest people in the “Justice” Department and FBI (for fear they might expose his activities – or those of his associates). Lots of people were forced out by President Clinton “Paul – Civil Service rules prevent that”, well they did not seem to stop Slick Willie.

    President Bush never really reversed this – and under President Obama the process of corruption went into over drive.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that the American “Justice” Department and FBI are a bunch-of-crooks.

    Johnathan Pearce – meet up with Mark Steyn if you get a chance.

    Mark Steyn can tell you stuff about the, utterly corrupt, American bureaucracy (especially the “Justice”, “security” and “intelligence”) bureaucracy that would give you nightmares. He used to TRUST them – he certainly does not now.

  • APL

    They’ve deployed the big guns against Steve James, he has the temerity to charge £500 per hour. Which means there is a good chance that he is saving lives whereas Boris Johnson & Sajid Javid earning £150,000 pa or so each are actually deliberately killing and injuring people.

    I’ll take the £500 per hour open market option, thanks.

  • APL

    Paul Marks: “why a formal “Civil Service” at all? (1) Why should ministers not hire and fire their own staff – and if they abuse that by corruption(2), then let Parliament punish the guilty ministers(3).”

    (1) I don’t know, Paul, I just picked a very small number.
    (2) You’re a bit of an idealist.
    (3) A extremist idealist. 🙂

  • APL

    Blood clots, multiple strokes, stillborn birth, but no mention of you know what

  • Paul Marks

    Indeed APL.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    It must be repeated again and again and again that COVID-19 is eminently treatable. It’s not theory or a possibility. It’s a proven scientific fact based on overwhelming evidence from hundreds of peer reviewed large scale clinical trials worldwide that COVID-19 is very treatable. We are very lucky to be facing a virus that is so amenable to a wide array of safe and effective treatments.


    Millions of people around the world have died due to the intention suppression of safe and effective treatments for COVID-19.

    Treating people in the early ambulatory phase with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and a bundle of vitamins and nutraceuticals lowers rates of deaths and hospitalization by between 75% and 90% when used on a combined basis.

    That’s why so many top doctors have stated publicly that half a million American deaths from COVID-19 that could have been prevented with proper treatment protocols. The data prove this.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    “There are good modeling studies proving that half a million excess deaths [from covid-19] have happened in the USA through the intentional blockade of early treatment by the US Government. Half a million. This is a well documented fact.” – Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology and one of the top virologists in the world.


    At 29:40

    This is virtually identical to what Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Vladimir Zelenko, and other doctors have said publicly in recent months, as well.


  • APL

    Shlomo Maistre: “It must be repeated again and again and again that COVID-19 is eminently treatable.”


    However in the UK the official NHS advice is still, stay at home until the disease has progressed to the second potentially fatal stage, where you may be experiencing a ‘cytokines storm‘, then and only then present at A&E.

    Where you’ll be ventilated and possibly treated with Remdisivir, ( which is likely to promote renal failure ).

    Utterly wicked.

  • Alex

    Ah well it is more important to “Save our NHS” than save the lives of ordinary persons. Patients are supplicants.

  • APL

    43 and done all of those things that give you a spontaneous heart attack or stroke? Well, in the new normal, those now include online meetings.

    No mention of her ‘you know what’ status. So you know she had taken the ‘you know what’ because otherwise, she would have been responsible for her own death, what with being an ‘antivaxxxer’, an’ all.

    Well, at least no one is going to catch COVID-19 from her any time soon. So, I suppose the !VAXX is effective.