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A Brexit photo

Today I was at Euston tube station, and found myself admiring the antique signage on one of the platforms, the Northern Line I think, done with painted tiles, rather than with a printing press or with electronic wizardry as is the way such things are done now. Way Out signs are not what once they were. So out came my camera.

At this point I realised that there was some weekend, Brexit-related fun to be had, by including also part of the bit where it said, in much bigger letters, “EUSTON”:

If only the way out of the EU was turning out to be as simple as exiting from Euston tube station.

7 comments to A Brexit photo

  • CaptDMO

    You search, and search, to no avail.
    And then, you’re just minding the gap an POW!
    There it is.

  • pete

    Is that the station which used to be called Eecston and then Ecston?

  • Umbriel

    If only it weren’t pointing to the left…

  • newrouter

    I think Mr. Britain left that way Mr. EU.

  • Gary Wintle

    Chris Grayling, the most incompetent politician ever to exist, couldn’t find his way out of a wet paper bag.

  • Mr Ed

    Pure genius Brian, wonderful.

    There is in fact a railway station in England that you cannot leave, except by getting a train out of it. Redcar British Steel is a station that served the steelworks, but when the works closed, the station did not, and it gets a grand total of 40 passengers a year, yet still has 4 trains a day. If you get off, a security guard pops up and tells you that you cannot leave the station as it is surrounded by private property.

    I expect that Mrs May would regard this as an ideal destination for her negotiations, a pointless wilderness where the only thing to do is to go back whence you came (albeit in two directions).

  • Paul Marks

    “If only leaving the European Union was as simple as leaving Euston station”.

    IT IS.

    It is very easy to leave the European Union – the United Kingdom could, and should, have done it long ago. However, first the British government would have WANT to leave – and Prime Minister Theresa May and her associates NEVER DID want to leave the European Union.

    When the government of a nation is controlled by agents of the enemy – then things go badly for the nation.