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Too late now

Labour launches new campaign with “24 hours to save British jobs” warning, reported the website Labour List the day before yesterday.

5 comments to Too late now

  • bobby b

    It doesn’t matter. The world burned up from global warming last year. And four years ago. And seven years ago. And our food ran out some 20 years ago, and several times since. But 38 years ago, the world turned into a lifeless ball of ice, making it all irrelevant.

    (If this is a duplicate comment, sorry. Having a hard time getting any comments to show up.)

  • bobby b

    Seeing as how the world has now already ended four or five times from global warming, and several times from global cooling, I’m guessing that “British jobs” probably have as many lives as a cat, too.

  • John B

    To go on the ‘24 Hours to save’… list. Including but not limited to: the Planet, the Climate, Polar Bears, fish, Rain Forests, Britain/EU, NHS, the High Street….

  • Paul Marks

    The dispute between the Labour Party, the Conservative Part and the Lib Dems is now meaningless – we are back to the 1970s, to the of Terry Arthur’s book “95% Is Crap”.

    All political parties now support unlimited government spending (financed by the Bank of England creating money from NOTHING), and the insane “lockdown” regulations – they believe in limits at all to the powers of the state to order people about.

    Even a Constitution such as that of Social Democrat Sweden (which does not allow a GENERAL lockdown – insisting that government must present evidence against a specific individual or a specific place of business) would be unacceptable to ALL the political parties here.

    When I first campaigned for the Conservative Party, back in the election of 1979, there was a real difference in IDEAS (politics was not just about who got to sit in the big chair) – that form of politics is now over.

    We are back to the politics of Edward Heath, Harold Wilson and Jeremy Thorpe. The politics of “who gets to sit in the big chair” with no difference in terms of BELIEFS.

    And that form of politics does not interest me.

  • Itellyounothing

    By that estimate, we are due a decent government in 2026 ish…..