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Please stop adding fact Trump mentioned it to every article about hydroxychloroquine, making clinical efficacy a political issue is monstrous. Some people want it not to work.

– Perry de Havilland

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  • llamas

    Rather, some people need it not to work.



  • Llams; Yes
    Why is it that every “clinical study” I’ve seen, when I look into the methodology, seems to have been done on elderly patients who were at deaths door when they were given HCQ, frequently at very high dosages, and without the supporting drugs? A good conspiracy theorist might conclude that such tests were paid for by the Chinese government in order to maximize the casualty rate for the virus in the West.

  • Tim the Coder

    Option A: A widely available, very cheap drug, with a long record of theraputic use, is effective against COVID-19, thereby rendering any more expensive treatment unnecessary.

    Option B: No existing drug is effective against COVID-19, thereby justifying the development (and rushed testing) of a vaccine, which with suitable hysteria over the zombie apocalypse, can be sold in billions of doses.

    Now vote please which option best profits you.
    No wonder the studies are fixed, especially by using very high doses, and without the essential zinc element.
    There’s an awful lot of money behind HCQ+Zinc not working.

    And can you imagine what happens if Big Pharma spends £billions on a vaccine that turns out to be unnecessary, because COVID-19 has blown over by then?

    NB If you haven’t read Peter May’s “Lockdown”, now would be a good time. I don’t want to spoil the plot, so I’ll stop now.

  • AndrewZ

    Hatred creates a form of tunnel vision in which the object of hatred looms so large that it blocks out everything else. The fanatical Trump-haters do not have to consciously want people to get sick or die to prove them right, because the more obsessed they become with destroying him at all costs the less likely they are to even notice how their actions might affect other people. Their enemy becomes their whole world.

  • thefat tomato

    Option A:
    Fund politics and media and get no useful treatments, but get a great story to help those poor poor people in the third and fourth estate make their trillions
    Option B:
    Fund and look at everything, get dozens of solutions, some under patent and some not, some cheap and some not, some novel and some not novel; vaccines, PREP, better clinical guidance, off label PREP, off label treatments, the list goes on and on and on
    Sadly, essentially only scientists are interested in option B.
    Fingers crossed there is no second wave.

  • Jim

    “Fingers crossed there is no second wave.”

    There won’t be in areas (like London) that have managed to get to 20-25% infection rates. That seems to be the point at which it naturally peters out, due to to the remainder of the population having some sort of natural resistance to infection, probably from other recent milder coronavirus infections. Anywhere like NZ that has locked down hard and prevented those sort of infection levels on the other hand will see immediate rises the moment they open up their borders/economies.

  • Rob

    Fingers crossed there is no second wave.

    The next two weeks will decide the fate of ‘lockdown’ policy one way or the other. If there are no infection spikes following these mass demonstrations, the rational case for any restrictions on outside activity is dead, completely and utterly. Public Health will be left with the less than convincing argument that the motive for your activity is all that matters, as if a virus is going to stand there quietly, head respectfully bowed, while you do your thing.

  • Phil B

    I have to laugh at the NeverTrumpers who mock the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and their horror that Trump is taking it as a prophylactic.

    If it is so useless, then I would have thought that they would be delighted at this.

    Or am I missing something? >};o)

  • Nullius in Verba

    “If there are no infection spikes following these mass demonstrations, the rational case for any restrictions on outside activity is dead, completely and utterly.”

    It depends on the numbers. If less than 1% of the population go on protests, it’s going to have a fairly minimal effect overall. However, there were mass gatherings in the early days of the pandemic – sports events, street festivals, religious gatherings, and so on – that were pretty easily associated with spikes and local clusters of infections. So we can certainly expect something of the sort.

  • Paul Marks

    Nullius you are shameless.

    Vast numbers of people have had their lives ruined by your “lockdowns” – and they have not saved lives, they have COST lives.

    But here you are – no apology, just writing comments as if your policy had not been totally discredited.

    I repeat – you are shameless Sir. If you have a moral conscience, you have managed to crush it within yourself.

    Have you considered getting a job at “Conservative” Central Office – you would fit in perfectly.

  • Paul Marks

    The matter of the medicine is not simple – it must be used early and in conjunction with other things (such as zinc) to have a great effect.

    But then that was said from the start – including by President Trump, who was also always careful to add that it might work and might NOT work.

    Only truly wicked people, such as the leftists who control “The Lancet”, would try and discourage the use of a medicine that MIGHT work – by falsely claiming that it would “kill people”.

    As with the policy, followed in many areas, of sending infected people to Nursing Homes (to infect other people) and dying oxygen and other treatments (such as hydroxcychoroquine – used early and with zinc and so on) it is difficult not to conclude that the establishment left were deliberately trying to INCREASE casualties.

    The Nursing Home policy in both the Republic of Ireland and the State of New York has been justly described as MASS HOMICIDE.