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We can tell when it’s politics being talked about for the solution to a current problem is always whatever it was that the person wanted to do anyway. If the economy’s growing then we must reduce inequality, if the economy is shrinking then we must reduce inequality and when the Sun rises in the east we must reduce inequality.

Tim Worstall, modestly suggesting we need to sacrifice a few more virgins to the NHS

7 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Itellyounothing

    The NHS gobbles up old people. Helps keep pension costs down……

  • Hugh

    Done right by this old git, this past week or two.
    Emergency operation,and then a nice week being looked after on the ward.

  • Phil B

    we need to sacrifice a few more virgins

    Good luck finding virgins in the UK nowadays … we are therefore royally screwed!

  • Deep Lurker

    Riffing off of David Burge

    1. Identify a genuine problem
    2. Exaggerate or otherwise distort it
    3. Propose politically self-serving ‘solutions’ that don’t actually address either the real problem or the distorted version.
    4. Demand those solutions be implemented while dismissing any critics as malicious idiots.

  • Tim Worstall

    “Good luck finding virgins in the UK nowadays … we are therefore royally screwed!”

    I’m told, by those who know such things, that it’s the screwing that leads to the paucity of virgins…..

  • Paul Marks

    Quite correct Mr Worstall – both your comment and your article.

    Nothing much for me to add.

    The only I can thing of is that the British system of testing is less bad than the American – where many of the labs seems to have a political agenda of getting as many “positive” results as they can (even declaring 100% positive results without bothering to check – for Orange Man Bad reasons, i.e. “let us make him look bad”), also we have not quite got to the point where gunshot victims are listed as “Covid 19 deaths” (as they are in Florida) – although “Public Health England” has come close to this.

  • Polidorisghost

    You have a slot for quote of the day
    There should be a slot for not exactly self-aware person of the day.
    Seen at Aldaily:
    “Daphne Merkin had been at work since the 1980s on a novel about erotic obsession”

    Me too.