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The most informative 20 minutes of your time that you really need to spend today

This is dynamite stuff. Suddenly a lot of crazy conspiracy theories do not seem quite so crazy today.

43 comments to The most informative 20 minutes of your time that you really need to spend today

  • Shlomo Maistre

    Where can I go to view this video after it is taken down?

  • I had the same thought, Shlomo and immediately ripped the video & will put it up on BitShute & Odysee if that happens.

  • george m weinberg

    I did a ddg search on peter mccullough. On the left, the top 9 results were about this peter mccuullogh, the tenth was a wikipedia article on some guy named Charles Peter McColough. On the right was a Wikipedia artcle on an astrophysicist named peter mccullough, click on the link there is no disambiguation.

  • GamecockJerry

    A friend of mine almost died because of what this doctor describes. He caught Covid, became progressively worse, fever, chills, aches, trouble breathing. Went to emergency room. They took lung x-rays – yep things to do not look good. Go home! Next day he was admitted to another hospital and was able to recover. He was never given anything until the second trip to hospital. This is a crime.

  • llamas

    . . . you know, it’s almost as if – oh, I don’t know, how can I say this? – it’s almost as if worse outcomes, and the maximum number of hospitalizations is, you know, like, some sort of goal? Like it’s what they’re trying to achieve? Hard to get my mind around that.

    We’ve had a couple of Covid cases at my place of work. Both young, healthy guys with mild symptoms. Both were told ‘go home, drink plenty of fluids, take OTC medications for the fever and aches, call if it gets worse.’ Maybe, for that cohort, that is the treatment – but, given the supposedly-rapid onset of severe symptoms and the amount of resources being thrown at the disease, it seems – unlikely. By contrast, my MIL, who is 84 and has CHF, got it, and she got treated quite aggressively with anti-inflammatories, anti-virals and things to address her breathing. And now she’s fine. Maybe that is the treatment, for her. Like so many things about this disease, I just don’t know what to think anymore – except that I don’t believe or trust anything that anybody from the government says anymore.



  • Nemesis

    Dont have a link but have seen that under US law, vaccines cannot get emergency approval if alternative treatments are available. It would appear to me that is the reason that alternatives are being suppressed.

  • Dyspeptic Curmudgeon

    There is an expanded transcript of the hearing on-line at:


    There has been a concerted campaign to denigrate/deny/disallow prophylactic or early treatment of Covid by the lame-stream media and others. Treatment protocols are never discussed and methods of treatment are in some cases made illegal. Apparently in Queensland Australia a doctor can be charged *with a crime* for merel prescribing HCQ.
    One really has to wonder where this sort of lunacy comes from, and why it is so prevalent in the “Western World” while in other places the exact opposite occurs. In India, HCQ is almost given away as candy upon first presentation with any sort of Covid symptons. And the hospitalization rate is about 15% of North America’s…

    And one wonders why Farcebelch and Twat’er have not been cited for practicing medicine without a licence for their censoring efforts…

  • Mr Ed

    It would be helpful if the intro gave the slightest indication of the topic, imho.

    Even today, the UK government makes no mention of any possible treatment for people infected with this virus. This is over 50 weeks after the start of ‘lockdown’. They do not want you to have treatment.

    There is simply no point at all in letting your doctor know that you are infected, unless and until they offer any form of treatment.

  • Schill McGuffin

    I think what McCullough describes is simply what results when you put epidemiologists in charge of a public health problem instead of clinical practitioners — “Paper” doctors instead of “real” ones. And there’s a basic logic to government preferring to work with the former, rather than the latter.

    It’s kind of the public health equivalent of the Vietnam War, being directed by technocrats, rather than soldier-generals.

  • Mary Contrary

    Before diving off the deep end, the least I thought we need to do is to verify this guy’s identity.

    So I was a bit worried when Googling him that the only mention I could find was a bunch of – let’s call them “not mainstream news” sources pushing his claims on this issue, which seemed to vary slightly about his professional affiliation.

    I was then disturbed that I couldn’t find him listed on the faculty pages at Texas A&M – although there was a singularly bare entry in the university directory. The various news sites claimed he had a Professorial position at Baylor University Medical Center, but they didn’t list him at all, as far as I could tell.

    This started to worry me.

    Eventually I found his LinkedIn page. This shows he left Baylor last month (because of these views??) and moved to some medical outfit called HeartPlace, which has its own website which does confirm his residency there, and even provided his full CV.

    In the highly extensive publications list (albeit in which he is unsurprisingly listed late among the authors credited for most papers) I did find a small number with “Covid” in the title, and where he was listed as a principal author. Jumping to two at random, their publication did indeed check out, although they both were replied to with brief, indeed terse reply comments criticising them as “not evidence based”.

    This all seems to me far from conclusive either way, but these links may help you as a jumping off point if you want to dig further.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes – as various doctors I have talked with (via the wonders of modern technology) since the middle of last year have said….

    A combination of existing (long established) medications if treatment is EARLY will reduce hospitalisation and death by more than 80%.

    I am just an fat councillor for the East Midlands (and soon, most likely, not even that) – and I know this.

    Yet for month after month the high officials and “experts” who advice ministers have chanted “there is no Early Treatment for Covid 19”.

    More than 125 thousand dead in the United Kingdom.

    More than half a million dead in the United States.

    And more than 80% could have been saved.

    Instead of Early Treatment we had “lockdowns”, both in the United Kingdom and the United States (and many other nations) a totally useless policy.

    It is more than internet censorship – even the medical journals are censored.

    As this medical academic has pointed out – the medical journals often WILL NOT PUBLISH articles on Early Treatment.

    It is all “lockdowns” and other restrictions (POLTICS, my field, not medicine) – and vaccines.

    Dr Fauci is only interested in vaccines – ditto the people in the United Kingdom (and many other nations).

    I am in the high risk group – fat, old, lungs massively scared and compromised (COPD), and I would have got better treatment in many Third World countries than I would in he United Kingdom or most of the United States. Because I would have got NO Early Treatment here or in most of the United States – “there is no Early Treatment”, I would be left at home, getting worse, till I was taken to hospital and put on a ventilator (till I died).

    A few weeks of confusion I could understand – but this is more than a year.

    This is, internationally, an effort to destroy the existing society in order to build back BETTER (note the last word) the “Reset”, “Stakeholder Capitalism” (the Corporate State) in the name of “Sustainable Development”.

    This time last year I told “Nullius”, who used to be around here, that I “did not want to believe in conspiracy theories”.

    He and the rest of the international establishment over the last year have MADE me believe them.

    Every time they were told about Early Treatment they denied it, and they SMEARED it.

    And every time they were told about the harm their lockdowns were doing, and how they were NOT going to “save lives” over all, they just denied it – and carried on.

    A few weeks perhaps could have been confusion – but not over a year.

  • Mary Contrary

    I just wanted to add that my inability to verify Professor McCullough is mainly that I’m not competent to read and interpret his CV.

    For all I know it could be either incredibly distinguished (goodness knows it’s long enough) or the kind of thing anybody in the medical world could put together, by padding out my CV with the accomplishments of others to which he provided with merely menial support, a connection that in no way conveys credibility on his own opinions. I simply don’t know, but that’s my fault not his.

    I do suspect, however, that anyone with a modicum of a background in medical academia will probably be able to tell the difference pretty easily. If that sounds like you, please do read his CV and post below. If this guy is a charlatan, we need to know before we all look foolish. And if he’s the real deal, then we all really need to know.

  • David Roberts

    See the YouTube video of the Ivermectin evidence from Dr Tess Lawrie on Dr John Campbell’s website, which support this doctors position.

  • bobby b

    The American College of Cardiology is a good, trusted, authoritative source of information. They are the accreditation center for US cardiologists and cardiology facilities.

    Here’s their entry for McCullough.

    He is currently getting cancelled in several areas due to his failure to ridicule Trump’s medical statements.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    bobby b,

    He is currently getting cancelled in several areas due to his failure to ridicule Trump’s medical statements.

    Evidence? I would be surprised if this were not the case, but I’d be interested in any links you have as proof.

  • Gingerdave

    I’ve read the paper he cites, it’s interesting, I hope it works.

    There’s a few problems though. It’s a treatment model, but there’s no trial data – it should be easy enough for someone with his resources to organise a randomised double-blind case-control study.

    He doesn’t mention (in the transcript or the paper) the rate at which people are hospitalised without the treatment and with it. Senator Johnson does, but he’s a politician.

    You have to measure the rates for both, or you can’t tell whether it’s working!

    In the UK, 10.6% of the people infected (symptomatic or not) went to hospital. The US is probably similar.

    If this does work as well as he claims, why doesn’t HCQ+AZI+zinc work in RCT’s? OK, most of the RCTs are in hospitals, and does HCQ need to be administered early?
    As HCQ is used prophylactically (for treatment of Lupus) there’s an easy test. Comparing the rates of covid in people who are already taking HCQ with the normal rate shows no reduction, the HCQ doesn’t work.

    Even reading his paper, he cites 4 studies of HCQ and only 3 of them show any benefit to it.
    The big RECOVERY trial in the UK didn’t show any benefit to HCQ.

    I know I don’t agree with many people here about covid, but when the studies show that a medicine doesn’t help, or is at best uncertain, why is there such an interest in it?

    It’s the same question for Dr Lawrie’s Ivermectin data. Where’s the RCT to back it up?

    If it’s all down to the money, why is dexamethzone (cheap and widely available) in use everywhere?

  • Nessimmersion

    FFS how many times do we have to chase round the same tree of proving HCQ or Invermectin works to people who yet again will not believe evidence:

    Click on tabs along the top for each treatment.
    This careful avoidance of the evidence has been going on for a year now.
    How about Watts up with that, doughty exposers of fraud:

    Best site for overview of the medical evidence:

    “The previously discussed, WHO-sponsored meta-analysis of ivermectin against covid-19 has now been published as a preprint. It found a highly significant 75% reduction in covid mortality, based on randomized controlled trials only, and will be continually updated with additional trial results”

  • Stonyground

    This guy is only talking about what happened in Texas. Is this level of complete negligence happening everywhere? Are there any countries that have been giving patients the treatment described? What about the cancelled YouTube video? Have YouTube been called to account to explain their decision? If this guy is telling the truth here, I can’t really imagine any way that this failure has been down to just widespread incompetence. However, the only other explanation is that it is a deliberate act of malice. Are their really that many in positions of power and influence, totally in lockstep, not a single dissenter, who are happy to deliberately preside over thousands of preventable deaths? That seems to be hard to believe as well.

  • Mary Contrary

    @bobbyb thank you for the link to the American College of Cardiology.

    When calling a collective failure to acknowledge relevant information by the whole medical profession, it’s really important not to get caught recycling stuff that is provably snake-oil from provable charlatans. It’s hard for us laypeople to filter it, that’s what a professional consensus is supposed to do for us. But if we don’t, any comment we make will be tainted by the one such claim that slips through.

    So if we think this guy is “the most informative 20 minutes you really need to spend”, it’s really important to verify him. It looks like he checks out.

  • Lloyd Martin Hendaye

    Absent a transcript, these remarks waft away like smoke. Anyone speaking for the record either provides an archive or had best not bother.

  • Gingerdavem

    The problems I have with HCQ & IVM are:

    The sheer number of people that would have to be involved in any suppression. These big trials have many (hundreds?) people involved – doctors, scientists – did they all decide to do a flawed study on their own, or were they bribed? If so, by who? None of them noticed or spoke up?

    The sitess that support the use never mention the studies that don’t, but they can be found on PubMed.

    The sources that support HCQ/IVM also claim that doctors are reporting gun deaths as covid (not credible) and that PCR is inaccurate.

    I used to design and run PCR for a living. None of those claims made sense.

  • David Roberts

    What on earth is the problem with Ivermectin! It is one of the least harmful medicines known. Three and a half billion doses over forty plus years. If it doesn’t work there will be no problem. If it does work many many lives will be saved. There is no honest argument against its use.

  • Paul Marks

    Many medical academics, such as Professor Harvey Risch of Yale, and many medical doctors (see the website “America’s Front Line Doctors”) have tried to get the truth out about Early Treatment.

    There is no excuse for people on this comment thread to say things such as “I hope it works” – I have been in contact with doctors who have treated many Covid 19 patients – successfully. I have been in contact with them for many months – they are real people, not “agents of Putin” or whatever else the media and bureaucracy say.

    Senator Ron Johnson had some of these people, both medical doctors and medical academics, testify before the United States Senate LAST YEAR.

    I have no special powers – and I am sick and tired of people saying “but how can you know these things?” – I know because I MAKE AN EFFORT TO FIND OUT.

    That is what journalists used to do – before they settled for repeating (as truth) establishment press releases and interviews.

    People have had over a year to find all this out – and if you still do not know that Early Treatment could have saved most (yes MOST) of the people who have died of Covid 19 – well then there is no excuse for you.

    People who still (after all this time) are still SMEARING Early Treatment, and are still pushing “lockdowns” and other utterly failed polices – are THE PROBLEM.

  • Paul Marks

    President Trump.

    If Donald John Trump were here he would say “well I said all this – often”.

    With respect Sir, you really did not – not CLEARLY.

    For example, you would say “hydroxychloroquine” – NOT “Early Treatment with the correct medically prescribed doses of hydroxychloroquine (200 mg twice a day for a week) plus elemental ZINC (50 mg once a day for a week) and either Azithromycin (500 mg once a day for a week) or Doxycycline (100 mg twice a day for a week)” – AND “for some people this may NOT be the correct approach – they may do better with Ivermectin and other drugs, go to a MEDICAL DOCTOR who specialises in EARLY TREATMENT for this disease – not some SCHMUCK (no apologies for the Yiddish word – “schmuck” it is justified as HALF A MILLION PEOPLE HAVE DIED in the United States) who will chant there-is-no-early-treatment at you and leave you to die”.

    “But President Trump was not a details man”.

    Then you surround yourself with people you can TRUST to handle the details.

    Who, in their right mind, would trust Tony Fauci? A man who openly hated President Trump and wanted the situation to be as bad-as-possible to help bring him down (no “it was not personal” I know Fauci and the others are just part of the international establishment – with their insane dream of “Stakeholder Capitalism” for “Sustainable Development”).

    It is like appointing an FBI Director who is a DEMOCRAT – yes President Trump did that, and then being astonished when the FBI continues to persecute the innocent and COVER UP the crimes of the guilty (such as that despicable criminal Joseph Biden).

    I remember President Trump saying, quite truthfully, that he did not know the Attorney General (William Barr) that he had appointed – but then WHY APPOINT SOMEONE YOU DO NOT KNOW?

    Then President Trump was astonished that NOTHING was done to punish the corruption and other crimes of the Democrats for two years – “but William Barr is a Republican” – yes, but he is an ESTABLISHMENT man, he is not going to DO anything. Why appoint someone you do not know?

    And why keep Tony Fauci and the other establishment types who have NEVER TREATED A PATIENT in charge of the medical bureaucracy – indeed why have this, incredibly damaging, medical bureaucracy at all?

    Half a million people have died – I am sorry, but “I mentioned Early Treatment several times” does not cut it.

    Donald John Trump utterly failed to clear out the filth (and they are filth) who control the government bureaucracy.

  • Paul Marks

    I am reminded of Winston Churchill – a man that President Trump admired (indeed his very first action as President was to put the bust of Churchill back in the Oval Office).

    Winston Churchill in both World Wars (First and Second) would often have good ideas – and, contrary to his critics, they WERE good ideas.

    But then Churchill would often (not always – but often) hand over the execution of the idea to people who had no faith in it what-so-ever and were often totally incompetent (for example have a look at the Clown Generals who were in command at Suvla Bay in 1915).

    Can you imagine the Duke of Marlborough (John Churchill – John was Winston’s direct ancestor) doing that?

    NO – of course not. John Churchill (later Duke of Marlborough) understood that you have to carry out a plan YOURSELF – or put someone in charge who you can trust absolutely to act as you would want.

    “Paul, you do not understand – modern government does not work like that, it is a bureaucracy, ministers and Presidents have to trust people they do not know – or even who they do know and do NOT trust”.

    Well then “modern government” can Burn In Hell.

    And “modern Corporations” (which operate in much the same way), can Burn In Hell as well.

    I repeat – about half a million people have died of Covid 19 in the United States alone, it is not funny.

    The censorship (by the corporations) and the blocking-and-smearing by the bureaucracy (government and corporate) is not acceptable.

    And as for their “noble objective” of “Stakeholder Capitalism” (Corporate State) in the name of “Sustainable Development”.

    If they believe that their “noble objective” is worth the lives of millions of human beings around the world, and they clearly DO BELIEVE THAT, then Hell is waiting for them.

    No, I am not using a figure of speech.

  • Exasperated

    In 2018, the hundredth anniversary of the 1918 Flu, there were many lectures, interviews, and panel discussions regarding what had been learned from that pandemic. Many of the experts who participated in those programs, also consulted with the government to develop contingencies and protocols for potential biohazard attacks and pandemics post 9/11, which BTW included the assertion that public mask wearing was useless. As far as I can tell, all of this knowledge and effort was disregarded including the most effective communication tools and the maintenance of PPE stockpiles, yet some of the same people have been prominent in the covid effort.

  • Winston Churchill in both World Wars (First and Second) would often have good ideas – and, contrary to his critics, they WERE good ideas. (Paul Marks, March 13, 2021 at 1:21 pm)

    Both the early naval and the later land campaign to open the Dardanelles in WWI made sense and could have won.

    (for example have a look at the Clown Generals who were in command at Suvla Bay in 1915)

    The arrogant stupidity of the newly-arrived commander of the 11th (IIRC) division, determined not to obey the orders he had been given, deserves a harsher word than clown. The overall army commander was selected with some care by Kitchener. He was a military intellectual who, unfortunately, combined some enhanced ability to plan and problem-solve with inferior ability to ruthlessly impose his will on, or else sack, a division commander whose penny was so visibly not dropping.

    Can you imagine the Duke of Marlborough (John Churchill – John was Winston’s direct ancestor) doing that?

    Yes; he spent much of his time in coalition with idiot commanders. He did however have talents of persuasion. On one occasion, he invited the allied Dutch military representatives forward to watch the manoeuvred-into-retreat French – where they found themselves compelled to agree that the attack they’d refused to let him make that morning would have resulted in a great victory. At another time, he persuaded a co-commander to head-off with 15,000 troops and wage a pointless siege – it was worth 15,000 men to get rid of the guy.

    (I agree with your general point.)

    Gingerdavem, March 13, 2021 at 11:28 am, your version of commonsense/plausibility is misleading you. If a site tells you that some huge percentage of chicomcold deaths were gun deaths, be sceptical. But if a site uses a reported example of a gun death ‘with covid’ as an eye-catching instance of how the recording rules can cause counter-intuitive effects, you should not, for that reason, find it incredible.

  • Paul Marks

    Excellent reply Niall.

    Exasperated – many of the people who died just over a century ago may have died from infections that bred in their MASKS, of course that mistake may well be being made again.

    Still let us take something very simple – increasing D3 levels in the population would reduce Covid deaths. There is argument by how much (some argue by 50%, others say less) – but it would SAVE LIVES.

    Has the British or American government stressed increasing vitamin D3 levels, is being banged on television every day? NO it is NOT.

    Do they not know?

    YES they DO know.

    Tony Fauci is careful to take a large amount of Vitamin D every day – but he does really tell OTHER people to that.

    In the United Kingdom, David Davis has told the government time-and-time-again about this – I have heard him, yet nothing is done. And he gets utterly stran ge replies from ministers and the Prime Minister.

    As far as I can understand it – the position of the government is that they only act under “Expert Advice” they do not think for themselves, and the “Opposition” parties say that the government does not follow the “Expert Advice” slavishly enough, they are even more opposed to thinking for themselves.

    As all parties are agreed that the official “Experts” must be obeyed, no matter how utterly insane the advice of these people is, why have Parliament at all? Why not just declare “Technocracy” – the rule of these “Experts”, “obey the science” – even if “the science” says the world is flat, and regularly changes basic data, for example American temperature data, to suit its theories (which is the opposite of what real science does).

    “Technocracy” goes back to Sir Francis Bacon (whose followers were Thomas Hobbes and Sir William Petty) and is outlined in his “The New Atlantis” – the rule of scientists outlined by a man who thought that anyone who pointed out that the Earth went round the Sun should be PUNISHED (some “scientist”).

    Klaus Schwab would have loved Francis Bacon, Thomas Hobbes and William Petty.

    However, it goes back further – all the way to Plato and his “Guardians”.

  • Paul Marks

    I would point to one case – one I think would interest Mr Ed.

    Sir John Fortescue brought out a book, “On The Laws and Governance of England” is one title for it, in the 15th century (“and you are the only person who has read it since then Paul” SHUT UP at the back there, I am rant mode) – this book states that the function of the Monarch in Parliament is to “change the law”, that is a very strange statement, as a proper Common Lawyer holds that the law is FOUND (not made) and as a Chief Justice Fortescue would know that, but the book does not stop there.

    According to Fortescue there should be a Council of Experts (I wonder who he thought should lead it……) that would “advice” the government.

    That sounds like such bodies as the “Law Commission”, whose “advice” is normally spitting in the face of the principles of the Common Law, and “SAGE” – which seems to be modelled after “N.I.C.E.” in “That Hideous Strength” by C.S. Lewis – and gives “scientific advice” – i.e. Collectivist orders based on garbage in – garbage out Computer Models, and other such.

    Johnathan Swift satirised the rule of such scientists, in a neglected part of “Gulliver’s Travels”.

  • APL

    Paul Marks: “… in order to build back BETTER ..”

    A close relative came out with that one, a short while ago. Then more recently this, for people who like their opinions pre chewed. Another septic pustule in the rash of ‘fact checkers’, this one paid for, out of ( UK tax payers ) taxes.

  • Philippe Hermkens

    Stomach’s ulcer was seen to be caused by stress. It was a Bacteria. The 2 Doctors who get a Nobel Prize for that were seen as uter fools.
    It’s seems that it happens very often in Medecine.
    Socialism is seen as moral and working for a lot of people.
    Not having prescribed a medecine as early treatment, as a Doctor are you going to accept that you caused a high number of unecesseray deaths ?
    No need for conspiracies : madness of crowds, here of Doctors, pharmacists and so one

  • I’ve known for months about various treatments, thanks for Dr Daniel Griffin and TWIV. He regularly talks about how doctors are collaborating to share information on treatments.

    Latest bulletin from him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0-H28vzOps

  • Bruce

    The Kovid Kaper is a POLITICAL disease.

    See also “The Great Reset”


    Co-ordinated lockstep denigration by the LSM and a lot of dubious talking heads.

    HCQ: synthetic Quinine.

    Quinine: used to suppress the nastier effects of Malaria. Why did the gratuitous consumption of G & Ts take of in many places?

    Again: The Kovid Kaper is a straight up POLITICAL DISEASE.

    LOTS of interesting political solutions rammed down the peasants’ throats. Solutions only peripherally in search of possible problems.

    Rahm Emanuel and others were quite open about the way they operate: NEVER let a crisis go to waste”.

    ESPECIALLY if it is a “crisis” specifically contrived for the occasion.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Philippe Hermkens made an important point.
    Let me expand a bit on it.

    In my experience, doctors are very conservative in their professional practice. Everybody is conservative about what they know best, of course 🙂 but the case of stomach ulcers suggests that most doctors are more conservative than is good for us patients.
    (This is especially a problem with dietary advice.)

    This conservatism is almost certainly exacerbated by the fear of lawsuits; and that fear is probably highest in the US.
    Dr. McCullough tells of his colleagues who say to patients that they do not treat covi19. Why do you think they say that?

    The site that Dyspeptic Curmudgeon links to, is actually the transcript of a different hearing, at the US Senate instead of the Texas Senate.
    One interesting thing that i found out at the link is that, in India, everybody who tests positive is prescribed HCQ.
    Given that fact, i should think that Indian doctors are, by this time, much more qualified than American doctors to judge the efficacy of HCQ; and they keep prescribing it!

  • Shlomo Maistre


    This guy is only talking about what happened in Texas. Is this level of complete negligence happening everywhere? Are there any countries that have been giving patients the treatment described? What about the cancelled YouTube video? Have YouTube been called to account to explain their decision? If this guy is telling the truth here, I can’t really imagine any way that this failure has been down to just widespread incompetence. However, the only other explanation is that it is a deliberate act of malice. Are their really that many in positions of power and influence, totally in lockstep, not a single dissenter, who are happy to deliberately preside over thousands of preventable deaths? That seems to be hard to believe as well.

    “Are their really that many in positions of power and influence, totally in lockstep, not a single dissenter, who are happy to deliberately preside over thousands of preventable deaths?”

    Well, the video in the OP features a dissenter by the name of Peter McCullough.

  • Paul Marks

    People – please do not make the mistake that President Trump and others have made, it is not HCQ on its own – it is a combination of medications used in Early Treatment.

  • Paul Marks

    APL – you have replied to me, but I am not sure what point you are making (sorry if I am being dense). The link does not really help me.

    The slogan “Build Back BETTER” (my stress) is from the World Economic Forum (originally a private body) and various international governmental and Corporate bodies with which it is allied (including United Nations agencies) – it has much the same meaning as the slogan (also from the WEF – indeed the title of Klaus Schwab’s latest book) “Great Reset” or just “Reset” – the meaning of both slogans is to NOT return to the precious (partly free) society, but to build something different (“Stakeholder Capitalism”, Corporate State, in the name of “Sustainable Development”) instead.

    It must be stressed that these plans are not created by either Covid 19 or the Global Warming theory – as they date back (at least) to Klaus Schwab’s book “Stakeholder Capitalism” (where he pushed his Corporate State ideas) in 1971.

    Such things as “Agenda 21” (now called “Agenda 2030” or just “Sustainable Development”) date back to at least 1992 (indeed were in the works long before that).

  • Paul Marks

    If anyone reading this is not taking Vitamin D3 every day – why not?

    You could do that right now. Dr Fauci does – although he is rather quiet about advising other people to do so.

    We must also address the Brazil variant.

    This is killing large numbers of people in Brazil – and is likely to spread.

    Perhaps I am being a silly old coward – but I concerned about the Brazil variant, very concerned.

    Viruses mutate – sometimes in ways that people do not expect.

  • SteveD

    ‘For all I know it could be either incredibly distinguished (goodness knows it’s long enough)’

    He padded it, that’s for sure (why list all the journals he’s reviewed for) but as a Ph.D. scientist (biochemist), I’d say nevertheless) it’s a pretty distinguished resume.

    We should not succumb to reliance on authority though. They key is to read his Covid papers which is what I plan to do next.

  • SteveD

    ‘Viruses mutate’

    Almost always, they become more contagious and less deadly which improves their fitness (think about it) However, so far no variant is infecting those who have had the disease or the vaccine (and probably not those that have cross-resistance either. Since we are essentially at herd-immunity they are not going to matter.

  • Snorri Godhi

    If anyone reading this is not taking Vitamin D3 every day – why not?

    I did not take one today, because i ran out of pills and did not get a chance to go to the pharmacy 🙁

    My Mum takes a monthly dose, instead of taking it every day. She also takes zinc.

  • Paul Marks

    Very wise Snorri. Although Vitamin D levels soon drop in the body – so daily is better than monthly.


    There is some evidence that the Brazil variant is MORE (not less) harmful young people – and is harder (not less hard) to guard against with either natural immunity or vaccines.

    The people who created this problem with their “Gain of Function” research in Wuhan (whether or not they deliberately intended to create a bio weapon) have released a dreadful evil upon the world, and its mutations may make it worse (not less bad).

    Dr Fauci, and the rest of the international establishment, have learned nothing – and a carrying on the same madness.

    Sadly I believe they will never be punished – at least not in this world.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Vitamin D levels soon drop in the body – so daily is better than monthly.

    Actually, i seem to remember reading somewhere that that is not the case, that if you get enough from sun exposure in summer then you are all set for winter. But don’t take my word for it. Even if you suntanned (safely i hope) last summer, take supplements anyway.