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April fool, suckers! It was me all along!

French literati embarrassed after Marxist hero admits to murders

An anguished debate has erupted among French intellectuals after an Italian Marxist whom they lionised as a victim of oppression and injustice confessed to being a murderer.

Cesare Battisti, 64, a former member of the Armed Proletarians for Communism…

Who could have guessed that a member of Armed Proletarians for Communism might have been violent?

…embarrassed the French literati who were his most ardent defenders when he admitted last week to a series of killings and knee-cappings in Italy in the late 1970s.

Battisti lived openly in France for 14 years from 1990 despite having been convicted in his absence in Italy of carrying out two murders and aiding and abetting two others. He earned a living as a crime writer, a television scriptwriter and an occasional contributor to Playboy.

When a French court upheld an Italian extradition request in 2004, authors, artists, philosophers and politicians sprang to his defence. They denounced Italian justice as biased, proclaimed his innocence — even though he refused to do so explicitly for many years — and said that he should be able to live freely in France.

Battisti fled to Brazil then Bolivia.

…but was arrested there in January and extradited to Italy. Under questioning he not only admitted to the crimes but said that he had “never been a victim of injustice”. He went on to say that his backers had been interested only in his ideology and not in his innocence or guilt.

Ho ho, what a joke. Except for the people he murdered and their families.

8 comments to April fool, suckers! It was me all along!

  • Martin

    Yeah, the “intellentsia” is surprisingly often comprised of just really dumb shits.
    Reminds me of the Johann “Jack” Unterweger case. Brutally killed a woman in 1974, was sentenced to a livelong prison sentence.
    Began writing poems and crap while in prison. Was feted as a parade example of resocialization by the austrian literati, released from prison after 16 years and was the star of the parties.

    Killed at least 9 women after that, probably significantly more, before the piece of shit finally committed suicide.

    Great job, morons. Apparently murderous idiocy is a pattern with the “cultural elite”.

  • Mr Ed

    I read that this guy had protection from Mitterrand, enabling him to live in France before he was convicted in Italy in his absence. Good on Morales in Bolivia to have allowed his extradition, a rare case of socialists coming back from South America to Europe in an involuntary manner.

  • Itellyounothing

    Left winger apologises for let wing murderer?


  • I often have the suspicion that when the PC claim to think some ‘victim of the state’ is innocent, it’s not just that they don’t actually care whether he is or not, it’s that the attraction is a secret belief that he is. When the logic is that society is guilty and the criminals are its victims, then you can feel emotionally justified in proclaiming “He is the innocent victim of a state frame-up” without necessarily believing that, inside the prison of tedious, western-civ, patriarchal logic, he did not actually do it by the inherently-violent definitions of capitalism’s laws.

    Who could have guessed that a member of Armed Proletarians for Communism might have been violent?

    I suspect members of the French literati could. They’re embarrassed by the failure of the narrative, not by the confirmation of their guess. If property is theft then theft is no crime. If capitalism is inherent violence then Battisti’s murders and knee-cappings were no crime.

    (Similarly, there are those who argue that Foxx released Smollett from a belief that society is responsible for his actions, not him, and that all hate crimes reveal a deeper truth, whether or not they actually happened as described in the shallow and superficial sense of racist white law. It’s a kind of ‘reparations’ for a black gay to be innocent even if guilty.)

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    Are they really embarrassed?

  • Wolfred Nelson

    The same scumbags who were protecting Roman Polansky, the pedophile sodomite ?

  • Rob

    They knew what he was and what they did. They just liked what he did, found it titillating. The only embarrassment they are suffering is he blew away their manufactured lies and exposed their real reasons.

  • Paul Marks

    The “intellectuals” of France, like the “intellectuals” of so many countries, both fail to use their reason (their intellect) and never learn from experience.

    Why do we call them intellectuals – when the refuse to use their intellect (their reason).

    All they do is use a lot of long words – to speak and write utter and complete nonsense.