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Samizdata socialist anniversary quote of the day

“Our task is the protection of socialist achievements. … Those who do not respect our borders will feel the bullet.” (1970s Socialist Unity Party speech to Berlin Wall guards – video excerpts shown in The Secret Life of the Berlin Wall)

The Socialist Unity Party meant that people who disrespected socialism by trying to escape it were to “feel the bullet”. So I guess there’s no point telling modern socialists that it’s socialist to make people who do not respect borders “feel the bullet” – or even just the hardness of Trump’s wall. They would reply that trying to prevent people from entering your country is ‘not real socialism’ – and they’d be absolutely right. 🙂

The Berlin Wall fell in November, 31 years ago.

5 comments to Samizdata socialist anniversary quote of the day

  • Mr Ed

    Well, as of Thursday you will (according to reports) only be allowed to leave England for international travel (i.e. outside the UK) for business purposes, so there’s no need for a wall as heading for France via the tunnel will only take you into Macron’s Hell and Ireland by land means travelling to Northern Ireland.

    The Berlin Wall wasn’t the only wall around socialism. The Soviet Union had its own NKVD/KGB Frontier Troops who patrolled the vast borders (a lot of which were with brotherly socialist countries).

    For a President Barris, there’s no need for a southern wall to keep people in, as the murder rate in Mexico makes escaping south pointless, Europe is closed and then there is Trudeau’s Canada, and for Alaskans, re-crossing the Bering Strait is hardly enticing.

    I said some years ago that the Berlin Wall didn’t fall so much as move west across the Channel, the mentality behind it runs through the UK governments as in a stick of seaside rock candy.

  • Paul Marks

    The fall of the Berlin Wall was a great event.

    I thought we had won – but there are no final victories, only new battles. The totalitarians who now threaten to take over the West are NOT formally Marxists (although the pay Marxist thugs such as “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa” and use them to create mayhem), the form of totalitarianism supported by the World Economic Forum and the rest of the international establishment (of “Woke” Corporations as much as government bureaucracies – for they are all “educated”) owes more to Saint-Simon than it does to Karl Marx (although the ideas of Saint-Simon were very popular in Karl Marx’s home town in his youth) – the Big Business types would not be shot under Saint-Simon’s socialism, they would be IN CHARGE – with the Credit Bubble Bankers (credit bubble bankers – NOT honest money lenders of Real Savings) at the very top, and all in the name of SCIENCE – SCIENCE, SCIENCE, SCIENCE.

    Whether it is Covid 19 (for which there are treatments – which have been either COVERED UP or SMEARED by the establishment since March) or “the environment” that is used as the “scientific” excuse – totalitarianism is the aim.

    And as Mr Ed knows – Mexico and the Republic of Ireland also have lockdowns.

    I have lived to see the day where Belarus and Nicaragua (as well as Sweden and other nations) are freer than my own native land.

    May those who said of the March lockdown “it is only temporary – to SAVE LIVES” choke on their own lies, and may those who smeared effective EARLY treatment with hydroxychloroquine, ZINC sulphate and (for non Covid problems that may hit the body in its weakened state) either azithromycin or doxycycline, suffer the same fate they have condemned so many thousands of other people to.

    You know who you are – and with your lies about “saving lives” you condemned many thousands of people to a horrible death, may you suffer the same fate you have inflicted on others, including the at least TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE who will die because (yes BECAUSE) of the British government “lockdown” – of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so on.

    If Puppet Biden wins in the United States, then America will fall – and with its fall the last hope for the West will be gone.

  • Cesare

    While the world is certainly awash with various Castos, Mugabes, Kims, and Maduros to mention but a few, I think it’s safe at this point to say there is NO socialism. None, zip, nada, and lets not forget the ever popular bupkiss. There are certainly updated versions of strict and strictly feudal life which is brutally repressed at every turn. But the oft promised magic land where Nancy Pelosi’s artists are arting themselves into an unsellable frenzy while all amenities continue to function into appalling abundance has not, is not, and to all appearances never will be in any evidence, any where, ever.

    What there is in it’s place is the great doctrine. Meticulously recorded in all it’s byzantine, indecipherable grandeur. The best that can be surmised is this great body of ‘thought’, from Marx to Gramschi is an updated version of the trick to occupy the jinn until he’s needed again. Thus the self titled intellectual will spend his days trying to straighten the perpetually curled hair of the non-existent socialist paradise; has to be a pony in there somewhere unless you’re some kind of Trotsky-ite. For everybody else, well, the beatings will continue until, well, until they don’t I suppose.

  • Paul Marks


    Saint-Simon was not Karl Marx – but he was a socialist.

    Big Business being in charge of the Central Planning of the Collectivist Society does not stop it being Central Planning of a Collectivist Society. With no free competition or freedom of choice of ordinary people.

    What is planned (by the World Economic Forum and the rest of the international establishment elite) IS SOCIALISM and it will FAIl.

    It will fail horribly – there will be vast suffering.

  • Paul Marks

    Remember there will be no free competition – and no freedom of choice. We will get a “Basic Income” from the state – and we will be told what it will be spent upon (for “our own good”).

    “Private companies” will exist (the vast Woke Corporations) but they will be joined at the hip with government – with their own consent (indeed eager glee).

    Even private land will become a “legal fiction” with regulations really making the government (not the “owners”) in charge of ranches, farms and so on – this had ALREADY STARTED under President Obama (with the EPA declaring that any land with a water supply was a government concern) – it was reversed under President Trump, but it will be back (a thousand times worse) under Bide-Harris regime.

    We know the end objective – it is Agenda 2030.