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Mr Frisby and the rats of IN

Guido gleefully points out that this song by Dominic Frisby is currently the second best selling album on Amazon music. Presumably he just means UK Amazon, but that is quite an achievement. I am getting automatically generated adverts for it. Yours for a quid! However please note before you serenade the street with your new purchase that it is a tad sweary. Honestly, there’s about seventeen million F*** O**s in it.

It will not be news to regular readers of Samizdata that Mr Frisby is both a respected financial writer and an entertainer so good that he can make it despite being an open libertarian. Brian Micklethwait (repeatedly), Johnathan Pearce, Patrick Crozier and Rob Fisher have all posted about him. My finally joining the club to say he has a nice voice and a cool hat is something of an anti-climax. But he does have both of those things. And I get the feeling he’s a sporting bloke who will forgive me for being the millionth-and-first person to make irrelevant mention of this book just because it has the name “Frisby” in it. I also recommend the book, which I loved as a child and now I come to think about it as an adult has an almost John Galt vibe to it.

15 comments to Mr Frisby and the rats of IN

  • steve lindsey

    There are many ways of campaigning these days. Yesterday the number one download on Amazon UK was “the Soldier” by Harvey Andrews. HA is probably the best British songwriter that you have never heard of (listen to “Hey Sandy” a song about the Kent State shootings). The soldier was written nearly fifty years ago and Harvey gave up singing it many years back (he’s now retired). The purchasing is linked to the campaign to support soldier “F”. Whether you agree or not with the campaign it is an undeniably powerful song.

  • “currently the second best selling album on Amazon music.”
    I certainly paid for my copy in the hope that this might happen!

    I’ve also been the owner of “Writer of Songs” (Harvey Andrews) for almost fifty years, just as a btw

  • Paul Marks

    How long before Amazon bans this song? It has already been established that something selling very well is no defence, if Amazon decides that something offends their politics (or the politics they pretend to have – in order to please the left).

  • Alsadius

    For anyone who wants a free preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiUFPjulTW8

    It’s not much of a song in any traditional sense, but it’s amusing.

  • Mr Ed

    I bought the song on iTunes, 79 pence in the UK. Quite catchy in the middle bit. I searched for ‘Dominic Frisby’.

  • Nemesis

    ‘A tad sweary’ – just some robust Anglo-Saxon language.

  • Rudolph Hucker

    Now at #1 in Amazon UK Music Songs


    People voting with their wallets?

  • Now THAT, is a proper Brit. The two finger kind. Not seen one of those since my Cold War days at Fairford-on-the-Farm RAF base as one of the token Yanks – a term that, as a gentlemen who hails from Mobile, Alabama, find offensive but I restrained myself.

    In all fairness, I have not personally met many of the fine British gentleman and ladies in person upon this site. My current home town of Sacramento, California, has decidedly hot summers of 112F (317 Kelvin. You guys are metric, right?) which make British tourists melt and catch fire. The smarter Cornish settlers fled to the foothills, their descendants making pasties to this day, and naming towns “Grass Valley” and “Weed”.

    But all in all, a catchy tune and a resounding refrain.

  • Dave Hodson

    Any chance of this getting to the Eurovision Song Contest?

  • Paul Marks

    Matthew H. Iskra – it may be time (the way California is going) for those Cornish settlers (or rather their descendants) to head back to Cornwall.

    Cornwall even seems to have avoided the Dark Ages – with building in stone going on there (due to exports of tin) with all building being in wood in the rest of this island in the 6th century – and although it was eventually conquered by Wessex, there was no population replacement (no genocide).

    Even under the Roman Empire the field system in Cornwall remained essentially bronze age – thus indicating their was no Roman confiscation of farm land.

    With fishing and farming – Cornwall may be good place to be (at least for the fairly young) in the days to come in the Western World.

  • CaptDMO

    “….despite being an open libertarian.”
    Meh, the guy even looks like a character from the Bioshock series of console video games.

  • KrakowJosh

    That’s one Frisby I’ll be spinning again (after I’ve got my coat, of course).

  • Duncan S

    Hopefully some enterprising bods in London today can blast this out along the route of the losers’ march.

  • Mr. Marks:
    Ah, Cornwall. I got a chance to stay at Newquay when the RAF and myself was upgrading and checking an antenna farm about 2 KM SW of the town. I watched surfers, SURFERS! I had never seen surfers in ENGLAND before. It just blew my mind. Still does. Been meaning to go back, but you know how it goes.