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Rod Liddle says what the Stupid Party front bench are too useless to say

Nice one, Rod.

9 comments to Rod Liddle says what the Stupid Party front bench are too useless to say

  • Good posting title.

    This, more than any other single thing, has made me realise what a waste of an important space Theresa May is. If she ever said anything like this, I completely missed it.

  • What happened to embedded Youtube videos showing how long they are and allowing you to start the video at a certain time? I don’t get those options on my computer with this one, which is rather annoying.

  • Mr Ed

    Ted S,

    It may be that you need to open the option of watching it direct in YT rather than as an embedded video, there is an option on the bottom right to ‘Watch on Youtube’ and take it from there.

    At the last GE, I was expecting something from the Conservatives attacking Mr Corbyn, but waited in vain. An interviewer asked him about those causes he supported and let him blather on about dialogue and wanting peace, but didn’t ask him why he never seemed to be talking to the IDF, the UDA or historically Eugene Terreblanche. They could even have asked him if he supports campaigns against miscarriages of justice and then asked him why he hadn’t (at least with any vigour or visibility) backed Marine A, and put it to him that the reason why was because he was a British soldier and it would presumably make his stomach turn to support a British soldier, there’s no other explanation that I can see for Mr Corbyn being so reticent about someone facing a miscarriage of justice.

    Why doesn’t Mrs May (or her team) go for Mr Corbyn?

    Do they really disagree with him? Are they not in thrall to the same fundamental ideas, just not with the same enthusiasm? They are jealous of his sense of purpose.

  • Derek Buxton

    No, the “conservatives” are weak and not very intelligent, and as our last three have shown they do not like a fight. Add to this, they apparently go along all the way with this marxist culture idea which has already ruined Education and now is bent on ruining the Country and its Peoples!

  • At the last GE, I was expecting something from the Conservatives attacking Mr Corbyn, but waited in vain.

    That is because the ‘Conservatives’ are not a conservative party any more.

  • Paul Marks

    Good, and truthful, attack by Mr Rod Liddle.

    And you are correct Perry – for example at the last General Election Mrs May’s manifesto was an ATTACK on Conservatives (not on attack on “Social Justice” – an attack on anyone who opposed it). The logical move for people who actually agreed with what Mrs May says and has written, would be to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and co – as Mrs May accepts their philosophy, and denounces people who oppose that philosophy.

    And at the Party Conference next week people who really despise Mrs May (would never vote for her if there was actually a ballot of the members in a leadership election) will pretend to admire Mrs May. And people who hate the “Chequers” surrender will vote in support of a motion supporting government policy in relation to the European Union.

    The British cultural trait of hypocrisy (yes HYPOCRISY) is not good.

  • Albion's Blue Front Door

    One can argue about Labour’s tacit support for terrorist organisations with some justification, there are large question marks of their understanding of the effects of uncontrolled immigration, and of course one can be sure of Labour’s continuing inability to improve the economy. But for me it is their hypocrisy on private schooling that should finally reveal their true colours.

    Their elite can send their offspring to private schools, but they will plot and scheme to find a way so you can’t. That alone should tell everyone Labour cannot and will never govern this country fairly.

  • Hardly anyone is covering Trump’s support for criminals.

    Drug Prohibition is socialism for criminals. Says Milton Friedman.

    President Trump just signed on to the Globalist Drug War. At the UN. At a meeting he sponsored. Who else is covering it besides me? The Conservative Tree House. (link at the link)

  • tdk

    Maybe I remember it wrong but many people have pointed out the connections between Corbyn and the IRA, Hezbollah et al. It made little to no impression on youths and the apolitical generational Labour voter.