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Decarbonising our economy is the Greenies’ equivalent of the Soviet collectivisation of agriculture, or the Great Leap Forward. With similar effects.

Fen Tiger

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  • Paul Marks

    Imagine, for a moment, a very strong economy – one of sound money and honest finance, an economy of productive farming, mining, manufacturing and (yes) services. The demanded “Green” burden of taxes and regulations would be a very heavy burden for such an economy.

    Then think about our economies in the modern West – already crushed by incredibly high taxation, and even higher (vastly higher) government spending, and already saturated with regulations. Vast credit bubbles of money-from-nothing.

    For such economies (for most nations of the modern West) the demanded new taxes and regulations will be terminal. They will mean destruction. Abd that will cost many lives.

    As for C02 emissions – vastly the largest C02 emitter is the People’s Republic of China dictatorship, which is hardly mentioned, and the only real way to massively reduce C02 emissions (without mass death) is by a vast increase in nuclear power – which would depend on the radical deregulation of nuclear power, so that simpler and less expensive (yes less expensive – the term “less expensive” is not some sort of “dirty speech”, it is vital) nuclear power stations can be built – these would also be safer (NOT less safe).

    Yet the movement, in Germany and elsewhere, is to close down nuclear power – not massively expand it. Indeed Mr Biden made his name (many years ago now) by such things as his opposition to the United States nuclear waste depository.

    So – no real pressure on the Chinese dictatorship to reduce its C02 emissions NOW (just promises about the future).

    No great deregulation and expansion of nuclear power.


    Yet more taxes (costs – to tax is to burden) and regulations in Western countries, countries that are already crushed by vast governments and Credit Bubble monetary and financial systems.

    The West is in for hard times – very hard times indeed.

  • Paul Marks

    It will be interesting if Japan breaks with the consensus (the consensus in support of decline and destruction) in the West – Japan is drowning in government spending and debt (as we all are), but the election results give it a chance to chart another course.

    I doubt they will – but there is always hope.

  • John

    I smile ironically at the distasteful advert (no not the John Lewis insurance one) showing pre-teen children mouthing off about sustainable farming etc with the final lad saying “I’m only 6, you sort it out”.

    When the inevitable happens it will be their generation which really suffers the consequences. Kiss goodbye to holiday flights, cars you can actually use, warm houses and eating meat more than once a week. You asked for it sonny now suck it up.

  • Paul Marks

    John – that would be the Amazon advertisement.

    They have edited it a bit – for example a threatening girl (with a shaved head to make her look as bald as me – it is odd how people with nice heads of hair want to look bald), is no longer spitting into the camera saying “sustainable farming – it-is-a-thing-now!” as if she knows more about farming than farmers do. But the advertisement is still horribly patronising.

    Amazon was created by a person (Jeff Bezos) who also owns the deeply Collectivist “Washington Post” – but whenever I point the vicious Collectivist propaganda of Amazon and the Washington Post, I get the patronising reply “he does not believe in these things Paul – he is a free market person who loves space travel and….”

    I have never claimed that Mr Bezos believes in any of the evil stuff (higher taxes, more regulations, “Woke” Frankfurt School Marxist cultural attacks…) his organisations push – my complaint is that he pushes it, not that he believes in it.

  • Stonyground

    Farming has been going on for twelve thousand years but sustainable farming has only become a thing now?

    If I had a transcript of that ad I could probably fisk the whole thing, it would only take five minutes.

  • Sam Duncan

    “sustainable farming – it-is-a-thing-now!”

    Sustainable farming has always been “a thing”. That’s why it’s been around for about 10,000 years.

    At least collectivisation actually meant something. Who gets up in the morning and thinks, “I’m going to start an unsustainable business. Bankruptcy in a couple of years would be just swell.”?

    [12 minutes apart, Stony? Didn’t seem like that. 🙂 ]

  • John

    I didn’t realise or care that it was an ad for Amazon.

    I can’t see why or how it will improve Mr Bezos’s balance sheet so like so much today it just appears be designed to rub it in peoples faces.

  • bobby b

    I’m going up to help the rels with some cow stuff and some corn stuff this weekend. They’ve been farming since forever.

    I know of no group that is more competently and knowledgeably environment-friendly and pro-sustainable than farmers. Self-proclaimed “environmentalists” periodically engage with that community and offer suggestions – that’s being nice, they make demands – about how the farmers could be better stewards of the land, and they’re always laughably wrong.

    But their ignorant “concern” is supposed to buy them credibility. Good intentions plus technical ignorance is the hallmark of progressivism, so far as I can tell.

  • The Jannie

    bobby b : “Good intentions plus technical ignorance is the hallmark of progressivism, so far as I can tell.”

    The important question is: Have they got a five year plan? All good “communist” dictatorships need a five year plan.

  • Bruce

    bobby b : “Good intentions plus technical ignorance is the hallmark of progressivism, so far as I can tell.”

    I recall there being a bit of folk wisdom about good intentions and certain road.