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The cost of “saving the NHS” has been more than twice the annual budget of the actual, you know, NHS.

Daniel Hannan. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph about the monstrous borrowing of the UK state (£: item is behind paywall).

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  • Mr Ed

    Occam’s Razor might suggest that saving the NHS was just a slogan. “Destroying the West” might have been more apt.

  • Spruance

    @Mr Ed: Touché. Hit, sunk.

  • Mr Ed

    And I ought to have added that we are being told in England that the NHS still can’t cope, hence the current restrictions.

    We have reached the Golgafrincham situation, where we must emulate our ancestors or face ruin, but that means ridding ourselves of the most unproductive 1/3rd of our (working) population by sending them to humanely another habitable planet. The technology simply isn’t available yet.

  • Paul Marks

    The cost has also been a vast number of human lives.

    One government report leaked to the Daily Telegraph estimated that the deaths caused by the lockdown wold be two-hundred-thousand (200,000) in the United Kingdom – and that was before the government decided to have a second lockdown.

    Mr Alexander “Boris” Johnson is up there with Sir Charles Trevelyan (“Irish property must may for Irish poverty” – his answer to every problem in Ireland was HIGHER TAXES, and when things got worse each time the HIGHER the taxes were pushed, according to cretins this is a “laissez faire” policy) and General Douglas Haig – who, for example, managed to kill 20 thousand soldiers and wound 30 thousand IN ONE DAY – sadly they were BRITISH soldiers, but it is still impressive.

    Mr Johnson, Sir Charles, and General Haig, all followed “expert advice”.

    The classic “expert” of our time is “Build Back Better” Hans Schwab – of the World Economic Forum (supported by most governments AND most large Corporations).

    The WEF bases its reports on absurd, and long refuted, economic doctrines – such as the Labour Theory of Value (refuted in 1825 by Samuel Bailey – along with many others), and David Ricardo’s economics of LAND (refuted by Frank Fetter more than a century ago).

    Such is “expert” knowledge.

  • Flubber

    Paul, you see the same thing for any politician that advocates for government spending and cites Keynes as justification.

    They always omit that Keynes advocated for saving up money for a rainy day, not pissing away money you have to borrow.

  • Mr Ed

    Tim Pool is noting that Dems celebrating the Biden ‘victory’ have suddenly lost all fear of Covid.

  • John

    Covid has served its purpose. Expect a steady return to normality except in Georgia (which will remain at risk until the senate run-offs are over).

  • John B

    Protecting the political derrière is worth any cost, financial or Human, because the politicians don’t bear that cost themselves – moral hazard.

  • Paul Marks

    No John – there will be no “return to normality”, the United States under “President Biden” (really President Klaus Schwab) will be committed to Agenda 21 – Agenda 2030.

    The United Kingdom already is – although most people still have not noticed. Even though even HSBC bank (one of the biggest banks on the planet) tells them in every advertisement that there is going to be no going back to normal – no it is “Build Back Better”, “We are not an island – we are part of something so much bigger” – death-to-freedom.

    And it is a lot more than printing and spending money Flubber – this is going to be control over every aspect of life.

    A friend told me today that he had been researching SOVIET culture – and that American political culture had become just like it, with the media and the cultural elite singing the praises of THE STATE. Not a particular person – THE STATE itself.

    The Western World is dying – and some people, even on Samizdata (remember where that word came from?) still have not grasped it.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    Expect a steady return to normality

    I long for the days when over seventy million Americans could have plausibly denied that they noticed a difference between the “appearance of normality” and “normality”.

    Hence, the lists.

  • John

    Shlomo and Paul,

    I should have chosen my words with more care.

    My comment about returning to normality was intended to refer solely to the pandemic that never was being used to make a mockery of the electoral process.

    However I now realise the inadequacy of that statement on reflecting how my own government, the only one whose actions have directly effected me so far, ruthlessly used it to cow the will of the people and destroy our lives and economy in the furtherance of some dark globalist purpose.

    Trump may have been the target of a worldwide conspiracy, 4 years in the making, but as you both clearly state there’s so much more going on.

  • APL

    Noticeable now that the ‘shutdown’, and the pretense that COVID meant that people couldn’t get to the polls to vote in person, has had the effect that was intended. Quite a few vocal advocates for the lockdown and quarantine and ‘fear, fear, fear’, ‘we’re all going to die’, seem to have quietened down now the objective has been achieved.

    Anyway, Trump seems to have a number of alternatives, first, the legal battle. It’s pretty obvious ballot fraud has been committed, in a number of forms – not least the software used to tally the vote count.

    Second the certification of the election by the electoral college, doesn’t have to go to Biden. If it didn’t, it would still be constitutional.

  • John

    Sheeeet! A vaccine. As I said 24 hours ago on this thread Covid has served its purpose.

  • Jim

    “The Western World is dying – and some people, even on Samizdata (remember where that word came from?) still have not grasped it.”

    I used to think you were a monomaniac, reading your stuff on here. Now I see you more as a prophet, a John the Baptist, crying in the wilderness.

    The terrible thing is I can see no way out of what you are describing for our future.

  • APL

    And now it turns out the so called ‘scientists’ of SAGE, were using Wikipedia to inform their decisions.

    I mean what is there to say, but ‘lol’?

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