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Seen at anti-lockdown protest…

Epic 🤣

32 comments to Seen at anti-lockdown protest…

  • pete

    Most people understand that the police only enforce laws. They don’t make them.

    Some people would prefer that the police only enforce laws which they like and agree with. I suspect the person who attached this sticker is one of them.

  • Cesare

    I suspect there’s a statute or two directed at people who organize for the purpose of systematically molesting underage children. Let’s not forget the ‘known wolf’, so called most of whom seem to have certain dramatic flair for recidivism. Then again the constabulary was/is no doubt preoccupied with the relentless search for people saying mean (allegedly) things to one another on Facebook. Globally it would seem they enforce when and what their masters tell them to, and existing law as written has very little to do with it.

  • DP

    Dear Samizdata Illuminatus (Arkham, Massachusetts)

    One problem with the message is that, for some of the police, the answer will be ‘yes’.


  • bobby b

    Tough question. Most cops I’ve known are good and decent people who would enthusiastically answer that, yes, they do the work they do so that kids can grow up in a better, lawful society.

    But then you watch as the cops spectate as Minneapolis burns, but jail people who protest progressive events for months pretrial without bail . . .

    As always, I think it comes down to the fact that a certain percentage of people in any society suck, and police who suck are just more noticable than most.

  • John Lewis

    In the specific case of “lockdown enforcement” there is ample evidence that sections of the constabulary are making it up as they go along on a tide of righteousness and I sense that is what the sticker is largely about.

    A similar trend is the heavy-handed intimidation of “hate incidents” which when challenged are conceded as not actually being crimes at all. Such over-zealous (an incredibly generous description) behaviour can be a heady cocktail and is not completely unrelated to the obvious pleasures of bullying and destruction of property by BLM/Antifa safe in the knowledge that they will get away with it.

  • Stonyground

    I think that the fact that policing has become political is an absolute disgrace. That the law should be neutral about political matters should be obvious to anyone who wishes to live in a civilised society. I used to be comfortable in the knowledge that such behaviour was confined to the police in backward countries where people didn’t know any better. Is that what we have become, a backward country where people don’t know any better?

  • I think that the fact that policing has become political is an absolute disgrace.

    Policing has always been political, it’s what you get when the policing is setup by politicians (like for example Robert Peel who created and enabled the first modern policing and was Prime Minister twice).

    While the “Peelian principles” he devised were a counterpoint to the militarised Gendarmerie of France and other such places, the police were never genuinely apolitical, just broadly neutral with political oversight. Over the generations that neutrality has been swept away and very much a case of “Who pays the piper calls the tune”.

    Can anyone say that Cressida Dick isn’t a puppet of the politicians?

    When she isn’t executing Brazilian electricians that it.

  • Most people understand that the police only enforce laws. They don’t make them.

    So what? You’d presumably defend the Stasi on that basis. “I was only following orders” is not a moral position.

  • Stonyground

    They certainly decide which laws they are going to enforce and which ones they are going to ignore.

  • Jim

    “Most people understand that the police only enforce laws. They don’t make them.
    Some people would prefer that the police only enforce laws which they like and agree with. I suspect the person who attached this sticker is one of them.”

    I’m assuming that this photo was taken in the UK, so my comment relates to UK police, but its blatantly obvious in the UK the police enforce the law when they want to and don’t when they don’t want to. If you are one of the Establishment’s pet groups you get special treatment, and if you aren’t you get the heavy stick, literally in the case of some anti-lockdown protests. Not only that they often make the law up as they go along, see their behaviour over UK government Covid ‘guidance’ which the police in many areas decided was equal to the the law of the land as passed by Parliament. Fortunately the courts still have some semblance of adhering to legal principles, and have thrown out all the cases brought before them, but many people will have paid fines rather than go to court. And of course no one has been disciplined within the police for these illegal actions.

    So the idea that the UK police enforce the law of the land without fear or favour is a bad joke nowadays.

  • Jon Eds

    “spectate as Minneapolis burns”

    I suspect there might have been a bit of ‘fuck ’em, let it burn’ about that.

  • Bell Curve

    Some people would prefer that the police only enforce laws which they like and agree with.

    Are you taking the piss? Plod only enforce laws against groups of people that cunts like Cressida Dick & her ilk thinks they should be enforced against. Did you sleep through Oldham? Did you miss the lockdown protests in Trafalgar Square being caned by by the Met last year when the BLM one’s weren’t? The only reason they aren’t trying to bust up the current wave of anti-lockdown protests is they’re too fucking big now and if they turned into a riot, Plod would get stomped by the sheer numbers (not that you’d know there were at least 100,000 people on the streets yesterday if you get all your news from the mainstream media).

  • Snorri Godhi

    I’m assuming that this photo was taken in the UK

    I was wondering about that. The police-person does look British, not sure why.
    OTOH the Illuminatus lives in Massachusetts.
    But perhaps he found the photo on the web.

  • Bulldog Drummond

    Not convinced he actually lives in Massachusetts 😉

  • Snorri Godhi

    The only Arkham that i know is the Arkham Asylum.

  • pete

    ‘So what? You’d presumably defend the Stasi on that basis. “I was only following orders” is not a moral position.’

    The Stasi were not obeying the orders of a democratically elected government.

    Our police are.

    Perry, I expect better of you.

  • bobby b

    ““I was only following orders” is not a moral position.”

    Seems like the progressive cops agree with you entirely. They’re ignoring the law – their orders – as they see fit.

  • X Trapnel


    If you’re going to come on this site and give us the benefit of your wisdom, at least be honest about it . You didn’t expect better than of PdH, so don’t be such a twerp by claiming you did.

    The point, as you’re well aware, is that the police are taking sides about which protests they’re going to enable, and which they’re not. And I’d love to say that the sides they’re picking are Left (good) vs. Right (bad). But that’s not how they’re, for want of a more accurate word, thinking. They beat up on folks who won’t beat back. The Sarah Everard protests being Exhibit A.

    And as for the democratic mandate, if Priti Patel announces in the House of Commons tomorrow that anyone calling himself Pete needs from now on, on pain of arrest, to call himself Statist Lickspittle Pony-toss instead, and if Kneel Starmer can’t be bothered to oppose such draconian fascism and the bill /emergency measure passes… the police are not acting morally at all if they cart all the non-compliant Petes off to Chokey. Not remotely.

  • The Stasi were not obeying the orders of a democratically elected government. Our police are. Perry, I expect better of you.

    Ok, lets dial this up to 11 and try the Gestapo in 1935 then, which was enforcing the laws of a government democratically elected in 1934. Does that magically make it ok?

    How does a government being democratically elected transform the state into a fount of moral actions? Does politically weighted enforcement of laws become ok if the government is elected? If so, which part of the Tory manifesto stated large public gatherings that are banned (because of a disease that overwhelmingly kills people in their 80s 🤪) are ok when one group does them, but the truncheons come out of a different group does the same thing? I must have missed that bit.

  • Snorri Godhi

    There has been some quite intelligent push-back against pete… who deserves at least a bit of credit for triggering it.

    Most push-back was about a matter of fact (whether the police IS just following orders), while Perry focused on the general principle of whether the police OUGHT to just follow orders.

    Interesting that pete found it fit to address only the latter reply. Not sure what to make of this fact, though.

  • Ferox

    In this thread I don’t see anyone distinguishing between the rank-and-file cops (who generally despise the Wokies, at least in the US) and the police administration, who are (virtually to a person) hard-left agitators who believe that the state police power is an ideal tool for perfecting the imperfect world.

    When cops watch impotently while BurnLootMurder ransack cities and lynch people whose skin color they dislike, you can be sure they are gritting their teeth while they do. They have been ordered, on pain of their careers, to stand down and watch the chaos.

    What’s needed is for rank-and-file cops to refuse to do the job the way the Woke police commissioners want them to.

  • Alexander Tertius Harvey

    John Galt.
    After the murder of the Brazilian electrician it should have been Dick Head of Traffic – sidelined and never promoted, but we have witnessed the irresistible rise of this wretched creature – another gift of Balliol to the world) a cess pit that just keeps on giving (its current Master/Mistress having done so well at the National Trust before its translation to Broad St)

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Would this happen if we all had a chance to be a copper? I often espouse Meridocracy, Greek for ‘Share Power’. What I mean by that is that, if you wanted to be a voting citizen, then for 11 months of the year, you would do some part-time civic work (volunteer firefighters, or road patrols, or rescue services, or train with the local militia), and for one month, all who joined at the same time would be the government of the local county. If you chose not to join, then you would be affected by the laws, but would have no say in making laws. Having rotating police would make them more flexible.

  • Ferox

    I often espouse Meridocracy, Greek for ‘Share Power’.

    An interesting idea, so long as (for example) articulating a belief in the 57 genders or expressing the proper enthusiasm for Climatism were not pre-requisites for service.

    Which they would be, if such a thing were to be tried in this Woke era.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    It would be regionalized! 57 genders in one county, 60 in another! If counties were kept small in land area, then you could escape to the county which is closest to your own beliefs/received truths. Switzerland has the right idea, but should have more Cantons.

  • Ferox

    Take that idea to its logical conclusion and make the cantons the size of a single household, and you end up with something like AnCap libertarianism 🙂

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    I don’t think that atomism works. But I do think that counties, or Cantons, should have between 10,000 to 100,000 people in each- if a Canton got too big, then it could split into two Cantons, and if it got too small, then it could join a neighbour. If I joined the local militia, then I would have friends from that militia, but AnCap Libertarianism wouldn’t do that.

  • llamas

    A police ‘liaison officer’ with a Taser and cuffs . . . . that’s a new concept of ‘liaison’, there.

    On policing in MPLS, Portland and similar, I think JonEds has the right way of it – it has some of the same context as the South African police who did nothing as protests and factional struggles raged in ‘the townships’ – let them go on, it’s only their own nest they’re fouling. But I think there’s also an aspect where the average copper sees something like this – overwhelming odds, significant violence being promised and zero support from their political masters, and they make a rational calculus not to intervene. The support aspect is critical – when these same groups of trustafarians, Talcum-X’s and soi-disant ‘street-fighting men’ tried this crap in Detroit, the police chief simply said ‘we’re not doing that here’ and he sent his men in to put a stop to it, with the full support of the city government. Heads were cracked, teargas was deployed and we didn’t have that here. The chief, Daniel Craig, has just announced his retirement from the DPD and is being tapped to run for Governor, to replace the truly-abysmal Gretchen Whitmer. If he runs, I’ll vote for him – if we must have a Democratic-party governor, at least we can have one with half a brain when it comes to this sort of thing.



  • Paul Marks

    I am getting old – I am afraid, I can not clearly read the words that have been stuck on the back of the police office. Still I can guess what they say.

    Anyway, good night all.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Ironically, Paul, you Marksist, It says the police should think about their children and Grand-children. The old ‘For the kids’ argument.

  • Paul Marks

    “Do not drag police officers into politics – they are just enforcing the law”.

    Does that include the police officer (in uniform – and on duty) who was shouting their support of “Free Palestine” at one of the exterminate-the-Jews “protests” in London?

    As Tim Pool (an American of the moderate left) points out – police officers are not robots, they are human beings – and how harshly they “enforce the law” is very much dependent on their personal judgement.

    Just as it a matter of judgement whether they enforce the law at all – no police officer in the United States has been punished for NOT answering pleas for help as Marxist BLM and Marxist Antifa loot, burn and kill. Just walk away (leave the innocent to be destroyed) and you are not a “racist” (by the way, many of the criminals are WHITE – but you are still a “racist” if you try and stop their crimes), no one will punish you for NOT doing anything to protect property and people. Just “take a knee”, kiss-their-boots, and look the other way as the looting, raping and killing proceed – this is “Social Justice” enacted by “Socially Friendly Elements”.

    Part of the crises that the United States is facing is that conservative police officers and conservative military people are LEAVING the police and the armed forces, because they reject the Marxist “Critical Theory” indoctrination. That will EVENTUALLY lead to police forces and a military that is made up of Marxists – or boot lickers, taking a knee.

    Rather like that charming police officer in London – shouting her support at the exterminate-the-Jews “protest”.

  • Paul Marks

    Thank you Nicholas – you have sharper eyes than me. Now it is day light here – I can just make it out.