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I’ve heard from doctors who’ve been reported to their departments for criticizing residents for being late. (It was seen by their trainees as an act of racism.) I’ve heard from doctors who’ve stopped giving trainees honest feedback for fear of retaliation. I’ve spoken to those who have seen clinicians and residents refuse to treat patients based on their race or their perceived conservative politics.

Some of these doctors say that there is a “purge” underway in the world of American medicine: question the current orthodoxy and you will be pushed out. They are so worried about the dangers of speaking out about their concerns that they will not let me identify them except by the region of the country where they work.

“People are afraid to speak honestly,” said a doctor who immigrated to the U.S. from the Soviet Union. “It’s like back to the USSR, where you could only speak to the ones you trust.” If the authorities found out, you could lose your job, your status, you could go to jail or worse. The fear here is not dissimilar.

When doctors do speak out, shared another, “the reaction is savage. And you better be tenured and you better have very thick skin.”

Katie Herzog, writing What happens when doctors can’t tell the truth?

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  • Flubber

    The question is whether or not ordinary people fight back.

    The current trajectory is gulags and tens of millions dead.

    After all how many died needlessly from COVID due to political interference in treatment.

  • Paul Marks

    The doctrines of Frankfurt School Marxism (for example Critical Race Theory) are starting to have terrible consequences – and not “just” in the United States.

    And whilst many people still show such extreme cowardice that they are not prepared to call Frankfurt School Marxism, Frankfurt School Marxism (instead, utterly absurdly, calling it “Liberalism”) things will continue to get worse.

    The American bureaucracy, both government and corporate, was doing terrible harm even before the rigged election (the massive election fraud that was November 2020), since the rigged election the government and corporate bureaucracy have cast off any restraint and are working to try and turn the United States of American into a totalitarian society. This started in the education system – but has since spread to all institutions, including the military.

    If the United States collapses into totalitarian tyranny, the rest of the Western World will also fall.

    The totalitarians, both Marxists and Technocratic (for the Technocracy ideas of Saint-Simon, Klaus Schwab and others are also totalitarian, one does not have to be a Marxist to be a totalitarian) – or Western civilisation will be destroyed.

  • bobby b

    So docs have finally caught up with teachers, lawyers, cops, nursing home admins, writers, coaches, plumbers, climatologists, actors, tweeters, bloggers, codewriters, gamers, knitters, mechanics, farmers, pro athletes, newscasters, jailers, presidents, lesbians . . .

    . . . and now they notice what’s going on?

    Better to ask, what happens when no one can tell the truth?

  • George Atkisson

    Bobby B –

    You could ask the former Soviet Union. Or see what happens to the West by 2030, or the CCP by 2035. If you remove negative feedback, any given system will tear itself apart. Slowly, then all at once. Enroute to that inevitable occurrence, the lives of the people in that country/culture will become immiserated. Anyone pointing this out will be silenced, except for the ruling class and clerisy, of course. Then Reality sorts everything out. Until things get good enough, for long enough that people forget. Envy, greed, and wishful thinking will surge, and people will start thinking that central planning and redistribution is the answer. It just hasn’t been done right, but this time for sure! 🙄

  • bobby b

    “Slowly, then all at once.”

    It’s the “slowly” that bugs me. Looking to historical examples and current realities, it ends up meaning “not in my lifetime”, so there’s value to me in finding a shorter-term solution. I just need to figure out my acceptable price for that solution.

  • Jacob

    It’s Marxism – exactly like in Communist countries. Pure Marxism (forget Frankfurt – London and Moscow Marxism).

    Marxism divides people into “classes” (instead of races). There was the wronged class which needed to be elevated – the proletariat – vs. the “privileged classes” (the capitalists and bourgeoisie) than needed to be repressed and punished for the crimes they had committed over centuries in exploiting and repressing the proles.

    Marxism holds that an individual is defined by the class he is born into. Therefore – sons of the capitalists and bourgeoisie are inherently oppressors and anti revolutionaries – i.e. ideologically impure and unreliable and therefore they are the enemy and need to be repressed. No university slots, no high jobs, no positions of responsibility for them. Sons of pure-blood proletarians (better still: party members) are preferred for all positions. Repressors are demoted and fired.

    And woe to him who complains … no jobs, no apartments, no frills – keep complaining and to the Gulag you go.

    What you have in the new USA is pure Marxism. (Substitute “minorities” for proles ). Soviet style elections too. The complete suite. Without a bloody revolution or a civil war.
    Is the Gulag far behind?

  • Jacob

    p.s. “London and Moscow Marxism” i.e. Karl Marx and Lenin.

  • Paul Marks

    Early Treatment with a combination of well established medications could have saved about 80% of the people who died of Covid 19 – but that was not done.

    Instead people were told to stay at home – till it was too late for Early Treatment, then they were taken into hospital where very large numbers of them died.

    This has been the corruption of medicine.

    Medicine is about saving individual patients – it is NOT about “Social Justice”, “Planning Society” and serving governments and “Woke” Corporations.

  • Bruce

    If you ever want to see what happens when “socialism” is REALLY implemented, the classic case is Pol Pot’s Cambodia; 1975-1979.

    Now THAT was REAL socialism. They had help, both “philosophically” and materially, from those nice folks in China..

    A global chorus of what a somewhat tactless military friend calls, “Scumbags and Tracerbait”, sang the praises of that atrocity until it was overturned by the “fraternally socialist” Viets, themselves no strangers to the odd atrocity. One of the most egregious of these grovelling “churnalsts” was an Australasian, John Pilger. This character is also famous for having his name adopted as a verb. Thus, to “pilger”: to to go above and beyond run of the mill hyperbole and “creative writing”. See also:”Pilgerism” – the product of the act of Pilgering”.

  • bobby b

    “They had help, both “philosophically” and materially, from those nice folks in China..”

    I always figured that China helped finance Sar because it was a great opportunity for China to appear moderate compared to other communist systems.

  • Paul Marks

    “We needed to stop patients overwhelming the hospitals”.

    So you encouraged people to get Early Treatment with a combination of well established medications, so that they did not need to go to hospital?

    “No we pretended that effective Early Treatment did not exist”.

    This is clearly nothing to with preventing the hospitals being overwhelmed.

    In many nations, vast numbers of human beings have died – who could have been saved.

    This is a very serious matter.

  • llamas

    I also call BS on the stories of ‘how we had to stop the hospitals being overwhelmed.’

    I was treated in the ER of a major suburban Detroit hospital at the end of May 2020, for a head injury. Nothing to do with Covid. The hospital was totally consumed with the trappings of Covid theatre – masks and screens and full-body suits and respirators and Christ-knows what else. But, once inside, the facility was eerily-quiet and the resources under-used. I got a CAT scan, as ‘walking wounded’, in 30 minutes. All this, mark you, while on the outside, our Governor and the Feds were crying to the heavens how the sky was falling, and pretty soon, we would be seeing bodies in the streets.

    The physician who examined me confided that he had not seen a Covid patient for three weeks, and that his own opinion was that ‘it’s all bullshit.’

    I thought it mildly-odd that the first priority, on receiving a patient bleeding liberally from a scalp wound, was to take a nasal swab for a Covid antigen test. I never saw the result of that test. I wonder whether I’m listed now as having been a Covid case.

    I’m not sure to whose benefit this massive exaggeration of the impact of the pandemic on hospitals tended to redound. I know that one hospital chain closed its facility in one of the Detroit suburbs early in 2020, as hospitals had been restricted from treating anything but Covid patients, and so they just had no patients to treat. Since it contradicted the narrative, it was quietly allowed to reopen a few weeks later – to treat non-Covid patients.


    The dialectic required to explain the closing of a hospital, designated to treat only Covid patients, in the middle of a Covid pandemic that was alleged to be overwhelming hospitals, because said hospital was standing empty with no patients to treat, is pretty impressive. I’m not suggesting that the pandemic itself was/is a fairytale – but the response to it contains an awful lot of fairytales. I’m still trying to figure out – cui bono?



  • Bruce

    @ bobby b.

    There was a LOT more to the connection.

    Their long-term support of the Viets went sour because Ho and Giap and others were not illiterate hillbillies and perfectly understood both history and the potential “quid pro quo”.

    Thus China lost the chance to be part of the potential “new management” of the impressive facilities at Cam Ran Bay, Tan Son Nhut airbase, etc. and other establishments.

    Down on the coast of Cambodia is a place that was once called “Sihanoukville”: Kompon Som, a port city with considerable potential.

    Furthermore, during the Khmer Rouge years, the celestials built an enormous airfield in the north of Cambodia. Well, THEY didn’t build it, thousands of Khmer slave labourers did. It is “Jumbo-capable”, hence bombers, heavy transports and high-performance fighters.

    It ties with the disappearance of thousands of the officers and technicians from Lon Nol’s defeated military.

    Anyone willing to dig up an airfield that is ten plus feet deep concrete?

    China is back in Cambodia in a big way and the Viets appear to be getting twitchy, because they now have Chinese “muscle” on their northern and southern borders.

  • dougg

    if we don’t sooner or later stand up and stop giving a crap about accusations of raycism the whole of our civilization will be consumed and destroyed. the word exists for no other reason than leaving certain groups beyond criticism. it exist for no other reason than destroying a civilization they could never build on their own. your grandchildren will be a hated and oppressed minority if all of us do not find the strength to overcome this stupid empty headed word. there are far worse things in the world than being (let alone merely being accused of being) raycist. stop caring about it and take the power back.