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The Scottish Crown Office subsequently wrote to us on March 5th demanding we remove the article. Guido decided to ignore it as it seemed unlikely to prejudice matters or reveal witnesses. The Spectator has taken the same approach to the same letter.

Guido Fawkes

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  • Paul from Canada

    I would love that picture of David Niven on a t-shirt….

  • Paul Marks

    Yes Scotland is falling into totalitarianism – but we should not sneer, this is a terrible tragedy.

    And exactly the same philosophical ideas influence other Western lands (including England and the United States) as dominate Scotland.

    Scotland shows us all our own future – our terrible future. Let us hope that the Scottish people themselves act in May to at least vote the SNP out of office – the other parties are under the influence of the same (dreadful) ideas, but they are not so dominated by them as the SNP is.

    In an American context I would say – do not sneer at California, New York, New Jersey and so on, for they show the future (the terrible future) of all of America.

    Remember Joseph Biden is “President Biden” now – and such organisations as the FBI are corrupted, committed to pushing the agenda of tyranny. And they (not just the FBI – the government generally and its Corporate associates) will do anything, anything at all, to push the agenda of tyranny.

    This is a process that has been going on for many years and which President Trump utterly FAILED to reverse.

    President Trump thought of himself as a cynical man – but it is becoming horribly obvious that he was innocent and trusting. His assumption, that people are basically motivated by MONEY, being sadly mistaken – many people are not motivated by money, they are motivated by POWER.

    The idea of a human face being crushed by a stamping boot – for ever. That vision is very ATTRACTIVE to many people – many very dangerous people.

    The vision of President Trump “would you not like to make lots of money and then retire to Florida and sit beside the ocean” (my words – basically his thoughts) is NOT what they want. They want to stamp on human faces – for ever.

    I do not believe he ever fully grasped the nature of the people who have so much power in the modern world – and certainly not just in Scotland.

  • Labour once owned Scotland politically and ‘knew’ they could never lose it. They were very surprised when the behaviour they indulged because of that belief meant that, eventually, they did.

    As recently as January, the natz still owned Scotland politically and had this May’s election sown up. We all know better that to place too much weight on polls – but they have moved noticeably in the last month or so. Is it possible that criminalising what Scots can say in their own homes, simultaneously with criminalising reporting what the government say, hasn’t been quite the vote-winner Sturgeon and Humzah hoped? We’ll see.