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The ability of the ‘sensible centre’ to define other people’s labels is rapidly decaying as they are mid-suicide collectively & are unaware their sense of rapture is a lack of oxygen to the brain. A Great Realignment is coming & we’ll see some very strange alliances until the new normal emerges.

– Perry de Havilland

5 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Patrick Crozier

    On Friday I found myself cheering an ex-communist, the leader of the most extreme trade union in the country, a member of the DUP and the memory of Tony Benn. At one point I thought I was going to be called on to sing the Marseillaise. And I would have done it too.

  • George Atkisson

    In a way, I pity the historians of 50 years in the future, and beyond. What follows this Great Realignment will likely bear little resemblance to current culture. All of our present day ideologies, social frameworks, and political structures will be disassembled and rebuilt under the twin hammers of Reality and Necessity. What emerges will be stable, or those hammers will come out again.

    I won’t be here to see the final package, but it will be interesting to see what endures and what does not, along the way.

  • Runcie Balspune

    I have regaled on this debate a few times about how partisan politics destroys parliamentary democracy, and what we have witnessed is a good example of a lower house unaligned with their one-size-fits-all style of party policy, the cracks are beginning to show with a considerable amount of members breaking from the whip.

    Unfortunately, the greedy elitist desire of many parliamentarians to thwart the will of the people, rather than be fair representation and uphold commitment to their elected manifesto, is still a major problem, but at least there is some hope the tyranny of the majority will have to go through a day of debate rather than get steamrollered through.

    You do not need political parties, this is working fine, thanks.

    We can see that unpopular revolts are being stymied, even with a traitorous speaker allowing one “similar” motion to pass and refusing other “similar” ones he does not like.

    It has also revealed all the serial liars and deceitful charlatans, I don’t hold much hope for them come re-election, either their constituency party will do the decent thing or the voters will.

    Finally, we can see our glorious betters working long and hard into the night, finally actually earning their overpriced and extorted sum they charge. It also shows the pathetic ones who can’t keep up, I am sure a revisit of attendance will be brought up the next time they stand for election, especially when their poor little heads took a break that was eventually critical to the vote.

    I for one will be gleefully analyzing theyworkforyou.com to see how my local representative totally failed in her job and the lies she told us a couple of years ago.

    The next election will be … interesting.

    I am looking forward to a pro-EU Tory, anti-EU Tory, pro-EU Labour and anti-EU Labour all contesting one seat one day, this would be a golden opportunity for libertarians to take advantage of.

  • morsjon

    Only two years ago I characterised myself as a soft Brexiteer. Now I’ve turned into a fruitcake and loon no-dealer. Well done Theresa.

    I feel an urge to comment more so probably best to stop here.

  • Paul Marks

    I wish I had been with you Patrick. Although I would have another horrible “white” person for Jon Snow of Channel Four to sneer at (has that man ever looked at himself in a mirror – he is a lot paler than I am).

    The quote that Perry gives us is a good one.

    For example, “No Deal” is rejected by the “political centre” – even though, as Bernard Jenkin M.P. said last night in the House of Commons, everything that the establishment has said about “No Deal” can be shown to be a LIE.

    So the “political centre” can blatantly LIE and get away with it.

    The get away with it because, thanks to the evil swine who are “Ofcom”, all television stations in the United Kingdom are “Remainer” – and all newspapers (with the exception of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph) just repeat, as truth, the lies of Mrs May and co about “No Deal”.

    The endless lies of the regime go almost without challenge.

    We do NOT yet live in a totalitarian country Perry – but we live in something very close to it, and it may easily topple over into “liberal” totalitarianism.

    As you have resources (alas – I do not) I would very strongly advice you to leave this country whilst you still can take your resources with you.