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We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.

Joe Biden, October 24th 2020

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  • GregWA

    He’s not wrong.

  • John

    The worlds media will draw a cloak over this comment rather as they are doing about Kamala Harris’s recent claim that 220 million Americans have died from Covid.


    Dan Quayle is understandably resentful.

  • Dan Quayle is understandably resentful.

    Dan Quayle’s lucky. Sleepy Joe Biden still thinks Dan is the VP and George Bush is President.

    Quite why Americans appear willing to elect someone with repeated signs of dementia is unclear. Never mind. I forgot. “Orange Man Bad”.


  • John

    On 6th May 1981 Labour, led by the moderate Andrew McIntosh, won the Greater London Council (GLC) election.

    On 7th May 1981 McIntosh was replaced by Ken Livingstone.

    As Sleepy Joe has shown an aptitude for mimicking lesser British politicians he should be well prepared for a similar occurrence.

  • On 6th May 1981 Labour, led by the moderate Andrew McIntosh, won the Greater London Council (GLC) election.

    On 7th May 1981 McIntosh was replaced by Ken Livingstone. (John, October 26, 2020 at 10:44 am)

    In the face of well-founded reports that that was the plan, Labour had officially and firmly denied that they would do this.

    “Nothing is ever true until it is officially denied” – but that is only a political rule of thumb.

    Have the Dems officially denied they will do this – or, in the different world of the US some decades later, can they rely on never being asked the question?

    In the different US system, it is not so easy to do. Woodrow Wilson’s vice president might have liked to take over – but Wilson’s wife and those around saw no reason to forfeit their influence. Livingston had the votes; in the UK, the leader can be voted out by the followers. Even if Kamala has a majority in the house and/or the senate, why should Biden’s handlers give up their influence to her?

  • Paul Marks

    Not personally – but one has been built up for Mr Biden.

    It is two fold – the “mainstream” media are now a propaganda arm of the Democrats, for example neither medical doctors who have cured many patients of Covid 19 or leading academics such as Professor Harvey Risch (the leading Yale Epidemiologist) can get the truth to the public, vast numbers of people have DIED for the POLITICAL purpose of defeating the “Orange Man” and putting Puppet Biden in the Whitehouse. As part of a general effort, in most of the Western World, to establish Collectivist “Build Back Better” regimes of “Sustainable Development” (“Green New Deal”), “Stakeholder Capitalism” – i.e. FASCISM Big Business and Big Government coming together to exterminate free competition and the freedom of ordinary people.

    The “mainstream” media (most of the press and television companies) and the Social Media companies (most horribly “Google” which has about 90% of internet searches and is a propaganda and disinformation outfit) have deliberately kept the truth from most people – they are guilty of MASS MURDER.

    But should Collectivist brainwashing and agitprop (agitation propaganda – with President Trump being treated as a sort “Emanuel Goldstein” figure with people taught to viciously hate him by constant media conditioning) fail there is old fashioned VOTER FRAUD.

    The massive numbers of fake “mail in ballots” with no proper proof of identity.

    We may well be living in the twilight of the West – soon darkness will fall upon us all.

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    Niall Kilmartin writes, “In the different US system, it is not so easy to do.”

    Ms Harris’s faction might calculate from their position of being able to directly observe Mr Biden’s mental and physical health that they don’t have to do anything, just let nature take its course.

  • The longer I watch this, the more I think the plan is not to let Harris run the show from the VP mansion, but to put someone powerful in as Joe’s Chief of Staff and let him or her run the country surrounded by “advisors” whose names will never get mentioned. Ref: Valerie Jarret in O’Bummers opening years.

  • bobby b

    “Ms Harris’s faction might calculate from their position of being able to directly observe Mr Biden’s mental and physical health that they don’t have to do anything, just let nature take its course.”

    I’m thinking that Ms. Harris doesn’t have a faction so much as she has a gender – one that nicely matched Biden’s need for a female VP. The faction of interest now is the Bernie Bros, who have slowly and quietly taken over Biden’s campaign organization and transition team, and who (I believe) have accomplished a coup against the Democrat Party.

    Sanders lost narrowly to Biden – but his constituency appears to have refused to give up, and have thus won in the end. Biden, in his dotage, is their puppet, and isn’t all that indispensable once he’s elected. He’s been treading opaquely between the Sanders far-left policies and the more central Biden policies – because he needs both constituencies to win. The Bros’ gloves will come off should he win.

    If this wasn’t true, would the Bernie Bros have gone along so quietly and peacefully after being aced out narrowly for the second time by the D Party? They never struck me as patient people.

  • @Bobby B – Perhaps they see Bernie as the ideal Veep to a Kamala Harris’ presidency…once she has managed to manipulate Sleepy Joe Biden out of office using the 25th Amendment and his obvious dementia. Her “misspoke” comments about “A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president” hide literally nothing. She knows the score and sees this as the only way for her to win the presidency.

    I’m guessing they won’t do it soon after the inauguration (because the optics on that would be bad), but rather let Biden dig his own grave and their captured “useful idiots” in the mainstream media and rigged polls clamour for “relief” before “finally and with a heavy heart” signing her 25th amendment letter.

    Kamala Harris would need to keep her most egregious opponents out of the cabinet (to prevent them blocking her), but given an “Activist Veep” roll, that wouldn’t be too difficult.

    It’s a good job that Trump is going to win, to save the Presidency from such conniving hucksters.

  • JohnK

    I suppose that as Sleepy Joe’s dementia worsens, he was bound to blurt out the truth sooner or later. In what now passes for his mind, the words “voter” and “fraud” are clearly inextricably linked.

  • You are underestimating the power of Biden’s wife, Jill. SHE wants to be first lady and will make sure the circle of “advisors” to her husband are of her choosing. The Inner Party of the Democrats will face a struggle between the business-as-usual corrupt faction with the money, the Biden faction at the Executive (AKA Thone), and the up-and-coming socialists in the Bernie Bros/AOC faction who have the thugs on the street (BLM/Antifa).

    Kamala is an opportunist through-and-through. (Admission: I worked for her.) She might try to be the Henry IV “Paris is worth the Mass” of France to get the big prize – the presidency. She will either have a nominal Biden Presidency, Jill gets her “First Lady” bit, and two year and a day later they 25th Amendment Biden with the approval of the Inner Party. But Jill just might “reach across the aisle” to cement allies among the Republicans just to spite an Inner Party reluctant to continue with the Biden’s and an overly ambitious, condescending, and smirking Kamala. Most the big media are in the position of the little Dutch boy with their finger in the dyke, but the rampant corruption of the Democrat Party is leaking through.

    All of this is a Democrat house-of-cards if Trump gets his 2nd term. There are issues on the Republican side, but Trump has been quite successful in gathering the TEA party faction, the anti-immigration faction, and the Culture War faction, leaving out the Country-Club Republicans (Mitt Romney) and the bi-partisan-fusion-party – the ones what Ace of Spades and Kurt Schlichter call “Cruise Ship” Republicans.

    None of this will end after the election as both sides have played up ballot fraud. As a historian I muse that this might be the “Nika Riots” of the US.

    Interesting times, indeed. All the above is, as usual, IMHO.

  • bobby b

    “You are underestimating the power of Biden’s wife, Jill.”

    I’m not. The way I see things, Harris will be a nullity – she brings almost no constituency power to the relationship, and the office of VP adds no power of its own to the mix – and Jill Biden is going to be the bridge for the Bernie Bros to cross to the power.

    With their and her mutual support, Joe Biden can stay a puppet for a long time, FLOTUS can jet around and do what she wishes, and meaningful and radical decisions can still be made in the background. The real centrist Joe would never have said “ban fracking”. Sanders would have, though.

  • Bruce

    Speaking of the unspeakable:


    I vaguely recall that Mark Twain had some thoughts on this sort of thing.

  • Jay Gruyere

    This is fake news. He was actually talking to a guy named Fred. He didn’t say fraud, he said Fred. You evil non-progressives. Lies, lies and more lies.

  • bobby b

    Top search on Google two days ago: Can I change my vote?

  • At the risk of appearing to doubt how many already-well-informed readers we have, I will spell out (for the benefit of any fellow-Brits among us who need it) that the joke of Jay Gruyere (October 27, 2020 at 2:52 am) refers to media attempts to cover for another Biden gaffe. As censoring the story can become the story, so the gaffe’s excuse can be funnier than the gaffe. 🙂

  • bobby b

    No more gaffes, I guess.

    Biden has called a complete halt to all in-person campaigning events from now until the election is over.

    The final seven days before the election, and he has dropped out of campaigning.

    Interesting times.

  • Biden has called a complete halt to all in-person campaigning events from now until the election is over. The final seven days before the election, and he has dropped out of campaigning.

    I doubt that he’s quit campaigning because his win is inevitable. More likely he realises that the more he goes on the more likely it is that he will make a mistake that he can’t bluff his way out of.

  • Paul Marks

    Simon Gibbs – Snopes and the other “fact checkers” are not exactly known for telling the truth. They have may have done so in this case (although I doubt it), but they rarely do.

  • Paul Marks

    Is Senator Harris a formal Marxist like her father (the leading Marxist academic) – I do not know.

    However, it is quite clear that Senator Harris has a fanatical hatred of freedom – and total faith that the Collective should control everything.

    Which, to me, makes it utterly absurd to call this evil person a “liberal” – I can not stand the modern misusing of this word, which is especially extreme in this case.

  • Paul Marks

    Regardless of what Mr Biden said – there are massive efforts at voter fraud by the Democrats.

    As I said “not personally” by Mr Biden – who no longer has sharpness of mind to organise such things, but on his behalf.

  • Mr Ed

    I’ve seen a bit of media rambling like this Yahoo piece (fed to me by Bing) airing quietly the notion that Barris may lose, but not due to Hiden. Perhaps they know, deep down that Biden is the worst candidate apart from the late Charles Manson, that they could have picked. After all, if Biden and Harris are the answer, what on Earth was the question?

    OPINION: The Democratic presidential nominee can come up short on Nov. 3. But probably not for the reasons you think.

    A few nights ago I got the following call from a friend and it went a little something like this:

    “Hey Jason, I think Joe Biden’s going to win the election in a HUGE blowout. But my wife is still worried about what’s going to happen. She trusts your opinion on this kind of stuff, so Imma put you on speaker, what do you think?”

    First, I find calls like this incredibly flattering and humbling. Second, I’ve gotten phone calls like this literally every other day since Labor Day.

    My parents, their friends, their friend’s friends, neighbors and random Facebook friends routinely call me in a panic wondering if Joe Biden will lose, or will Trump cheat and win, or can “we” (meaning the collective of Americans who care about Democracy) take back the Senate in November.

  • As always, Snope’s attempt to cover for Biden is comic in itself.

    It would make no sense for a political candidate whose campaign was engaged in large-scale electoral fraud to publicly say as much, in those words, and that’s not what Biden was doing.

    No surprise that the outfit that has repeatedly sniffily ‘fact-checked’ the Babylon Bee should treat Republicans laughing at Biden’s freudian gaffe as if they literally thought Biden was intentionally, with a full grasp of what he was saying, telling the public about it. It’s a standard technique: attach an obviously absurd misreading to what you claim is false, then ‘explain’ that the absurd meaning was false.

    Even Snopes could not quite conceal that Biden said it, or that

    By describing his campaign’s program to combat voter suppression and protect the integrity of the election as a “voter fraud organization,” Biden left open his remarks to possible misinterpretation

    But not to worry:

    only if that phrase was presented outside its original context, which the Trump campaign did

    could anyone be fooled. Never fear, Snopes is here to explain to all us stupids that

    If the remarks are viewed in their proper context


    it’s abundantly clear that Biden was not, for some unexplained reason, confessing to perpetrating electoral fraud on a historically massive scale, less than two weeks before Election Day.

    Is this bias or Dunning-Kruger effect? I cannot help but feel, it must be both.

  • bobby b

    “I doubt that he’s quit campaigning because his win is inevitable.”

    I assumed it was for the opposite reason.

    But then, I’m an optimist.